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  • 27 January 2014

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  1. Writerlibrarian Writerlibrarian says:

    This is Vargas uébec novel where she supposedly makes characters speaks in authentic joual Which might be funny for people who don't have any idea of what language people in uébec speak One thing for sure it's not the language Vargas is using in her novel That's the very very annoying part All the French Canadian characters are caricatures or grotesue people This is the weakest of the Adamsberg's novels I've read so far The obsessed serial killer chase that began in Adamsberg's childhood is interesting but looses coherence and becomes a pastiche of itself mid way through Not a bad book but something I finished because I'm a completist

  2. aPriL does feral sometimes aPriL does feral sometimes says:

    Commissaire Jean Baptiste Adamsberg the main character of a French mystery series written by Fred Vargus is a man with a lot of personal uirks Up to now the previous three novels paint him as person who is not much of a people person or even a good detective Yet he has solved a lot of crimes by subconsciously putting together little noticed events and facts leading him to startling insights and intuitions which suddenly pop up into his consciousness surprising him and his staff of twenty six detectives He has earned several promotions due to his success in police detection He leads the Paris Serious Crime Suad As a person he seems dreamy and disassociated unable to maintain intimacy But he is kind and authentic not given to putting on airs of superiority His crew doesn't know what to think of him except that they like him or less He is fair and just generally However in 'Wash This Blood Clean from my Hand' the fourth book in the series Adamsberg is losing his temper and acting out An old case involving his brother Raphaël has been haunting Adamsberg A girl was killed by a stab from a trident long ago before Adamsberg became a police officer His brother was accused of the crime Adamsberg knew it was an important man a judge who had a lot of social capital who really was the murderer but he couldn't prove it or get anyone to look into it Now he has learned of a recent murder similar to that long ago killing It has stirred Adamsberg up so much he is not himself He knows it must be the judge But there is a slight problem The murderer Judge Fulgence died fifteen years agoBut Adamsberg is certain the judge has been killing many people through the decades However he can't prove it despite that bodies have constantly turned up with the suspicious trident stab In each murder a local has been convicted of the crime It must be the judge Or his ghostAdamsberg is ordered by his boss Divisionnaire Brézillion as well as encouraged by his right hand man Capitaine Adrian Danglard to attend a DNA profiling course in uebec with a selected group of seven officers who are under his Paris command Everyone wants him to move on from his off hours investigation into Fulgence especially since Adamsberg appears to be losing it Then in uebec during the course a girl is murdered With a trident stab All of the evidence points to Adamsberg They have his DNA from semen in the girl and fingerprints on the girl's belt Oh oh He can't defend himself because he had been very drunk and had a blackout He is not going to get out of thishe isn't sure he didn't kill the womanAdamsberg is not a heroic character He walked out on a woman who loved him He has a lot of one night stands He is not overtly unkind or unjust but he tends to ignore people around him not bothering with learning their names or caring very much about them as people He does not much involve his own staff in cases which interest him tending to assign them busywork to keep them away or digging up information he needs without explanation when he is personally investigating a crime This drives the logical Danglard crazy but everyone knows this is how Adamsberg solves cases This time though Adamsberg needs friends real friends to help him maybe hide him while he clears his name But he can't even think Will anyone help him? I noticed some readers did not like this particular novel in the series but I did Adamsberg is not admirable so much as he is cute because of uirks and an absent minded approach to his life and to his subordinates and friends In this book he is not on his best behavior either showing a side of himself full of crankiness and an unthinking rage He can be remarkably brave on occasion he also can be a self centered ass When the pressure is too much Adamsberg actually mentally cracks a bit falling apart Readers who want a reasonably attractive main character or a superman in their favorite detective series might find themselves feeling a little letdown by Adamsberg He is not a better man than us readers He is simply oddly good at solving crimes The attraction to this series is the writing there are a lot of puzzling plot twists interesting and fun or truly weird characters bizarre murders and a bit of wit Plus there is an interesting tension in watching Adamsberg seemingly walk a peculiar tightrope of near failures in every book The tension not only extends to his almost screwing up his career on every case but also in his screwing up his love life If you are looking for something different gentle reader the Adamsberg series is recommended He is not either the typically damaged American style or European style detective but he appears to be disassociated and absent minded He is not angry basically and not wanting attachments to people but hooking up sometimes anyway I must admit his manner of solving cases is very irritating to me in that he has what seems like a meditation based methodology constantly walking about listening to birds and communicating with the bees I keep expecting him to sit down lotus style and begin chanting om'I think readers should begin with The Chalk Circle Man There is a personal situation which continues from book to book

  3. Agnieszka Agnieszka says:

    It’s not that I had other plans for the winter readings but it seems to me that it would be French mysteries’ winter This was my second encounter with comissaire Jean Baptiste Adamsberg and I found it uite successful While the first novel that I read The Chalk Circle Man and the first in the whole cycle abounded in amusing moments and had a whole bunch of such memorable and finely drawn characters this one is grim there is pain and anger in it This time Adamsberg with his team makes a guest appearance in uebec what causes some funny misunderstandings but mostly action is set in France and concerns events from comissaire’s past Maybe some things I found a bit far fetched but when I suspended disbelief I could swallow the story and enjoyed it nonetheless And that I never had met eighty something genial hacker doesn’t mean it is such a rare thing I guess After all I wouldn’t deny existing a dragon though couldn’t spot it on my way so far355

  4. David David says:

    To be honest the plot for this book is so convoluted and far fetched that the murderer might as well be an alien and Commissaire Adamsberg's evidence could only be used by a prosecutor in the form of contemporary dance Serial killers in real life tend to be uite pathetic lonely people with a grudge against a society which has rightfully snubbed them In books and film they're often handsome sinister geniuses far cleverer than the everyday drones who's lives they snuff out Vargas takes this latter approach to the nth degree where the killer has disregard of age money or identity and has some desperate need to kill people as a celebratory metaphor for the glorious game of Ker PlunkCompletely hatstand Barking mad Nonsense What is uite interesting however is that the main character isn't a troubled maverick cop who plays the game against the rules using only his stunning intellect and hard nosed graft to get a result No Adamsberg is uite clearly just a lucky bloke surrounded by a cast of hyper intelligent supporters an oddball who prat falls from one crime scene to another stopping only to have sex with random passers by relying on his lower paid colleagues to get him through it all I can relate to THAT guy Without the gift of random perfunctory coitus obviouslyIt's written in such an engaging style though and is so genuinely different from most over crime fiction that I can look past all the ludicrous characters and plot If you just treat it as a big bag of blood spattered fun with an ambition that far exceeds its possibilities you can really get to enjoy this Just don't try to analyse it or even treat it as it belongs in the realms of reason for that way madness lies

  5. William William says:

    This is I think the fourth in the Jean Baptiste Adamsberg series and the best I have read so far just ahead of the first oneVargas' plots are marvelously inventive but sometimes get a bit too far fetched This book has the usual offbeat story line but it is credible throughout and combines a meticulous police procedural with an engagingly bizarre theme Vargas' characters this time are unusually well drawn especially Violette Retancourt and depth and texture are added to Adamsberg's ongoing relationship with Adrien Danglard his second in commandMuch of the story takes place in uebec and there are interesting insights into the contract between French and uebecois language and culture And as a bonus I laughed out loud than onceA very good read

  6. Cynthia Dunn Cynthia Dunn says:

    So far it's the best of the ones I've read if you suspend belief a little bit

  7. Eduardo Yanquen Eduardo Yanquen says:

    It was a long journey and I mean it because there is a lot of trips in the book But it is one of the best trips I have done ever I have to say that is a unconventional way of telling a mystery story and even weird if we consider that it is also a thriller I was used to the books with a killer from the very beginning but this one starts with an obsession an obsession that is totally biased so I was looking for a killer but it turned out that the killer was already on duty and in the end the obsession wasn't as biased as everybody thoughWhat I likeIt was interesting the way the author lead us through the book it is not the killer the person which we are looking for it is something else it is the link between the murders At first looked it is like a biased viewpoint of one agent and it remains in that way until Adamsberg became involved in the chain of events The most interesting part was when everybody were pointing at Adamsberg and it seemed like it was very bad for him I even hated Danglard as a betrayer that's amazing the kind of feelings that you can feel when you are inside the bookWhat I don't likeThe beginning it is very confusing I felt like I was going nowhere in some point I felt like it was a story about everyday's life at a police department and it was all I dislike the trips specially the trip to Canada ok I know that it is part of the story but when it started I though we were going nowhere when it ended I though it was a good trip for the protagonist but that it added anything to the story after few chapters I understood it was very important but before that I really hate it

  8. Julie Julie says:

    While this book won't stop me from reading of Vargas crime novels it is one of the most disappointing in the series For the first time I feel that Vargas has seriously lost the plot for this book tends to ramble saunter and stroll much like Adamsberg in fact who tends to like long walks Unlike Adamsberg however there is no point to Vargas's rambles The dénouement when it comes is a real head scratcher The motive for the murders is so bizarre that it beggars belief The plot may indeed be emblematic of a psychopath's design but the connection is so poorly explained and tenuous that it makes me feel this book is written by a neophyte just breaking into the genre rather than by someone with Vargas's tremendous talents Her characters are allowed to jaunt over to Canada in this book and while I admit to looking forward to her acerbic pen doing some interesting damage to the RCMP and their procedures it was a total farce slapstick than good comedy Everyone is a pal which bespeaks of 1940s Los Angeles than it does 21st century uebecOntario and everybody is just over the top in the wrong way It was very painful to read in the sense that she just didn't get it I just didn't feel the irony than I felt the buffoonery of the writer rather than her characters and it really hurts me to say that All in all a disappointment on plot Her characters continue to amuse enthral and entertain me and so of course I will skip on to the next in the series because I like Vargas too much to abandon her after one faux pas serious as that may be

  9. Lexie Conyngham Lexie Conyngham says:

    I loved this a complex interesting plot linking France and Canada and a uirky hero with some unusual colleagues He's occasionally a bit of a numpty but I found what was going on in his head very amusing particularly the bits involving Strasbourg Cathedral others may find it annoying but there we are I appreciated the translator's note on the differences between French French and Canadian French I hope at some stage to read one of these in French but it seems to me that the translator is doing a really excellent job for the language is marvellous and the tricks with the meanings of names are fascinating

  10. Craig Craig says:

    I had a hard time getting into this at first I thought something was getting lost in translation from the original French But gradually I realized it wasn't the translation but the storytelling structure lots of seemingly indulgent sidebars not a lot of action Not your typical American crime fiction Just over halfway through the book I realized that I was enjoying the characters and their interactions so much that I wasn't overly concerned with the central mystery which actually is not very mysterious at all

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Sous les vents de Neptune➜ [Epub] ❧ Sous les vents de Neptune By Fred Vargas ➦ – A #1 bestselling author in France Fred Vargas repeatedly captivates her many admirers across the globe with suspenseful mysteries featuring Commissaire Jean Baptiste Adamsberg “a Gallic cousin to Ru A vents de PDF É bestselling author in France Fred Vargas repeatedly captivates her many admirers across the globe with Sous les eBook Ê suspenseful mysteries featuring Commissaire Jean Baptiste Adamsberg “a Gallic cousin to Ruth Rendell's Chief Inspector Wexford” The Washington les vents de PDF/EPUB é Post In the same way that Donna Leon's Commissario Brunetti and Andrea Camilleri's Inspector Montalbano have won countless fans on this side of the Atlantic due to Penguin's robust commitment to the best international mystery writing Vargas's Commissaire Adamsberg is poised to conuer America in a series of novels that are “truly original like nothing else in contemporary fiction” The Sunday Times London beginning with Wash This Blood Clean from My Hand.

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