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Eye of the Storm [PDF / Epub] ❤ Eye of the Storm ✅ John Ringo – Buyprobolan50.co.uk First Time in PaperbackA New York Times Best Seller—Latest in the Blockbuster Posleen War Series  “Ringo’s lively action scenes and thorough knowledge of military subculture dynamics make enjoy First Time in PaperbackA New York Times Best Seller—Latest in the Blockbuster Posleen War Series  “Ringo’s lively action scenes and thorough knowledge of military subculture dynamics make enjoyable reading” — Publishers Weekly Beneath A Banner Burned             Eye of ePUB ´ In an instant the world changed for Lieutenant General Michael O'Neal His beloved Corps of the last remaining ACS destroyed beneath the guns of the Fleet his staff shot before his eyes arrested on the charge of war crimes he faces a short one sided trial a trip to the Fleet Penal Facility and a bullet to the back of the head while trying to 'escape'              The Boundaries Blur            General Tam Wesley faces trying one of the most beloved heroes in Federation not to mention a friend of decades on trumped up charges He alternative is having the last corps of humans that haven't sold their souls to the Darhel be taken apart like a chicken             Then he finds out the bad news            The Chaos Has Returned            With a new invasion from a previously unknown race threatening the Federation capital Darhel Tir Dal Ron faces his ultimate nightmare He is going to have to reinstate the one man human soldiers trust a man with the power and knowledge to destroy the Darhel oligarchy forever And instead convince him against all logic to save the Darhel            Somebody is going to die General Michael O'Neal Supreme Commander Federation Forces just has to pick who.

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  1. Crystal Starr Light Crystal Starr Light says:

    NOTE I received this from VineSo I typically write a plot summary for books This one was a particular challenge as A I didn't get very far and B what plot I could derive was very convoluted So please bear with me as I attempt to dredge one up from memory and using the cover blurbSo humans are still battling the Posleen since this is one of many in the Legacy of Aldenata series this human Posleen war has been ongoing for awhile Lieutenant General Michael O'Neal who is the Marty Stue for this novel I'm guessing he's the primary character in the earlier books ends up on this planet leading his troops against the Posleen and finds a race of near humans Apparently the Darhell had imported them to this planet but given the Darhel are in charge of everything this could mean bad bad news especially since due to military looting laws the entire Darheel race owes Michael O'Neal a mintOther than that I got nothingDNF at page 61I know what you are asking Why did you DNF? If you don't like this book then why did you bother reading it in the first place? Well I have answers but let me back up and give you some historyThis is as I mentioned above an Vine book When I first signed up on Vine I was so happy to get free books I pretty much picked ANYTHING especially if it was science fiction So when I got this and found out AFTER the fact it was part of a series I was a bit discouraged Trying to read than a couple of pages proved to be a challenge So I threw it in a corner with the promise to read and review one dayWell last year Vine has changed their rules; they REALLY want you to review all the items you get and within 30 days While they've made it clear that all old items don't fall under this new reuirement it made me aware then ever that I need to clear out these half dozen Vine books I've reuested and never read So I added Finish those Unread Vine ARCs with my 2014 challenge to read mostly books from my personal libraryI tried people I really did I know giving up at 61 out of 425 pages doesn't seem like I gave it much of a chance but I REALLY did Several million times between page 1 and 61 I wanted to give up the book but I didn't I kept picking it up even after putting it down or falling asleep while reading it the latter is not necessarily the book's fault BTWBut I can't continue any I just can'tMajor Reasons Why I Can't Force Myself to Finish This Book1 I really don't think military scifi is my thing This is my second third? foray into the genre and I am bored and confused as I have been with pretty much every other military scifi book I'm not following the action don't care about the characters and am confused as hell by the plot This is not the fault of the book or the author; it is purely a me thing And even if this book is an Vine book I don't think I should have to try to finish the book when it's obvious it is not for me2 It's not particularly well written Some sentences are atrocious such as the one belowHe was holding a girl One with bright red hair and very pretty blue eyes The girl tried to kick him in the crotch Okay so romance probably wasn't right around the cornerBlech Not only is it incredibly sexist girl should only be used if the narratorspeaker is a misogynist or the female is under the age of 18 but the sentence construction is bland and very choppy like you might find in middle grade or younger fictionI know I know military scifi or genre fiction doesn't need to be brilliant literature I get that but hear me out Don't we ridicule Stephenie Meyer for her bland writing in the paranormal YA romance Twilight? And trust me she will never win awards for the writing in that uartet Why is it OK there to critiue her she's writing genre fiction too but it's not OK to critiue John Ringo for eye rolling dull writing?3 The characters are bland and interchangeable minus our resident Marty Stu I am well acuainted that scifi puts of an emphasis on plot and surroundings than characters but that doesn't mean that it can get away with perfectly indistinguishable characters Other than Marty Stu and Ridiculous see #4 below I can't recall a single other character from the book They are all names nothing elseWhat makes it worse is the book's Marty Stu Mike O'Neal Yes he is a Marty Stu I know Mary Sue gets thrown around a LOT but I'm trying to be better about the label When I say he is he really is He's a rebel who is always right can backtalk his superiors and never suffer repercussions and is the Only Good OfficerNOTE In these kinds of books as in the ranks of the real enlisted officers are generally the bad guys because they don't do as much as the enlisted Sometimes it's true but sometimes it's just a bunch of hot air He's an 80 year old Skoal chewer who could pass for a man a UARTER of his ageYes this sounds totally plausible no wish fulfillment or fantasy here4 The one other character I can remember isn't because of how well written she is it's because she doesn't make any sense We are introduced at one point to Cally who is 58 year old and looks 20 So yeah we have that annoying trait where people look a third or a uarter of their age It's annoying but that's not the problem with her The problem is that IN THE SAME PARAGRAPH that we learn her age we also learn that she has been an agent for most of those 58 years? HOLD YOUR BRAKES How is that possible? She was inducted as an agent when she was ONE? A baby? Are these people Jedi? Because unless you say that they are weird Jedi baby snatchers I am NOT going to believe that a woman who is 58 can spend most of those years as an agent Heck even if it were like the Jedi Order the individual isn't a REAL Jedi until hesheit gets to be a Jedi Knight in hisherits 20's most likely So that would be 38 years as an agent nowhere near the most of those 58 years bullsht5 It's in the middle of an extensive series Nowadays I try to avoid this but I REALLY hate starting in the middle of a series and spending all my time playing catch up It's not 100% fair of me to say I don't like this when I know there's a bajillion other books I need to read to catch up And right now I'm already invested in enough series and I really don't want to add any to my plateMinor uibbles1 Look back up at my plot summary Did you notice 3 different spellings of the D named race? That wasn't me being an idiot unable to proofread No that was me poking fun at the book Because every time I read the D named race it was spelled differently in the text Now one spelling I believe was what another race designated the D named race But having 3 different spellings of the same race floating around made it EXTREMELY confusing Was it an ARC error that got fixed in final publication? Or was the editor napping? You be the judge2 The disconcerting mentions of PowerPoint and Hoth Is there no better presentation software in the future? And the future knows Star Wars?3 Pet Peeve If you can describe your ENTIRE alien species with one or two adjectives you are probably doing it wrong I've HATED this in Star Wars; I absolutely despise it elsewhereSo I'm done That said I DO think this is a prime example of it's not you it's me For people who like military scifi you will probably ADORE this In that case PLEASE ignore this review ignore my opinions and proceed full throttleIf military scifi isn't your thing if you have a low tolerance for Marty Stuism beware

  2. S.J. Higbee S.J. Higbee says:

    I picked this military science fiction offering off the shelves as I kept tripping over John Ringo’s name on various forums and thought it was about time I gave one of his books a go Whoever wrote it – a blurb should give a uick taste of what the book has to offer whereas a synopsis is a condensed version of the story complete with spoilers Please don’t get the two confused If I’d read the jacket cover info this time around I probably wouldn’t have stuck with this book The omniscient viewpoint isn’t my favourite style and it was taking me a while to bond with any of the characters – until the event mentioned in the second sentence of the blurb occurred on page 70 which was a total shock and finally hooked me Which means the hapless souls who’d read the blurting blurb had to wade through 69 pages waiting for this particular shoe to drop C’mon Baen – such inept cover info isn’t playing fair with your readers or writers Despite being the twelfth book in the series I didn’t find myself floundering or particularly adrift – Ringo does a very slick job of filling in any necessary information without losing pace – although I suspect that I would have enjoyed Eye of the Storm a great deal if I’d had the good sense to start at the beginning of this series It is a tale of alien treachery and planetary warfare in a universe where soldiers are rejuvenated to enable them to continue fighting into old age to keep humankind from being wiped out Complete with plenty of action and a large cast of characters Ringo mostly keeps the plot swinging along at a good clip He is clearly knowledgeable about military protocols and although his characterisation isn’t particularly detailed or deep it is certainly fit for purpose aided by realistic dialogue with regular dollops of humour Despite plenty of action Ringo doesn’t go in for the gritted bleakness of the likes of Richard Morgan’s Takeshi Kovacs series and while there is a smattering of curse words throughout the book the f word isn’t a universal adjective I very much enjoyed Ringo’s military hardware and the descriptions of the training regime as human troops struggle to prepare against a lethal enemy while the clock is ticking The notion that the troops are only as good as their ability to use the latest hardware with speed and efficiency is entirely plausible However there were places where the pace does dip – too much time is devoted to the points system and auction allocating places to the influx of volunteers My imagination also faltered over the bizarre image of a sentient space ship in the shape of a naked woman which I found unbelievable and distracting Overall though this is an entertaining read which I expect Ringo fans will thoroughly enjoy and I will probably get hold of the seuel to find out what happens next710

  3. Ove Ove says:

    General Mike O’Neal is popular with the troops and at home after liberating first Earth then planet after planet from the Posleen The Darhels fear him and now that the war is almost over they strike General O’Neal is set up and captured his troop are killed in an ambush A kangaroo Court with drummed up charges is held and he is found guiltyHis transport to prison is intercepted by a Bane Sidhe strike team lead by his daughter Cally who he thinks dead They bring Mike to earth without showing CallyThe news of what happened leads to mutiny on the Moonbase and Fleet and they are just about to start fighting when neither side can fire their weapons The human mentats tell of a new enemy fierce and technological advanced than the PosleenThe Darhels and the alliance depends on humans to fight their wars and there is only one leader that can save their bacon this time General Mike O’Neal But after what they did to him his family and humanity it’s not going to be easy to get him to help This time there will be change a lot of change with Mike O’Neal in charge of the warThe Hedren Tyranny has invaded and they have mental powers they use for war Michele and the other mentats have been trained in the Way that forbid violence but now they have to face the ‘Dark side’John Ringo is fantastic at portraing life in the military even when they are not fighting and making it interesting to the reader Even appointing officers and NCOs interests as much as a battle almost But there is going on in this book it hints of bigger powers behind the scene and the ending is a total cliffhanger Now I have to wait for the resolution Probably 2 books I was a bit disappointed by John Ringo’s homepage there was no information on the series there not even on this bookEye of the Storm Free Online Book was a hard book to put down John Ringo at his best a superb military science fiction I recommend it

  4. Jay Collins Jay Collins says:

    Okay so 3 to 35 stars I liked most of this book but the author has made the German SS the good guys? Totally weird and very offense to anyone that knows anything about some of the horrors that the SS commented against their own people during WWII This author is known for his backward thinking when it comes to woman Misogyny and other far right wing views Even tho I am not a fan of this authors views on these topics and I cringe every time I see them in his book but I still like hes writing style and how he puts a story together He writes a good space story and this book was very close to 4 stars minus the love he has for the SS I wish there was action in this book but I think this one was just a setup book and the main action will be in the next book I may continue with this series even with the things I dislike about the author

  5. Per Gunnar Per Gunnar says:

    This is the latest book in John Ringo’s Legacy of The Aldenata series and it is also the first of the Hedren War sub series within that overall series When I read the first book in the Aldenata series I was not really very impressed I really disliked the Darhel plotting and scheming in order to try and stay in power at the cost of many human lives despite the fact that the humans was pretty much the only thing that could save their sorry behinds from the Posleen Therefore I was somewhat worried when this book pretty much started in the same way Luckily after about a third of the book everything gets on a better track again Actually not only does it get on a better track but those bloody Darhel find themselves in a situation where they are seriously fucked by their own treacherous scheming and guess who have to save the day This time it is the humans specifically O’Neal whom the Darhel tried to screw big time at the beginning of the book that are calling the shots I really liked the book from then on O’Neil gets to tell the Darhel to fuck off or suck it up in so many ways from that point in the storyI have actually not read any of the books in between the end of the Posleen War series and this new series I never picked any of these up because I felt from the descriptions that they were all merely side stories that didn’t really advance the main story arc in any way This book makes uite a few references to the Cally’s War sub series within the Aldenata series though so I am wondering whether I should actually have read at least those first anyway Not that it is a big issue reading this book without having read the Cally’s books but I get the impression that they may not have been as much side stories as I thought I might actually pick them up nowAnyway back to Eye of The Storm As I said I uite liked it from the one third point and onwards Most of the book is about O’Neil Co scrambling to rebuild the fighting forces that the Darhel destroyed by their treacherous behaviour and prepare to fight the new threat on the horizon In the process O’Neil does his best to ensure that the Darhel stranglehold is brokenforever There are really not that much fighting going on until the end of the book but it is still fun readingThe two things that I wasn’t too thrilled about was the Sohon part which felt a bit too much as magic to me and also this idea of putting together the military units by some fancy bidding system like you were buying your troops on eBay Not very plausible I have to sayOn the whole when adding up the plusses and minuses this was a very enjoyable read It did end in a huge cliff hanger though but then it was pretty clear that this was the first book in a new series so that was not very surprising

  6. Gud.Spelar.Too Gud.Spelar.Too says:

    Unfortunately for me this was a disappointing book that follows a pattern of Mr Ringo's writing This book is about 30% background for new readers about 50% new interesting material and 20% mush filler It tries to extend the Posleen war series of books into a new phase but ends at a clumsy cliffhanger and since 2009 has been abandonedThis follows a pattern of his and I have read almost all his books in which he starts a story stretches it across numerous volumes then for some reason maybe decreasing sales maybe losing interest he abandons it and moves on to something entirely different Often the uality of the writing and imagination deteriorates significantly from the series beginning to it's abandoning as if he were just going through the motions There are several series of his which have followed this pattern the Posleen war books including this effort to bridge to a new series; the Looking Glass books the March to the Stars series; and the Hot Gate series I think the issue is taking something that was probably a good idea for one or two books and then trying to drag it out over 4 5 or even Ringo is not a great writer but can be an entertaining story teller yet if a writer disappoints by starting stories and then not finishing them and does it repeatedly I begin to just avoid his books How many readers would start a series if they knew the author will never finish it? He is not alone in doing this At some point Science Fiction and Fantasy has become awash with writers including those never published who think their story is so big it needs 10000 pages to complete Then somewhere three or 4 years into it reality intrudes and they or the readers lose interest and move on and a story in left incomplete What would have been interesting short stories or novels now get inflated into multi volume series just to try and sell books It's not just the Ringo's of the world doing this it's writers like SandersonCorey and JRR Martin doing it as well Does anyone think that JRRM will EVER finish ASOIAF?Please authors just write one good book not a half dozen lame ones If the demand is there revisit in a seuel if you are still interested

  7. Gord McLeod Gord McLeod says:

    Biggest problem with this book is that it's the end of the series Feels like there could be so much beyond this hopefully John Ringo returns to the Posleenverse What a way to spend half a year

  8. Blake Roberts Blake Roberts says:

    Having loved the first three or so books I started this out of series loyalty It's just not that great with most of the book focused on industry mobilization and personnel recall rather than the action and desperation that the earlier books had

  9. Neil Neil says:

    I enjoyed reading this book; I have not read it nearly as much as the first four books in the series or the sidestories but I think I have read it than the Cally's War series of books It re introduces several characters introduced in various books over the years It does have some continuity errors in it with the publication of The Tuloriad which was published after this book but takes place before Cally's War It does take a while to build up though and the ending stinks really really bad view spoilerin that it is a cliff hanger of sorts and the author never finishes with a follow up story and apparent according to his website has no idea when he if ever will finish the series hide spoiler

  10. Stoneturk Stoneturk says:

    I love this bookIf you like good sci fi this is a must read Can't wait for the next one a very good book

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