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    The bottom has fallen out of Lauren's world She married a man she thought she loved at the age of 15 and after 15 years of a cold and distant marriage she learns that he has died in a train accident and that he was a bigamist with a son by his first and legal wife That wife has since died but his will reuests that all trace of Lauren's attachment to him be removed in the interest of his son Lauren travels from her home in the East to Colorado to sign the papers Her beloved parents are dead and she has no past and no idea what to do with her futureExecution of the will is overseen by the brother of the first wife Dex Although his primary concern is for his nephew he is uncomfortable with the wrong done to Lauren as is his wife Vivian Lauren reluctantly gets cornered into visiting the ranch and then there is no turning backVivian 68 married her second husband Dex 18 years ago He was only 20 at the time but his tough background had made him mature and responsible enough to help her with running the ranch They love and respect each other deeply but their relationship has been platonic since their sons were born early in the marriage Vivian was a vibrant and very beautiful woman but she has suffered very poor health since a bout of pneumonia and has been confined to her sick room for years Vivian has a zest for life and a gift of insight She immediately likes Lauren and asks her to stay She needs someone to take care of her and Lauren has experience as her father was a doctor Vivian says that she won't be around much longer and says she would be happy if Lauren and Dex would get together She believes that they would be good for each other Lauren is outraged and refuses emphatically After much coaxing she does agree to stay as a nurse genuinely drawn to Vivian's honest and charismatic personalityLauren brings light back into Vivan's life and has ideas such as a wheelchair that allow her to share in joyful moments on the ranch no longer confined to her sickroom 247 As time goes by a bond is formed between Lauren and the people on the ranch and a poignant and sincere friendship is formed between Lauren Vivian and Dex There is never any uestion of disingenuously betraying Vivian who weaves her magic over everyone including the readerVivian is dying and they all have to face that inevitable fact Dex and Lauren also ultimately have to untangle what they feel about each other away from the honest respect and love they feel for VivianIt is hard to describe this book as it is so very different There is an integrity and honesty to the feelings There is sadness about Vivian and an appreciation of the life force that she is and remains in the lives of those who love herAs I say complex but a book to remember

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The Beuest ❴EPUB❵ ✼ The Beuest Author Eve Asbury – Buyprobolan50.co.uk After her Pinkerton husband dies in a train wreck Lauren Dessaint Pierce discovers that he was married to another woman Then powerful rancher Dex Winters demands Lauren come to Denver to sign legal pa After her Pinkerton husband dies in a train wreck Lauren Dessaint Pierce discovers that he was married to another woman Then powerful rancher Dex Winters demands Lauren come to Denver to sign legal papers relinuishing her rights to anything that belonged to her husband While there Lauren gets caught in a scheme spawned by Dex's elderly dying wife Vivian and a shocking death bed wish will change their lives forever Caught between honor obligations and keeping the past a secret Lauren vows to fight the sizzling tension that is building between her and Dex but as heartbreak and mourning bring them full circle a reckoning is on the horizon Freed from their secrets and the barriers of society desire and truth will lay their hearts bare revealing a passionate fire which will in turn become an enduring love Eve Asbury brings you a beautiful story of healing hearts and awakening passions that unveils the height and depths of love in all its facets.