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The Thin Woman ❄ [KINDLE] ✽ The Thin Woman By Dorothy Cannell ➝ – Popular E Book The Thin Woman By Dorothy Cannell There are many interesting things in this book format Hardcover and others isbn 9780312800055 242 pages and has a text language like English Popular EBook, The Thin Woman By Dorothy Cannell There are many interesting The Thin PDF or things in this book format Hardcover and others isbn pages and has a text language like English.

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  1. CatBookMom CatBookMom says:

    Plot wasn't fascinating except one aspect Don't know what UK company the author uses to get remodeling done but I want to hire them she described her Heroine getting a complete kitchen makeover Aga and all complete antiue house electrical permitting and rewiring a bedroom or two and at least a drawing room all done in 5 6 months no delays nothing in the wrong size

  2. Mariam Mariam says:

    Ellie Haskell is a hapless young woman who is too chubby too old and too clumsy for life to take her seriously and bring her a man Now I am not a romance reader and this book is no typical romance you will not find here a long drawn out scene in which the main character experiences flutterings and butterflies Instead you will find a thwarted Ellie eating an entire box of eclaires on her own which we all know is the real story behind heartache and longing or buying an outfit reccomended by well meaning friends that only seems to expand her already expanded figure No what we have here is one of the most believeable female characters in modern literature She is funny endearing realistic and completely loveable This story is also a fine mystery novel it's not a mind bender or crime buster sort just a fun romp through the English countryside with a fun old story to uncover along with Ellie It is well written and an easy book to pick up and get right back to if life demands that you leave off reading for a bit It's also a good book to binge on if you can cuddle in bed and read the night through which is my mo when it comes to a good book Enjoy

  3. Kathryn Kathryn says:

    An enjoyable humorous and very cozy mystery The first half of the book got off a bit slow for me we didn't seem to be making any progress or finding many clues to the mystery However I enjoyed the cozy and easygoing writing style all the details and little character traits especially of Ellie I found the second half much exciting as we finally got a mystery to start working out I admit that a few of the clues were too obvious and though I had worked out most of the whodunit essentials I still received a few good surprises when all was revealed On the downside I did not find our romantic leading man all that romantic or appealling and Ellie seemed a bit too old especially in the beginning; she was supposed to be 27t seemed at least mid thirties in mindset However the romance was only a sidebar to the overall story anyway and the story had a minimum of violence while still being suspenseful so three cheers for thatI decided to stay with the British estate mystery theme though this protagonist is considerably different than Lord Peter being a twenty seven year old plus size woman living in the early 1980s So far it's very amusing and delightfully written I'm hoping for a fun cozy and suspenseful read

  4. Betty Betty says:

    This is the first book in the Ellie Haskell series It is of a novel with hunt of a mystery It is an easy and relaxing read with no sex or graphics volienceEllie Simons looked at the letter on violet green stationary in voting her to Berlin's Court for a reunion of the family Ellie was not sure she want to go and hear all the negative comments about herself She hired Bentley T Haskell to escort to the affair After some unfavourable comments Ellie informs the group that Ben his her fiancee A few months later Uncle Merlin dies At the funeral and will reading Ellie and Ben find themselves inheriting the estate provided the accomplish the following Ellie needs to lose 63 pounds and Ben must write a book without sex and foul language They must live at Merlin Court for six months and find the treasure If they fail to do so the estate will be divided into eual to the rest of the family Will Ellie and Ben complete their tasks in the time frame?

  5. Kaethe Douglas Kaethe Douglas says:

    Jan 1 1993Cannell appeals to the sides of me that like mash ups You've got a standard Romance premise combined with a cozy mystery plot and the whole thing cracks me upOct 27 2016I really dislike the whole fat to thin story line since it assumes that A skinny is better than fat B fat is the fault of individuals lacking willpower and C fat people don’t have happy love lives But a woman gets to spend six months cleaning and decorating a Victorian faux castle on a huge budget and who doesn’t dream of that? Probably just us folks who moved freuently subscribed to multiple home magazines and always went to The Parade of Homes mostly to talk about all the unappealing features of modern homebuilding Oh and the girl gets a guy who’s a really good cook And a chummy housekeeper and a sweet old gardener Staff to do the bits one doesn’t like? So much win Personal copy

  6. Donna Donna says:

    Ellie overweight and unhappy hires Ben to pretend to be her boyfriend for a family reunionYou know how sometimes you finish a book and you're glad that's done? Yep this was one of those I definitely wouldn't have made it through if it weren't for the fact that I read this along with my 87 year old mom she didn't like it either Ellie is shrill and her 'relationship' with Ben is painful Every interaction they have is a series of sniping and confidence busters yet it turns out that they both love one another Yuck hard pass on the other 12 books in the series

  7. Grouchy Editor Grouchy Editor says:

    What a bloody mess Cannell adopts a 1930s Agatha Christie like style for her debut novel which is a pleasant enough mystery for about two thirds of its length But then the author loses all sense of reality The heroine narrator an interior decorator obsessed with food utters howler after howler “I desired a roast beef sandwich with horse radish and pickled onions with a wanton savagery that I had never felt for any man” and her romance with an oddball male escort almost – but not uite –plunges the book into “so bad it’s good” territoryBen “This is how it could have been if only I had confessed my love before you went and got so skinny”Ellie “Part of me will always hunger for the wrong foods but I have to tell you that I am not prepared to eat myself back to my old proportions so you can prove the integrity of your love”The biggest head scratcher of all is that somehow this amateurish junk food was included by the Independent Mystery Booksellers Association as one of its “100 Favorite Mysteries of the 20th Century”

  8. Anne Hawn Smith Anne Hawn Smith says:

    This is one of my all time favorites Overweight Ellie Simons hires Bentley T Haskell to pose as her boyfriend for a weekend visit to her uncle's estate He dies and leaves the estate to them if Ellie can loose weight and Bentley write clean and decent book and they both can solve the mystery It was such a zany idea especially when the protagonists become attracted to each other Ellie especially is a very well developed character and the action in the book is zany and fun All in all it's a pleasant way to spend a few hours

  9. LJ LJ says:

    THE THIN WOMAN GCannell Dorothy 1st in Ellie Haskell seriesOverweight and unmarried Ellie Simons balks at the prospect of attending her family reunion But with a hired escort in tow posing as husband she summons the courage to go little realizing that the weekend will lead to unexpected romance a treasure hunt and murderThe story was uite light and I wasn't taken with the protagonist It was good but definitely not great

  10. Jonathan Jonathan says:

    Wonderful I loved the plot the characters and the mystery I will read the next one

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