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Healers Fate [PDF] ✪ Healers Fate ✩ Beth Caudill – Buyprobolan50.co.uk Corliss Rumdone hides behind her status as Healer to avoid the normal wolf pack hierarchical challenges A forced mating changes the course of her life Instead of Raymond the beta wolf selected for her Corliss Rumdone hides behind her status as Healer to avoid the normal wolf pack hierarchical challenges A forced mating changes the course of her life Instead of Raymond the beta wolf selected for her she mates with Liam—her best friend and heir to the Alpha pairLiam whisks them away to a shifter retreat so they can allow the mating bond to settle in private But interference from those seeking power and two terminal children arouse past hurts and challenge their new relationship Even their home is not the haven it should be as Liam must watch Corliss fight for the right to remain his mate For one healer death becomes a weapon to balance life.

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  1. LT - Book Lovers 4Ever LT - Book Lovers 4Ever says:

    Corliss is a shifter wolf healer and low in the standing of her pack Her mother is powerful but she chose a weaker mate So when Corliss befriended the Alphas son she knew her dreams of being his mate would never come true Then one day while waiting for her forced mating to happen the man of her dreams was walking towards her to take the place of the man of her nightmaresLiam has wanted Corliss every since they were children and she tried to adopt him while he was in wolf form But he didn't want to go against his father's wishes by interrupting the arranged mating he had set up for Corliss But after watching her from the shadows he noticed her mate to be never showed Liam saw this as his chance to have everything he ever wanted and save Corliss from being stood up The only cost is they must leave their pack for two whole weeks because the mating bond can be broken in the first two weeks only

  2. rm2h rm2h says:

    This book was great I bought her other 3 books because of this one

  3. Martha Cheves Martha Cheves says:

    Healer’s Fate – Review by Martha A Cheves Author of Stir Laugh Repeat ‘Liam couldn’t watch the ceremony that would mate Corliss to someone else He could’ve challenged for her but that meant fighting his father – the ruling wolf who was neither a tyrant nor senile Both of them in their prime a fight would have ended in one of their deaths and he couldn’t justify the loss of lifeNot even for her Unable to keep control of his world Liam let the animal free to seek solace in the forest Except every tree every scent roused memories of her and the wolf circled back towards the clearing towards the woman who should be his’Liam and Corliss as well as the others in the pack are “shifters” which means they have the ability to shift from human form to wolf form and back Corliss has been promised as a mate for Raymond but has secretly given her heart to Liam So when Raymond doesn’t appear at the mating ceremony Corliss finds herself embarrassed by being left at the “ceremony” but also relieved that is until Liam steps in to save the dayHealer's Fate is a touching love story that brings together two beautiful souls bonding them into one as it should be among all humans But it also picks up the animal aspect of life My reading of Healer’s Fate brought me closer to the understanding of pack animals It answered my uestion of What and who is the alphas and how is that rank acuired within the pack? Through the writing of Beth Caudill and the characters of Liam and Corliss I felt as if I was an insider watching pack rituals being performed and explained This book isn’t for children due to some of the explicit scenes and language but it’s a beautiful book for adult who enjoy reading an enticing love story now and then2009Whispers PublishingASIN B002R9YYF4100 pages

  4. Jackie Jackie says:

    Corliss is being forced into a marriage she desperately does not want When her intended doesn’t show the Alpha’s son Liam takes his place Corliss is shocked because Liam is her best friend and long time crush She can’t imagine how this will be permitted when she is so low in the pack hierarchy and he is the Alpha’s son Liam has a plan He takes Corliss away so that they can finish the mating bond without being bothered by any of the pack Corliss at first thinks Liam is doing this a some sort of joke until he realizes that she is who he has always wanted and couldn’t stand her being forced to marry anyone else While they are on their hideaway a few challenges come up She must try to heal two children and a sorcerer tries to take her powers Not to mention the moment they return Corliss is challenged to the death to be Liam’s mate Can the challenges these two meet strengthen their bond or will it tear them apart?This was a really enjoyable read I liked the love story that was mixed so well in with the paranormal This is definitely a relatable story to any woman who has ever loved someone and hoped that one day they would say they loved them too The depth of Corliss’s character and the growth of Liam’s was done so well you could almost see how the mating effected them both This is a fairly uick and easy ready but it’s so well done you really hope that Beth Caudill does I know I’d love to see of Corliss and Liam along with their friends Overall it is a good read that any PR fan will enjoy

  5. Barbara Barbara says:

    I forgot I bought this book in 2014 it was good then and is at this readingCorliss Rumdone a Healer tries to avoid the normal wolf pack hierarchical challenges but the Alpha makes an arranged match for her Instead of Raymond the beta of the pack who doesn't appear at the mating ceremony Corliss finds herself embarrassed but also relieved that is until Liam who she secretly loves steps in to save herLiam takes her away to his retreat but things are not going alright Will everything turn out for them?

  6. Sam Spencer Sam Spencer says:

    Sexy? YesUnderlying danger? YesMessage not to judge people to be what they appear? Oh you bet your sweet bunsEnding? Sucky and abruptThere's always a sad part to every great story in this one it was that the writer ended it too soon

  7. Amber Amber says:

    Don't let my rating stop you this is a very competently written book with some interesting world building it just didn't engage me enough for my liking in spite of that I would recommend it to fans of the genre okay for Aayesha

  8. Itsy Bitsy Book Bits Itsy Bitsy Book Bits says:

    “Healer’s Fate” is the first novella in a collection of stories called the Paranormals of Arilase by Beth Caudill This short story takes the reader to a paranormal world where werewolves witches and dwarves roam free Corliss is an up and coming healer in her werewolf pack The story begins with Corliss waiting for Raymond the mate selected for her to arrive at their mating ceremony Her emotions are mixed as she knows it is pack law that dictates who she must mate with but her heart belongs to the pack leader’s son Liam They always played together as wolves but he rarely speaks to Corliss in human form so she doesn’t know of his feeling for her Liam discovers that Raymond has run away and Liam refuses to let Corliss be shamed by this so he decides to take Raymond’s place in the ceremony The leaders are away so Liam is able to complete the ceremony with Corliss who can hardly believe her own luck Since Liam is an Alpha male he and Corliss know there will be issues with the pack discovering they have mated They must defend their love for each other and protect their future I enjoyed this story a lot than I originally thought I would I don’t typically care for werewolf stories but decided to give it a shot I’m really glad I did This story however short gives an interesting look at a world where the paranormal is actually normal My only issue with the story is that it didn’t really feel like it had a full ending There was resolution to certain aspects of the story but it felt like it just stopped Sometimes you need to leave people wanting though So I give “Healer’s Fate” four stars

  9. Jasmyn Jasmyn says:

    This one just didn't hit the spot for me There was so much that I needed to know about or that just didn't uite add up Corliss is the pack healer which seems to be a very honored and special position and yet she isn't treated that way She seems to be looked down upon and is being forced into a mating she doesn't wantThankfully her old friend Liam steps in and takes his place in the mating ceremony instead I was good through here It's what happens when they go on their honeymoon that I just had a hard time with A random group of wolves seems to have it out for Corliss we find out somewhat of a reason later but at the time it occurs it was just confusingWhile they are trying to figure out what is going on even though they don't really know anything is going on there's a family with two children that are dying and Corliss isn't able to save them This seems like it was just thrown in to take up space and give her something to do later in the story as wellThere were some good moments but overall this one fell flat for me Things weren't tied together well and the bad guys were a little too erratic and out of the blue

  10. Jennifer Jennifer says:

    it was cute I loved that he choose the unlikely one and was in love with her since childhood and saved her from embracement i would read her again

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