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Are You There God? It's Me, Margaret [EPUB] ✰ Are You There God? It's Me, Margaret Author Judy Blume – Are You There God It's Me Margaret No one ever told Margaret Simon that eleven going on twelve would be such a hard age When her family moves to New Jersey she has to adjust to life in the suburbs a d Are You There There God? PDF/EPUB ✓ God It's Me Margaret No one ever told Margaret Simon that eleven going on twelve would be such a hard age When her family moves to New Jersey she has to adjust to life in the suburbs a different school and a whole new group of friends Margaret knows she needs someone to talk to about growing up and it's not long before she's found a solutionAre Are You Kindle - you there God It's me Margaret I can't wait until two o'clock God That's when our dance starts Do you think I'll get Philip Leroy for a partner It's not so much that I like him as a person God but as a boy he's very handsome And I'd love to dance You There God? It's Me, MOBI :º with him just once or twice Thank you God.

About the Author: Judy Blume

Judy Blume spent There God? PDF/EPUB ✓ her childhood in Elizabeth New Jersey making up stories inside her head She has spent her adult years in many places doing the same thing only now she writes her stories down on paper Adults as well as children will recognize such Blume titles as Are You There God It's Me Margaret; Blubber; Just as Long as We're Together; and the five book series about the irrepressible Are You Kindle - Fu.

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  1. Erin Erin says:

    I first read this book in kindergarten After getting into an argument with the PTA lady running the school book fair about whether or not I could buy the book I thought she was trying to imply that I couldn't read it which I found insulting an argument that was ultimately settled by a call home to my mom I brought the book home and read it all on a Friday night Up past my bedtime I snuck downstairs where my parents were entertaining friends and announced that I had a uestion about what a period was Without missing a beat my mother said The dot at the end of the sentence Patronized again I cried I know what that kind is I'm talking about the kind Margaret doesn't get until the end of the bookThis is the stuff family legends are made of Beyond that it's a great book but I sure am glad I don't have to use the contraptions Blume describes within as my feminine hygiene products of choice Belts? Garters? Yikes

  2. Stina Stina says:

    Isn't it pathetic that as a girl once you learn about periods you just can't wait to get one and then for the rest of your life you just wish the effers would go away? Except of course the periods that show up JUST when you need them to like when one is perhaps a few days late and not super confident in her decision making skills during the last month Those periods are probably even better than the satisfaction of that very first one

  3. Matthew Matthew says:

    What a powerful little book Sure it is a coming of age story about a pre teen girl in the late 1960s early 1970s but it feels like a story with lessons and ideas that are important to everyone in any era I can see why this is on many must read listsSimply written – it can be read in one or two sittings This is a great thing for those looking for a uick and entertaining read in the midst of a busy schedule No great commitment is reuired to get through this one And you may find content in 150 pages than you sometimes get in 400 to 500 pagesAnother important element of this book that is very applicable to everyone today is the pressures Margaret goes through – social religious relationships etc She just wants to live but people are filling her head with lies and arguments that make it difficult for her to make decisions for herself All it does is make her miserable This reminds me of how some people seem to be willing to treat others today especially with the anonymity of the internet While it isn’t everyone it seems like many people like to force their opinions down people’s throats and make them feel bad about their own feelings Those people don’t consider – or don’t care how this makes others feel It makes me very sad And it made me very frustrated for MargaretSide note related to the comment above The key plot of the story is Margaret trying to decide which religion she wants to be – if any I was reading online that this book has been censored and banned in some places because of its take on Christianity As a Christian myself this is ridiculous – and the behavior of the Christians in the book is ridiculous No one should be made to feel bad about exploring what feels comfortable to them and if they decide one thing over another that is their choice and no one else’s business The way she is treated in this book I am not surprised she responds the way she doesI recommend this book to everyone I think it will teach us all a lot about how we should treat each other and it is a good reminder that we are all human no matter what our differences are

  4. Julie Julie says:

    I was a little scrap of a white girl growing up and the daughter of Midwestern parents as well Mom and Dad were sheltered small town people who had been relocated to the subtropics of South Florida and raised their children there Our family was an island of conservatism and traditionalism among an extremely multicultural seaOur uiet casserole eating crew had very good manners and spoke uietly but we spoke not of feelings and we deferred always to Dad's opinions In contrast our Hispanic Italian and Jewish neighbors spoke with their hands and spoke over each other often giving kisses and full bodied hugs as they did soI was attracted to the wildness of these neighbor's homes and I always felt I'd have developed of a voice there among those boisterous dinner tables I knew I had an innate sassiness but I didn't know how to make it emerge or how to be authentic to my selfWhen I was faced with early puberty things became even challenging How do you tell a silent mother the changes that are occurring within your body when you've never even met her parents or heard a single story from her childhood and she is as cold and remote to you as the Statue of Liberty??Well here is where the school librarian once again saved the day by placing Are You There God? It's Me Margaret in my hands That woman always seemed to sense my love of books my silence and my needsAnd there she was Margaret Right when I needed her Margaret the Every Girl the nondescript skinny white girl with brown hair who struggles with fears of inadeuacy and invisibility amongst her peers So much about Margaret is tangible You do not doubt her existence for a moment and her struggles with faith family and her fluctuating figure fill her every day with hopes and fearsMargaret is the only child of a Jewish father and a Christian mother who have denounced their religions as the only acceptable solution to raising a child within this dynamic Yet Margaret's beliefs get lost in the shuffle She loves God and wants to connect deeply to the Source but in searching for a deeper spiritual experience she finds only people who want to manipulate her to add to the head count at their places of worshipI loved Margaret as an 11 year old and when I introduced her to my 10 year old this week I found my daughter felt exactly the same way It was weird; nothing had really changed It was still life adolescence social politics love and fear It turns out angst has no expiration date My daughter toward the very end of the read wrapped her body around a pillow and said “Mommy I love this book so much it makes me feel almost embarrassed”Ah dang it And I thought I was going to get through this re read without tears

  5. K.D. Absolutely K.D. Absolutely says:

    During the final round in the 2011 Miss Universe pageant Miss Philippines Shamcey Supsup was asked this uestion ”Would you change your religious beliefs to marry the person you love? Why or why not?” Supsup answered ”If I had to change my religious beliefs I will not marry the person that I love Because the first person that I love is GOD who created me And I have my faith and my principles And these what make makes me who I am And if that person loves me he should love my God too Thank you” Of course Supsup at 25 was expected to have a mature answer than the 11 yo Margaret Simon in this Judy Blume’s born 1938 most popular novel Are You There God? It’s Me Margaret Supsup was a architecture board exam topnotcher and a magna cum laude and Margaret was just a 6th graderBut that beauty pageant uestion and the main conflict in this book are basically the same They both put on the table the value of religion in a person’s life Supsup does not want to forgo her faith for love’s sake Margaret is facing the dilemma on which religion to choose her paternal grandmother’s or her maternal grandmother’s Supsup is not willing to change her religion just to make her boyfriend happy Margaret cannot decide which religion to choose because she does not want to displease any of her grandmothers or her parents interfaith marriage eventuallyIn the end Supsup was crowned as 3rd runner up in the contest In the end spoiler alert Margaret gets her first mens troo ation and she is so happy that she resumes talking to her god whoever it may be by uttering her innocent thoughts with this opening Are you there God? It’s me Margaret blah blahspoiler endsI just stole this book from my 16 yo daughter’s bookshelves Well it is TIME 100 and that was my main motivation The secondary reason was that some of my GR Filipino friends will join me in my visit to my island hometown this weekend and this book could popup as a topicDid I enjoy reading this slim book? As a father of a teenage girl my answer is a resounding yes For most parts as expected I could not relate to Margaret’s issues After all this is a very girlie book as it deals with young girl’s fears first crush new girl trying to fit in to her new school and her select friends whose mantra is to make their breasts bigger ”We must we must we must increase our busts But while reading Margaret’s thoughts if I try to imagine what my daughter went through or even still going through I think this is a worthwhile book to read by any father with a daughter regardless of their age Our daughters don’t come to us for advice regarding menstruation but we see the used pads in the garbage bin They don’t ask us to accompany them in their shopping for bra and other apparels but we pay for them They don’t normally tell us who their boy crushes at school are but we were ones those boys For those reasons hey fathers read this book For one I know that many young girls dream of becoming a Miss U but I did not know until this book that there could be young girls who because of their dream of having bigger breasts had to compose and utter some kind of mantra ”We must we must we must increase our busts So funny

  6. Cristina Monica Cristina Monica says:

    This novel discusses subjects of importance to preteen girls like kissing bras boys and menstruation Presence of religion but no exasperating preaching Parents gift this to your childrenAs a side note Margaret is the only girl I know who is excited about getting her period The way I see it the longer the wait the better Because blood cramps and no white pants

  7. Tiphany Tiphany says:

    Oh how I do miss the 1970 edition of this book Somehow the cute little cover girl of the new edition what with the sparkling eyes and her head in the clouds doesn't express the loneliness and contemplative nature of Miss M in the same way the little girl with lank brown hair and brown knee socks did And how else can one completely alarm and overwhelm a modern 10 year old about the mysteries of the pubescent female body without the mention of the belt?When I first read the book not only was I terrified of getting my first period especially at school but I thought I at least had the basic mechanics down of all the necessary accoutrement After reading Are You There a frantic me had to spend 20 minutes in a Walgreens reassuring myself that this mythical belt contraption no longer existed and was completely unnecessary And even then it wasn't until age 12 that I was completely satisfiedIn 2006 they updated the book to include the mention of sanitary napkins instead of menstruation belts and I somehow find that incredibly wrong Are You There is a phenomenal book for Margaret's uest to understand the workings of the life around her inter religious household; crazy relatives; despondent fathers; nutty friends; and 15 year olds who are just too hot to handle than for her journey through early pubescence But to fundamentally alter a portion of that journey seems a bit extreme So what if a curious kid wants to know what a belt is? Most parents even the young ones can handle that uestion Even I can answer it nowI just think Are You There was so much than the period episode It was deftly written than many adult novels I've read We don't go scrambling to change every work that falls behind the times as far as cultural references are concerned so why this one? Women didn't start having periods in the 00s and part of the beauty of the outdatedness of it all was that for me after the shock and horror it reminded me that I was connected to an incomprehensible number of women through history in this one tiny way And that felt good as saccharine as that sounds

  8. Deanna Deanna says:

    I'm feeling very nostalgic today I can still remember sitting on the floor in the library and reading this book One of my favorite authors when I was young If I didn't have so much to read I would read it again now Actually if I can find my box of old books I probably will read it again I LOVED this book

  9. Kelly (and the Book Boar) Kelly (and the Book Boar) says:

    Find all of my reviews at Eeks am I getting behind in posting reviews Are You There God It’s Me Margaret was my final selection for Banned Books Week I was extremely hesitant to re read this since it was one of my childhood favorites I was terrified my trip down memory lane would wind up filled with potholes and other bumps in the road that would lessen my enjoyment Boy was I wrong I loved Margaret just as much now as I did back then Judy Blume was my go to gal back in the dark ages and her stuff amazingly stands the test of time Highly recommended to young girls at that awkward “in between” age when they aren’t uite a kid but not yet a woman Oh and in case you live in a cave and have never heard of this book before the subject matter that made it so “controversial” that young humans need to be protected from it???? #snowflakes

  10. Alex Alex says:

    The first thing Margaret asks God is Don't let New Jersey be too horrible so you know she's in for a rough time with God The second thing she asks for is boobs What makes Blume so wonderful well there are lots of things but one of them is that she respects her audience which is specifically 12 year old girls and no one else She's tackling big subjects here puberty and God so that's half of the entire list of Big Subjects and she respects their difficulty Margaret is the product of a mixed marriage her mom is Christian and her dad is Jewish and the big debate here is which God if any she will choose Her parents have left the decision to her which she feels is bullshit If I should ever have children she declares I will tell them what religion they are so they can start learning about it at an early age Twelve is very late to learn And what I love is that by the end of the book view spoilershe's made no decision whatsoever Blume doesn't offer pat solutions She just presents the problem hide spoiler

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