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What to Do When You Meet Cthulhu [Reading] ➷ What to Do When You Meet Cthulhu By Rachel Gray – Buyprobolan50.co.uk Providing insight into the famed Cthulhu mythos of H P Lovecraft as well as the countless mythical threats that creep among Earth’s population this comprehensive handbook explores the transdimension Providing insight into the famed Cthulhu mythos of Do When PDF È H P Lovecraft as well as the countless mythical threats that creep among Earth’s population this comprehensive handbook explores the transdimensional beings subterranean creatures and fantastical beasts that lurk in the corners of time From encounters with Barnabas Marsh and Wilbur Whateley to dangerous seaside communities this witty exploration covers the multitude of imaginary dangers escape options and chances of survival when confronting these horrors Shoggoths Nightgaunts ghouls and Cthulhu all have What to Epub / ventured into popular culture in the form of cuddly toys but as this entertaining overview proves these monsters are not so warm and fuzzy when met face to face face to muzzle or face to tentacles Authoritative and hilarious this “survival guide” sheds light on the mysterious and often unimaginable world of Cthulhu.

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  1. Redsteve Redsteve says:

    Essentially Mythos for Dummies this book provides a uick rundown on people places and mostly things in HP Lovecraft's universe combined with brief synopses of many of his better known stories The author touches on other writers' contributions to the genre Howard Smith Chambers but the focus is 95% HPL As you may guess this book contains many humorous or less asides and some practical advice to those who might encounter the subjects of Lovecraft's stories While this book does a good job of educating the reader about the Mythos and fairly thoroughly so for 256 pages when it comes to humor and practical advice this is no Zombie Survival Guide and the author is no Max Brooks Most of the humor is pretty well basic or worse jokes about HPL's British spelling do not get funnier with multiple repetitions and most of the advice boils down to for god's sake don't readstare attouch it and bring a friend that you can sacrifice to let yourself escape Neither is terrible advice but I was hoping for Finally it seems that the author cannot decide if she wants to treat the Mythos as real or as literature and as a result goes back and forth throughout the book 25 stars a pretty solid guide to HPL's writing but weak in the humor department

  2. Karen Karen says:

    An entertainig guide to surviving encounters with enteties from Lovecraft's Cthulu mythos Largely seems to involve having a friend who you can shove in front of you to take any damage be it mental or physical

  3. Michael Michael says:

    This is the perfect handbook for those novices who find themselves pulled into a mysterious cult trapped in the seaside town of Innsmouth or notice a large cephalopodic madness inducing creature rising from the waves Gray covers all of the works of Lovecraft the major characters and beings of the mythos and some of the additional material from other writers She discusses the plots in an amusing way Additional information most hints on how to survive in various situations is provided in additional text If you are looking for a Cthulhu primer or just a refresher pick up this fun book

  4. Sab Cornelius Sab Cornelius says:

    I do book blogging on the side so posted my full review here Site is currently A WIP

  5. Dean Dean says:

    Fun Not for everyone but worth collecting if you do collect

  6. Joey Joey says:

    Although this book presents itself as a survival guide it is of a genre savvy rehash of the Cthulhu Mythos Every major story is examined flaws in plans are pointed out and survival strategies are given Hint have a lot of friends to sacrifice After a while this can get a bit tedious as it ends up being a lot of the same Still the deadpan and cynical humour is up my alley and makes up for it's downsides It's fun if you can't get enough of the Cthulu Mythos or if your players in your Call of Cthulhu RPG group seem to think that survival is an option but otherwise you can just leave it on the shelves

  7. Stephan Stephan says:

    A wonderful book maybe not the most well written but definitely one of the most entertainingThe Author takes us on a journey through most of Lovecrafts tales regarding the Cthulhu mythos We get a good look at the people the books the towns and of course the monstersYou could say that it gives a shortened version of several cthulhu related storiesd not only from Lovecraft Often interrupted with hilariously humorous comments It's a nice interesting and fun way to get a look at the stories but you probably need to have read them your self first otherwise most of the jokes will go right over your head

  8. Scott Woods Scott Woods says:

    What most people who have reviewed this don't mention or miss altogether that the book is fashioned after a travel guide superimposed with Cthulhu trappings and excerpts and stands on less firm legs as a guide to the stories proper This is yet another book that will be appreciated by people familiar with the Lovecraft mythos than readers seeking to be initiated into the genre Mostly tongue in cheek it's an engaging read containing lots of inside humorRecommended for existing Lovecraft fans People new to Lovecraft should read a few key stories then come back to this

  9. Chris Cagle Chris Cagle says:

    This was the first book I read dealing with the Cthulhu mythos It seemed like a Cliff Notes version of most of the popular HP Lovecraft stories and was very enjoyable to read Having no knowledge of the worlds of Lovecraft it was very easy to understand and made me want to read the actual stories If you are interested in Lovecraft but want a condensed synopsis of his works this is the book for you

  10. Tim Knight Tim Knight says:

    uite a good book for warning you of the return of the Great Old Ones Read or lose your sanity Read it an still lose your sanity Either way sanity is overrated Lol

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