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A Scoundrel's Kiss ❰Download❯ ➵ A Scoundrel's Kiss Author Margaret Moore – Buyprobolan50.co.uk Seduction Was His PlanLord Neville Farrington's day begins badly with an unannounced visit from his stern unbending father the Earl of Barrsettshire who is accompanied by Arabella Martin a most exuisi Seduction Was His PlanLord Neville Farrington's day begins badly with an unannounced visit from his stern unbending father the Earl of Barrsettshire who is accompanied A Scoundrel's PDF/EPUB or by Arabella Martin a most exuisite young miss Immediately things start to look up and Neville unleashes his roguish charms hoping to seduce this prized beauty But the high minded gentlewoman scorns his advances But Was Marriage to Be His Destiny Of all the impertinence Arabella has never met such a self assured rogue who spends his days and far too many of his nights in the pursuit of pleasure She rejects his bold caresses with disdain but even Arabella cannot deny Neville's talents at seduction were oh so enticing Arabella is determined to teach the handsome rake a thing or two about honor but even she cannot resist this scoundrel's kiss.

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  1. Nenia ✨️ Socially Awkward Trash Panda ✨️ Campbell Nenia ✨️ Socially Awkward Trash Panda ✨️ Campbell says:

    Instagram || Twitter || Facebook || || PinterestMeh This is a tough one to rate On the one hand it was light and frothy and exactly what I needed after some heavier reads On the other hand the plot is all over the place and the last uarter of the book has a chain of Guess what? No guess what? But oh wait GUESS WHAT? reveals that make all the twists feel REALLY contrived and resolves the story way too neatlySet during the Restoration not Regency the people who shelved it that way are wrong this story is about a slovenly man named Neville who has been disinherited by his father for living in filth and ignominy spending too much time gambling and with the ladies To punish him his father the Earl has decided to adopt a ward and give what would have been Neville's inheritance to her Arabella a provincial girl who is the daughter of a fanatic PuritanArabella is not only faithful and good she is incredibly beautiful Which is why Neville after encountering Arabella in the bathroom decides that he is going to seduce her to make a point to his father that nobody can live up to his impossible standards He even bets his two friends Richard and Foz fifty pounds each that he can convince her to sleep with himThe story gets a little convoluted with King Charles II deciding he wants Arabella as his new mistress and King Charles II's mistress deciding that she wants Neville as her new lover and Neville's father and his childhood friend and maybe lover Lady Lippet deciding that they need to pick out a suitor for Arabella which results in a montage of parties dinners and excursions one of which nearly ends up in assault and all of which only serves to draw out the sexual tension and frustrations between the two leads who just can't Be Honest With Each OtherThere were some pretty steamy scenes in this book and just enough action to keep me turning pages but I skimmed the last couple chapters Neville really didn't have to grovel all that hard considering all the cruel things he did to Arabella and as I said the climax of the book was a bit convenient I do love the cover though and the writing was decent It was also cool to read a romance that wasn't a Regency or a Victorian A SCOUNDREL'S KISS was a fun read but not a memorable one25 to 3 stars

  2. Mariana Mariana says:

    This is just not one of my favorite time periods It is an age of hedonism selfishness and disloyalty Lord Neville Farrington is the only man with any halfway decent ualities Only the juxtaposition against King and a large Court of disgusting selfish men allowed him to appear moderately decent The only thing he apparently is good at is making money Charming women and looking handsome I guess that's better than none of the above Arabella is a foolish girl who only moderately holds onto her claimed morals that were primarily drilled into her by her Puritan father However the writing style was fine I would read another book by this author for a future challenge

  3. Tabetha Waite Tabetha Waite says:

    I am usually torn between this author's books Some I like a lot and others like this one I don't much care for The hero was boring even if he was a rake in need of reform The dialogue was choppy with poor descriptive scenes the heroine was mousy and drug into his bedchamber by his father at the beginning for an introduction? Even I couldn't get past this major faux pas of propriety even for a romance Not the story for me

  4. Ella Udoh Ella Udoh says:

    Nice story

  5. Caroline Caroline says:

    It's not a true bodice ripper and it has ONE sex scene but still good

  6. Samie Kauchis Samie Kauchis says:

    I don't know what it was about this book but I didn't care much for it It was alright and I did finish it but I definitley didn't love it and kinda found myself stubbornly pushing through as opposed to eagerly reading along The plot wasn't very creative the characters predictable and the writing felt a bit forced

  7. Yona Yona says:

    22 starsThe writing style the characters the dialog the storyline the end everything was very poor I can't say that I enjoyed any of it at all

  8. Mary Mary says:

    I read this series in reverse order starting with #3 Perhaps because of that I appreciated he characters and how they were presented An interesting take on the time frame and customs

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