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Old Testament Wisdom: An Introduction ❴PDF / Epub❵ ☃ Old Testament Wisdom: An Introduction Author James L. Crenshaw – Buyprobolan50.co.uk The title of the book can be pleasantly deceiving Crenshaw goes well beyond the wisdom tradition found in the biblical books of Ecclesiates Psalms Proverbs and Job He takes a broader perspective and i The title of the book can Wisdom: An MOBI í be pleasantly deceiving Crenshaw goes well beyond the wisdom tradition found in the biblical books of Ecclesiates Psalms Proverbs and Job He takes a broader perspective and includes apocrapha writings as well as Egyptian and Mesopotamian literature This is a very thorough concise and well orgainized book much appreciated for students working under time constraints.

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  1. Brandon Hawk Brandon Hawk says:

    As an introductory textbook Crenshaw's work serves as a wonderful entry into the world of biblical wisdom literature He focuses for the first three chapters on laying out the foundations of this field defining wisdom literature contexts the biblical corpus and the main traditions surrounding these issues for biblical scholars Next he discusses the major works in depth affording a chapter each to Proverbs Job Ecclesiastes and Sirach with another chapter discussing Wisdom several psalms and wisdom in the deuterocanonical and pseudepigraphic works Finally the last few chapters step back from specifics to assess the legacy of wisdom literature in Israelite biblical contexts as well as the place of biblical wisdom in the wider world of the Near EastPerhaps the most helpful and illuminating aspects of this book are the definitions and forms that Crenshaw lays out for wisdom For example his introduction mainly establishes what modes of discourse and types of literature fit into the framework of biblical wisdom which he then clarifies and categorizes fully in the subseuent chapters In the introduction therefore he does offer general definitions but he also subtly tempers them by discussing the spectrum of types of wisdom texts depending on how form and content work together In the first chapter he establishes four types of sapiential teaching proverbs parables sayings and riddles then further breaks these down into literary forms of discourse While setting forth these definitions and categories however Crenshaw is also careful to note how they are not always strictly followed and that he posits only general frameworks for understanding the textsAlso laudable is the extended treatment of the role of Solomon in Hebrew literature as well as Jewish andChristian traditions This is mainly discussed in chapter 2 although it is woven throughout the book as a central issue Crenshaw's treatment discusses the attribution of certain works to Solomon the legacy that has continued throughout the West based on these assumptions the reasons for these developments and the role of Solomon as sage within the contexts of the Near East generallyIn all of this Crenshaw holds an impressive command of scholarship but also writes in order for all readers to access his content He moves between the general and specific honing in on particular scholarly issues as necessary to elucidate his own goals In doing so he presents an accessible introduction worth reading for any student interested in wisdom literature generally and biblical wisdom specifically

  2. Dave Gibson Dave Gibson says:

    Crenshaw's review of Old Testament wisdom literature includes an overview of wisdom literature in general and examines the books of Proverbs Ecclesiastes and Job He also looks at several apocryphal books including Sirach and Wisdom of Solomon He places theses texts in context with a review of wisdom literature from other near east cultures This book is well worth the read even if it is a bit broad and meandering at times I highly recommend it

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