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Young World Rising ✅ Young World Rising pdf ✈ Author Rob Salkowitz – Young World Rising gives you an exclusive glimpse into the new trend that's transforming global business and changing the dynamics of globalization The global Millennial generation is 41 billion stron Young World Rising gives you an exclusive glimpse into the new trend that's transforming global business and changing the dynamics of globalization The global Millennial generation is billion strong and the spread of data networks is empowering them to build radically new kinds of organizations adapted to a flat and crowded world Young World Rising Young World ePUB ´ takes you on a panoramic tour of the new centers of enterpreneurial innovation on five continentsExplore the dynamics driving the emergence of the Young World Demonstrate how wired Young World insurgents are reinventing entrepreneurship Get an inside look at the most innovative Young World businesses from India Africa Latin America and Southeast Asia Identify how your organization can capitalize on the rise of the Young World to find new talent open new markets identify investment opportunities and With than a dozen uniue and in depth case studies Young World Rising is essential reading for every organization coming to grips with the challenges of globalization and demographic change in the st century.

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  1. Glenn Williams Glenn Williams says:

    In Young World Rising How Youth Technology And Entrepreneurship Are Changing the World From the Bottom Up author Rob Salkowitz takes a look at global trends in business and the forward thinking approaches to economic and social problems from a new generation of doers not just thinkers from Latin America Africa and South AsiaSalkowitz brings some great insights to the topic of how global markets are changing and the challenges this presents to organizations that want to forge productive business partnerships Author of Generation Blend and Listening to the Future as well as having worked with Microsoft in developing market strategy Salkowitz brings a considerable pedigree to his workIn a book with less than 180 pages this book packs a punch and literally provides any organization – commercial not for profit or faith based – with solid information on changing markets social trends and how an emerging generation of young leaders and entrepreneurs are grasping hold of opportunities where many traditional business models are redundant or at the very least ineffectiveSome of his key insights include –• There are three forces reshaping the world youth ICT information and communications technology and entrepreneurship• The importance of the global knowledge economy• The rich old world old economy and the poor young world new economy• The digital divide between the rich old world and the poor young world is closing albeit slowly However the young world is going mobile fueling the spread of the knowledge economy• The technology age gap whereas the old economy sees technology as problem to be solved and something to be integrated into existing frameworks the new economy sees the possibilities of networks and data• Innovation is increasingly occurring at the bottom of the pyramidWhile Salkowitz provides numerous practical and innovative initiatives launched by these young entrepreneurs underpinning them are six distinctive ualities Young World entrepreneurship1 Blends social and commercial objectives2 Creatively aligns public private and NGO resources3 Leverages communities and collaboration4 Is well adapted and sustainable in Young World environments5 Embraces the globalization of the knowledge workforce and6 Solves systemic problems while meeting market needsI recommend this book to any leader

  2. Suzanne LaVenture Suzanne LaVenture says:

    This is another book I read for work wouldn't have picked it up on my own but it did have some interesting ideas It takes the rather optimistic view that the Youth Bulge is a positive thing because growing access to technology will produce an explosion of base of the pyramid entrepreneurs Another interesting idea is that China will NOT be a major player in the future because of its demographics In a couple of decades it will have the world's largest elderly population supported by a generation of embittered bachelors The US is apparently not in as dire a place as most European countries BECAUSE OF IMMIGRANTS I am still skeptical that business is the answer to all the world's problems and bristled a bit at passages that insinuated that NGOs are impeding growth The book mentioned but did not really address the environmental strain of the exploding world population However it's nice to think that there could be positive aspects to the world's growing masses

  3. Pete Welter Pete Welter says:

    Book about how millenial youth far prevalent in some developing nations and in developed nations and also China which is rapidly aging are leveraging technology knowledge of local problems and a global reach to customers and knowledge to create change from the bottom up that is starting small businesses and growing themIt's a perspective worth thinking about especially when we see how little these young entrepreneurs need to make to create a life for themselves compared to the very high overhead that we in developed nations have and will continue to have given the age of our populationsHe mentions the challenge of getting young people from extreme test taking educational systems to think and act entrepreneurially and it once again reinforces the odd idea that we are striving educational towards that model when the rest of the world is trying to become like us

  4. Michael Burnam-Fink Michael Burnam-Fink says:

    Young World Rising fits neatly into the genre of Thomas Friedman esue kool aid Salkowitz combines some good observations on global demographics technology and business to describe a scenario in which the Millennial generation in the 3rd World uses information technology to found a thousand new businesses catering to the 'bottom of the pyramid' bringing about a global transformation of wealth On the one hand he makes some good points and the reporting of Asia and African business is very interesting On the other hand his model ascribes nearly saintly ualities to the Net Generation and makes entrepreneurship seem far easier than it actually is How much room is there for IT enabled socially savvy networked business cum development agencies?

  5. Johnarthurmiller Miller Johnarthurmiller Miller says:

    This is a fascinating book discussing topics from BOP bottom of the pyramid to world changing technologies It delves into what transpired in the Middle East as the youth generation toppled the Libyan and Egyption Governments and shows how miniature revolts exactly like those youth inspired revolutions of the Middle East are happening on lesser scale around the world with real world economic impact This is a must buy for ANYONE interested in business ICT computers ezineswebzines or publishing Salkowitz shows what's happening to our world today and thrusts us into the future at breakneck speeds The future I'm talking about is already here; you just don't know it yet because you haven't read Salkowitz's book

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