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The Underwood See ❮PDF / Epub❯ ✅ The Underwood See ❤ Author Michael Lawrence – Eight months ago during the depths of a snowy winter Alaric and Naia Underwood switched realities Then in June as floodwaters surrounded their two versions of the house called Withern Rise they met ag Eight months ago during the depths of a snowy winter Alaric and Naia Underwood switched realities Then in June as floodwaters surrounded their two versions of the The Underwood PDF/EPUB or house called Withern Rise they met again and tragedy struck It's autumn now and Naia is feeling haunted She's seeing things that shouldn't be there and an unseen hand draws her into a tangled forest where she meets an Alaric who lives like a savage Here in this dying reality are the answers to so many uestionsf she can only reach the man who calls himself Aldous U Life changing resolutions are in the air in the worlds of The Underwood See.

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  1. Adam Smith Adam Smith says:

    Four months after the tragedy at Withern Rise the family tree is dying and Alaric and Naia have resigned themselves to never seeing each other again That is until Naia receives a mysterious letter for Aldous U telling her of another way to travel the worlds Something is happening Something that will change Naia and Alaric’s lives foreverThe final book in the Aldous Lexicon trilogy Many of the uestions are answered and a conclusion is brought about but there are places where the answer either didn't feel satisfactory or seemed rushed A good book but not as tight as the first twoThe focus this time around is on the Many Worlds theory showcasing a wider selection of parallel Earths This allows for expansive view of the Underwood multiverse Places where one thing changed and places where everything changed The whole tour of the garden of forking paths including a particularly poignant piece of nightmare fuel that has stayed with me ever since the first time I read this view spoilerthe entire universe collapsing without a moment's notice hide spoiler

  2. Heather Bree Heather Bree says:

    There are moments when you realize your whole life could have been different if just one seemingly insignificant thing had changed at a precise moment in your personal history This trilogy takes that idea and expands it across generations I loved this series involving parallel universes and time travel I was totally enraptured with the idea that a tree witnessing one generation after the next could be the key to pass between alternate realities What happens when you meddle with those other realities? What happens if you get stuck in one that isn't your own? These tantalizing uestions are answered along with some other doozies What makes someone family? How do you deal with the death of a parent and how does it change you? What is it that makes you you to begin with when in an alternate universe you could be of a different gender or have different interests different friends different priorities? It boggles the mind but the story and the characters are strong throughout I thoroughly enjoyed all three books

  3. Rabbit {Paint me like one of your 19th century gothic heroines!} Rabbit {Paint me like one of your 19th century gothic heroines!} says:

    DNF on page 1It says that I have to read the first two books in the series before attempting this oneMaybe I'm being a little hasty on my DNF but I'm in that mood PAlso that dedication guise THAT DEDICATION I can't I'm sure this is a great bookgreat series and it caught my eye at the library today but

  4. Ekenedilichukwu Ikegwuani Ekenedilichukwu Ikegwuani says:

    Michael Lawrence fantastically ends the trilogy with this book He explains just enough of the reality mystery to satisfy but leaves enough unexplained and vague to muse over after the book is different Once you realize a lot of what is happening though a lot of the book falls into place I just wish he could have better handled the death of a character from the second book better though

  5. Ellie Scott Ellie Scott says:

    Although I felt a little bombarded with new characters and settings in book 3 of this trilogy I still very much enjoyed it There was a lot of new information and intrigue to wrap my head around and short chapters made the plot feel a little too disjointed and confusing at times However as the threads were pulled together in the final third I was very impressed with how the saga played out

  6. Sarah Sarah says:

    This book was such a freaking letdown I really liked the first two books in the series but hated most this final installment The details of how the multiple realities worked was left vague previously but in this book the author tries to explain how everything works only none of it makes any sense The plot is also pretty muddled I guessed all the twists and the story doesn't have the same cohesive feel as the previous books Its also got a number of unpleasant scenes that seemed to have no place in the book Animal death animal mutilation graphic child murder sexual assaultand none of it dealt with well in my opinion And even though I still really like the two main characters I find the character of AU whose name has to be a joke right? utterly detestable The author doesnt seem to feel that way though and AU takes a central role in the story I wanted to finish the series and find out what happened but honestly could have done without reading this There were a few scenes I enjoyed but overall I just dont know what the author was thinking

  7. Brandy Brandy says:

    A dismal end to an otherwise mediocre series How do you explain the death of one of your main characters in a previous book? Many Worlds theory he's not the same one as the one you're following now You just thought he was Couple that with the most suick inducing dedication I've ever read just a shade away from To Mom and Dad thanks for gettin' it on and conceiving me and well at least it's not a forgettable book Pass the brain bleach please

  8. Pawn12 Pawn12 says:

    The first two novels in this series meant a lot to me when I read them upon release years ago Between my local bookshop not stocking it and eventually moving on to different interests I never actually read the final book in this trilogy I recently decided to reread the first two and bought a copy of the third so I could finally find out how it all ended The first two pleasantly surprised me A Crack In The Line has its faults but I could see why I was drawn to it years ago Compared to other YA sci fi fiction it is very personal and low stakes – no chosen one few characters and fewer locations Small Eternities was even better The plot was complex but the prose were tighter and confident the characters clearly defined and a flooded Withern Rise made for a compelling atmospheric location After that wonderful gutpunch of an ending I came away from it convinced it really is a minor classic; a book I will definitely reread again in the futureBecause of this I was very excited to finally read The Underwood See only to face consistent disappointment for 300 pages I don’t even know where to start There is a lack of atmosphere compared to the first two Snow and flooding lent the previous books a real sense of isolation and mystery that is absent from TUS This book is constantly explaining the rules of its universe which helps to shred any semblance of mystery that the others had created It also chooses to unnecessarily expand its cast of characters to include a variety of pointless non Underwoods to help pad out the book by adding conflict that results in gratuitous violence that seems at odds with the previous two novels Did it really need a rape attempt and a mutilated cat?Really the worst thing it does is give us two new Alarics After the ending of Small Eternities it could have been fascinating to see how Withern Rise continued to function in a post Alaric world So much of A Crack In The Line was spent with Alaric grieving for his mother it would have been nice to spend time with his grieving parents This is touched on before being uickly shunted aside in favour of a lot of Aldous U nonsense and far too many goofy realities I can see a version of this novel working One that had enough confidence in Naia to carry it without any Alarics and an altered version of Aldous U’s plot that helped tie Naia’s reality back into the one that had just lost Alaric Alas that seuel will only ever exist in my mindThe Underwood See as written wasn’t all bad I enjoyed it in bursts but those bursts where interspersed with long periods of frustration I still admire what Lawrence was able to achieve in the first two novels and I will probably seek out some of his other work due to my enjoyment of them I guess no novel can really live up to 12 years of expectations and I am thankful to have read this trilogy if only to be reminded of how much I love Small Eternities It really is a wonderful little book

  9. Stacey Adams Stacey Adams says:

    Love the premise of the book But way too confusing especially at the end Too many realities with too many of the same people I couldn't keep them straight But a cool idea that there are alternate realitiesthousands of them that exist side by side Strong characters and interesting exciting story

  10. nicole nicole says:

    i should have guessed a series about parallel worlds would pull a main character death copout like that but honestly i was alternately so confused or disgusted that i didn't even realize what had happened at least i finally finished the damn series it's only been like 13 years ¯ツ¯

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