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  • Paperback
  • 336 pages
  • School Spirit (Suddenly Supernatural, #1)
  • Elizabeth Cody Kimmel
  • English
  • 28 March 2016
  • 9780316078214

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  1. Betsy Betsy says:

    So I’m on a plane ride from Seattle to New York and wouldn’t you know it but I don’t bring enough books to read Under normal circumstances I have a problem with overstocking my purse with reading material This time the opposite is true So I pull out anything I happen to have on hand and most of it is simply terrible I’m alternating between bad crazy books and bad depressing books in an effort to simply make the time go faster when I remember that a literary agent I know who happens to be taking the same flight as me gave me Suddenly Supernatural not a day before She had assured me that it was great which I took with a grain of salt or two Of course the book’s agent is going to think it’s the best single thing since sliced bread No surprises there But the pickings are slim and my flight has been delayed another hour and a half thank YOU Delta I decide to give the book a go As a children’s librarian I’ve trained myself to look for certain ualities in my fiction for kids Is it interesting? Is it good? Does it fall into the usual trips traps and snares common to the genre? But to my amazement this book sucks me in instantly With a rare combination of readability and genuine middle school trials and tribulations author Elizabeth Cody Kimmel gives a well placed kick to a genre that deserves a little rejiggering here and a little remastering there A book I can honestly recommend to any kid looking for some great ghostly fareSeventh grader Kat has a situation on her hands First of all her mother’s a medium And I don't mean the kind that fits in between small and large Rather she's the kind of person who contacts ghosts and spirits for a living Kat’s never really had a problem with this job in the past though certainly it would be restful if her mom sought employment in another occupation No it’s not until Kat realizes that she herself is beginning to see ghosts everywhere that she starts freaking out It’s not as if she’s the most popular girl at school to begin with and now she has to keep from talking or even noticing the dead people floating all around her? Thank you but no Fortunately Kat’s just made a new friend at school with secrets of her own and the two of them are getting wrapped up in a mystery involving a dead student a music program and an old woman who has carried a blanket of shame with her for over forty years This middle school medium may not want to bring her powers to class but it’s clear that there's a reason they're there and nothing's going to change thatThere are plenty of books out there that use supernatural metaphors to describe middle school and puberty Buffy the Vampire Slayer did it on television with vampires Dusssie by Nancy Springer gave menstruation a medusa inspired twist Even Perry Moore’s Hero was able to euate superpowers with coming out of the closet The Suddenly Supernatural books are in a sense uieter fare than any of these Kat hits puberty and suddenly she can see and hear ghosts And like any teen or tween faced with the unnatural or weird her instinct is to ignore her powers or do whatever it is that she can to cover them up and seem to be like everyone else As she herself says “I’m just not sure how to deal with it I don’t know what’s expected of me I’m in seventh grade remember Where you’re supposed to spend every waking hour trying to be normal” The narrative is told entirely in the first person and you grow very fond of Kat and her inner struggle Subplots involving conniving popular girls and the like keep the story moving but really it’s Kat’s relationship with her new friend Jac that maintains the reader’s interest When it all comes down to it I really felt that the book held together well It certainly works in different plot points and subplots to a satisfying conclusion Some rote middle school elements are there sure but what Kimmel chooses to do with them is solid and original At heart the story has a lot in common with M Night Shymalan’s Sixth Sense Yet one difference between the two is the fact that Kat’s mother is a medium and it’s not as if she is without support and help along the way Again it’s the relationships that really shine through in this tale Kat’s mom is warm and lovely One of those rare not deadnot villainous mothers you encounter in children’s literature once in a bright blue moon Now with its subtitle firmly in place I was pretty sure that this book was the first in a series This feeling was later reinforced when Kat encounters a malevolent force that neither explains itself nor for that matter does much of anything except look threatening in the book Clearly Kimmel has adventures of her mini medium in store for her fansOf course the book series is going to be hampered if Kimmel continues to include an overabundance of pop culture references like the ones found in this book About the time I got to the mention of “the latest marriage of Tori Spelling” is started to cringe A title like this marketed correctly and creating a strong audience could easily go through several reprints and reissues as long as it remains timeless The pop culture tidbits don’t really gel with the rest of the book anyway I don’t see Kat as just another consumer so it feels weird to see mentions of this sort scattered throughout the text though I’d admit to enjoying one boy’s performance of a “monologue” slash vomitfest from the documentary Super Size Me I know the audience for this book because I once was the audience Back in the 80s I was one of those girls that couldn’t get enough ghost stories in my diet I think that I personally sustained the careers of authors like Willo Davis Roberts and Mary Downing Hahn through a steady purchase of Apple paperbacks via Scholastic book fairs of course Often I get girls at my reference desk desperate for a new ghost story And while Hahn still corners the market on fabulous scare fare Kimmel is clearly going to carve out a niche for herself With its sympathetic heroine great characters and cool concept Kimmel takes an idea that could have been very rote and familiar and breathes new life into it This is ghostly fare for girls who love books like Shug and Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants A rare genre to plumb but a genre just the same Ages 8 14

  2. The Library Lady The Library Lady says:

    There have been a batch of these books lately You know girl discovers her incredible psychic powers and begins solving mysteries Usually there's a kooky but wise relative with similar powers or a uirky shop that she works in and usually a cute boy to fall in love withLuckily Elizabeth Cody Kimmel is a deft writer and her book stands on its own merits Her characters are younger than usual they're in 7th grade so the boy angle isn't in play at least not in this first volume There are the usual catty girls at school but the central figure is not the usual all baddy and the meanest mean girl has her funny moments The various plot elements all work together and there's a bit of foreshadowing for the next volume All in all good reading for middle schoolers

  3. E. Anderson E. Anderson says:

    Seventh grade is hard enough but when you're already struggling to find your niche in the popular crowd it certainly doesn't for the cool kids to find out that your mom is a Medium But the reality for Kat is that nothing escapes the eyes of Shoshanna Brooklyn and their omnipresent Satellite Girls so she's just about ready to exile herself into the seventh circle of social ineptitude But then she makes friends with the new Cello Girl Jac so called for dragging a less than trendy instrument through the halls every day Kat and Jac's blossoming friendship is put to the test when Kat inherits her mother's spirit sight and in need of someone to confide in who isn't her mother she tells her best and only friend Kat has a secret too and as these girls battle to find their niche and get past some not so average teen issues they find that together they can help a young ghost who has been trapped in the school for a very long time and maybe this ghost has something to offer the girls as well Suddenly Supernatural is a sweet coming of age tale that while wrapped in social cliches and soon to be passe pop culture references will surely intrigue plenty of middle school girls Kat and Jac may lack some of the depth that can be found in other young adult favorites but their cute spooky story doesn't need much than these two girls who ultimately learn to love themselves for who they are The book sets up for a seuel and I am certainly curious as to the hijinx and horror that these girls might get themselves into in future volumes

  4. Teresa Barrera Teresa Barrera says:

    I was in the library browsing books when the cover of this book caught my eye I had already a pile of books in my basket and started to walk off telling myself Look dumb dumb you have enough books that probably euals the weight of 20 to 30 pounds leave it for next time but I couldn't resist and circled back to get this book as well as the 2nd book next to it on the shelf What can I say when a book says PICK ME PICK ME you listen lolI'm so glad I did because I really enjoyed this book and can't wait to read the 2nd book I also couldn't help ordering the series Kat's mother is a medium and sees and communicates with spirits All Kat wants to be is normal but after she turns 13 her worst fears are upon her and her hopes of being normal go out the window when she herself starts seeing spiritsAs if her troubles weren't bad enough popular girl Shoshanna has gotten a look inside her house at the creepy things that went on during a school project they were meant to do and that weighs on Kat's mind of Shoshanna blabbering to the whole school what happenedBut all isn't bad when Kat and the new girl Jac become best friends which leads both of them to help out a spirit who's been trapped and unable to cross overI really loved the characters and the story It's a great story about not fitting in and that being what makes a person stand out in the best way It's about friendship and coming together and also about loss and finding yourselfThe ending was heartfelt and I can't wait to see what happens next with Kat in the series as well as Jac I hope as wellGreat read

  5. Bethany Ainsworth Bethany Ainsworth says:

    I remember reading this book in the seventh eighth grade I forgot the title of the book and then weeks later I was scrolling through the books that I might've enjoyed I saw this book and remembered 'hey that's the book that I remembered when I was in middle school' Unfortunately the rest of the books weren't in my classroom libraryAnyway this book was written for middle schoolers and I happen to be a eighteen year oldI happen to understand living in haunted houses I'm not a medium so I can't relate to that Footsteps being called to even though no one called you seeing people that you knew weren't there before the sink being turned on even though no one could've turned it on that sort of thingI remember that my middle school didn't have that popular goth jock or cheerleader group I think there was a group that wore black clothes I guess everyone gravitated to each other and formed their own groupDespite being in the first person point of view I wasn't annoyed at Kat It didn't seem like she was whining she was uirky and had her flaws I mean forcing your best friend up to the stage to play a cello that she didn't want to do in the first place is kind of flawed and meanAt least she admits that she's not exactly nice and admitted that she can be rude Kat felt guilty of using her medium skills to pull a prank on Brooklyn and actually goes to her mother for help She tried to keep the fact that she's a medium a secret but feels bad for hiding it She's the type of person that wants to fit in but decides 'who cares' and be herself If she existed in the real world she would be the person that I want in a friendThey mentioned the song Lady Marmalade so I decided to look the song up I tried to find a lyric video did but no sound I looked up the music video The video so to speak was yeah There was French in the songThis part Voulez vous coucher avec moi ce soir?Voulez vous coucher avec moi?This other part Voulez vous coucher avec moi ce soir? Ce soir what what whatVoulez vous coucher avec moi?One for the road Voulez vous coucher avec moi ce soir? Ce soirVoulez vous coucher avec moi? All my sistas yeahVoulez vous coucher avec moi ce soir? Ce soirVoulez vous coucher avec moi? Come on UhIt could be the Google translation butThat roughly translates to Do you want to sleep with me? Do you want to sleep with me tonight?There's also wine and sex mentioned in the lyricsNo wonder the school decided not to allow SEVENTH GRADERS to sing that song Or at least dance to it like the video or wear some of the clothing from the videoSo if you like paranormalmediumsspiritsnon romance type of book you can read this book It's a fun little read I read it all in one day since I got this bookNow off to the second one

  6. Reading Vacation Reading Vacation says:

    REVIEWIn middle school you want to fit in you know blend in with the crowd Fitting in was anything but easy for Kat Her mother was a medium and the kids at school teased her about it to no end Before long Kat herself realized that she too had the gift for speaking with spirits Her only real friend was Jac another school misfit who lost her ability to play the celloI really liked Kat as a main character She was just a normal girl who happened to be able to speak with spirits Since Kat was a reluctant medium – she never wished for her mother’s gift – it was interesting to see how she dealt with her situation She was very brave and I felt like she grew into her true self by the end of the storyWhen Kat must help a spirit in the school library cross over she accepts the challenge There is a mystery to solve and some bumps along the way This uick read is engaging and will win the hearts of middle grade supernatural fansSchool Spirit is the first in a trilogy of Suddenly Supernatural books I would love to read the others to see what is in store for Kat next Thank you to Little Brown and Company for sending this book to me for reviewRATING4 Plot5 Characters4 Attention Grabbing4 Girlie Meter4 Ending21 TOTAL5 STARS

  7. Jennifer Wardrip Jennifer Wardrip says:

    Reviewed by Sarah Bean the Green Bean Teen ueen for TeensReadToocomDead people are ruining Kat's life Seventh grade is hard enough but when your mom is a medium and calls up spirits that then invade the house inviting people over and trying to make friends is not easy Things get worse when Kat herself starts to see spirits She doesn't want to be a medium and isn't sure she's cut out for communicating with the dead Plus Kat's afraid that her family's dark secret will jeopardize her newfound friendship with Jac the new girl at school When the spirit of former student Suzanne Bennis appears to Kat in the school library seeking her help Kat can't ignore her powers any longer Will Kat be able to help Suzanne? And will Jac stay with her or think her new friend is crazy? This was such a fun read Ghosts and mystery take center stage of the story but there is also the typical middle school drama of popular crowds and mean girls The friendship between Kat and Jac is what makes this story Kat is funny as a reluctant medium and her inner thoughts about life and school made me laugh out loud Jac is full of spunk and everyone should have a best friend like her Perfect for fans wanting a middle school story with a paranormal twist SCHOOL SPIRIT is the first in the SUDDENLY SUPERNATURAL series

  8. Dominique Dominique says:

    This book is about a preteen named Katherine who has just discovered that she can see ghosts like her motherAfter being haunted by a ghosts named Suzanne Bennis KatherineKat for shortand her best friend Jauilene it's time to lead this ghost to the light and get it to crossoverbut they soon realize that this ghost isn't who she appears to beMy opinion is to stay on a subject instead of changing thembecause there were tons of parts where i was lost and im sure other people are having the same issue with this bookI recomend this book to 7th 8th graders because it has a higher standard in language and this book MAY most likely be read by girls

  9. Dzura Dzura says:

    life as someone who can see ghosts is not easy as experienced Kat All changed when she met Jac who then took on supernatural issues a roaming ghost girl in the library that were associated with Jac which ultimately forces the protagonist to solve the problems associated with the ghostTypically an interesting book although not so scary I could finish reading this book in 2 days issue closed with uite interesting In the end is still a problem or mystery that may be associated with the next book

  10. Katrina Katrina says:

    I loved this so much I remember really liking it when I read it in middle school and Im glad my feelings haven't changed for it There were certain things about Kat that bothered me like how much she cared about being popular and cool but I do think that's relevent to how some kids in middle school thing so I'm not letting it deter my rating any I had no idea this was part of a series but now that I do I can't wait to get my hands on the rest of the books

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School Spirit (Suddenly Supernatural, #1)➺ School Spirit (Suddenly Supernatural, #1) Free ➰ Author Elizabeth Cody Kimmel – All Kat Roberts wants is to be normal or at least to look that way to students at her new school But her mother is a medium and not the kind that fits in between small and large; Kat's mom is the kind All Kat Roberts wants is to be normal or at least to look that way to students at her new school But her mother is a medium and not the kind that fits in between small and large; Kat's mom is the kind of medium who sees spirits and communicates with them And even worse Kat has just discovered that she can see spirits too In this first adventure in the popular Suddenly Supernatural series Elizabeth Cody Kimmel brings humor and heart to the trials and tribulations of finding out who you are and who you want to be all while surviving the seventh grade.