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  • 327 pages
  • Bright Boys
  • Tom Green
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  • 05 October 2016
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  1. Mike Mike says:

    An historical account of the situation and factors that led the development of one of the first electronic digital computers that had an emphasis towards real time processing and communication and which led to its being used as the basis for the SAGE air defense system I bought it on impulse and was hoping for a technical overview but the history I got instead was thoroughly researched and well documented with plenty of bibliography I can use for further research later Although it is a bit repetitive at times and jumps around a bit too much for my taste I'd recommend to anyone interested in this time period and especially if you're interested in how the geopolitical situation in the world at the time led to the major government investment in technology that had such a large influence on the world around us today

  2. Ushan Ushan says:

    In the late 1940s and early 1950s the United States Air Force was spending too much money on preparing for the first nuclear strike on the Soviet Union and too little on defending the United States from such a strike Wargames and false alarms from civilian airliners that have strayed off course for example have proven that should Stalin's falcons strike the United States in their Tu 4s reverse engineered B 29s carrying atomic bombs the United States military could not impede them in a significant way and the country could kiss Seattle and San Francisco goodbye A decade earlier the British won the battle over their skies by circling their island with radars and having them transmit warnings of German bombers to the headuarters which would dispatch fighters from airfields to engage them The same had to be replicated on a much larger scale a network of early warning radars in the Arctic and the Atlantic sending data about Soviet bombers over phone lines to command centers which would in turn send orders to jet fighters and surface to air missiles The amount of information flowing through the system would overwhelm anything but the new invention the electronic digital computer However all the existing computers were built for offline batch processing things like computational hydrodynamics of thermonuclear explosions So the real time computer needed to be invented and so did the computer network connecting several such computers radars and airfieldsA bunch of 20something MIT engineers started doing that Their design was improved upon a few times and after all was done there were 23 installations with 2 vacuum tube computers apiece hardened against a nuclear explosion one in a bunker under 600 feet of Canadian granite These computers could fly F 106 fighters on autopilot and launch BOMARC missiles In the age of ICBMs they were already obsolete but the technical achievement was huge and the spinoffs very influential A transistorized version of the real time computer evolved into the DEC PDP 1 minicomputer When American Airlines asked IBM for an airline reservation system IBM built one based on the air defense system with travel agents taking the place of radars and airfields; the software is still in operationThis is a great story but it deserves a better written book than this one one which would tell it without straying off into too many irrelevant details

  3. Ralf Lippold Ralf Lippold says:

    Bright Boys The Making of Information Technology tells the story of how digital computers got introduced into the world while analogue computers were still state of the art Anyone interested in the early days of computing should get a hand on this book It all circles around one man Jay W Forrester who later founded the field system dynamics which is ultimately only possible with computer power who was an exceptionally visionary young man at the time Leading a team at MIT back then as military backed research during the wartime was phasing out the felt threat by the Soviet Union emerged into undergoing the establishment of an air defence project SAGE Semi automated ground environment For that a reliable computer system was needed and with earlier created MIT computer bemouth Whirlwind also by Jay W Forrester and his teamThe book tells vividly the evolution of IBM as the main contractor led by the MIT team later becoming a major computer producer as well as how different individuals dynamics between computing military areas the Navy and the Airforce shaped what we nowadays take for granted A short executive style review aka PresencingStatus1 Good learning about the historical context and forces that have led to the development of digital computers first for military uses getting to know about the people behind the project converging developments such as the invention of RAM due to unreliable vacuum tubes used a memory2 Tricky in case one does not know already about the key figure Jay W Forrester the narrative and impact of him is little understood a short overview of his life and achievements can be found here 3 Learned to achieve really bold things in life one has to have the courage to dare things eg instead of going into a meeting to reuest a few 100K from the Navy's ONR Office for Naval Research Forrester presented a detailed time plan over 15 years and 6 billion total amount on how to make use of digital computers for future military purposes often personal interactions and events shape the future of big projects4 Action Reading and reviewing the complementary story The Untold Story of Everything Digital 1949 Bright Boys Revisited

  4. Bob Bob says:

    Story of the development of computing by a group of students at MIT An interesting topic but written in an un interesting way Could have been much better

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Bright Boys[BOOKS] ✭ Bright Boys By Tom Green – Everything has a beginning None was profound and uite as unexpected than Information Technology Here for the first time is the untold story of how our new age came to be and the bright boys who made i Everything has a beginning None was profound and uite as unexpected than Information Technology Here for the first time is the untold story of how our new age came to be and the Bright Boys who made it happen What began on the bare floor of an old laundry building eventually grew to rival in size the Manhattan Project The unexpected conseuence of that journey was huge what we now know as Information TechnologyFor sixty years the Bright Boys have been totally anonymous while their achievements have become a way of life for all of us Bright Boys brings them home By they'd built the world's first real time computer Three years later they one upped themselves when they switched on the world's first digital network In their work was met with incredulity and completely overlooked By their work was gospel Today it's the way of the world Special Foreword by Jay W Forrester Includes notes by chapter bibliography index and portfolio of archival photographyTom Green talks about his book in a recent video available on YouTube.