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Beatles ✸ [PDF] ✈ Beatles By Lars Saabye Christensen ✴ – Kim Karlsen Gunnar Ola şi Seb sînt cele patru personaje principale ale romanului lui Christensen ale căror poveşti cu descoperirile şi micile lor drame puse cap la cap nu sunt numai portrete indi Kim Karlsen Gunnar Ola şi Seb sînt cele patru personaje principale ale romanului lui Christensen ale căror poveşti cu descoperirile şi micile lor drame puse cap la cap nu sunt numai portrete individuale ci şi relatări despre parcursul unei întregi generaţii În ciuda schimbărilor din tectonica politicii şi a felului în care acestea modificau realitatea socială viaţa de zi cu zi a celor patru adolescenţi are cu totul alte repere mult mai importante şi anume cele mai noi piese şi albume de la Beatles Aşa se face că fiecare capitol poartă numele unei piese a grupului cult de la I Feel Fine din până la Love Me Do din trecând evident prin momentele Strawberry Fields Forever Revolution piesa lui Mai ' sau Working Class Hero Cei patru tineri se identifică mai mult sau mai puţin cu cei patru Beatles piesele pe care aceştia le lansau devenind reperele prin care Kim Gunnar Ola şi Seb îşi construiesc temporalitatea În mare parte cartea vorbeşte despre insuportabila uşurătate a fiinţei care nu poate fi experimentată decât în plină revoluţie Cu toate acestea cei patru protagonişti nu sunt eroi vieţile lor construindu se în mare parte pe ficţiuni idoli şi planuri pe care le fabrică asemenea unor baloane de săpun Deşi se hotărăsc să şi facă o formaţie nu vor da niciodată finalitate acestei idei pentru ca imaginaţia stimulează mai mult decît realitatea imediată Dramele celor patru sunt minore sau dacă nu sunt imediat izolate din vieţile lor nelipsind nici poveştile de dragoste şi nici incidentele La sfârşitul romanului Christensen îşi lasă personajele să meargă pe drumuri diferite o dată cu momentul consacrat drept maturizare asigurându se însă că perioada petrecută împreună şi a lăsat amprenta asupra fiecăruia dintre ei.

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  1. Manny Manny says:

    You know it ain't easyWhat is this book about? I can see why most of the reviewers are having trouble It's got laugh out loud slapstick heartbreaking tragedy unforgettable characters ridiculous stereotypes breathtaking lyricism flat ultrarealist prose you see the problem But one thing's clear There's a whole lot about the BeatlesSo let me introduce to youKim Karlsen is 11 when Love me do comes out He and his three friends are immediate converts and identify with John Paul George and Ringo He's Paul They see the world through Beatles shaped glasses The novel traces their varying fortunes from 1965 to 1972Norwegian woodLike Jan Kjærstad who's clearly paying homage to Christensen at times the book is both uintessentially Norwegian and completely universal Kim is Everyman to be exact Everyfuckedupteen but he also happens to be an Everyman who lives in a specific part of Oslo and assumes you have an intimate knowledge of its geography history and social structure You know it makes sense I mean look at Dante right?Living is easy with eyes closedDid I say fucked up? I had forgotten uite how fucked up people were in the 60s So unbelievably blind to what was going on around them to the most obvious and elementary facts of life But at the same time occasionally so in touch with the most profound things Carrying pictures of Chairman MaoThe left wing politics Comrades I warn you that this part is toe curlingly embarrassing but he just delivers it with a straight face You actually can't tell whether he's being ironic or not An impressive piece of historical reconstructionMan you've been a naughty girlLove makes you stupid Kim's in love with both Nina and Cecilie and he can't decide between them I guess that makes him twice as stupid as most people? Or maybe he's just upfront about itVery strangeThere's magical realism tooAll the lonely peopleLife is hard Terrible things happen all the time when we least expect them The book is full of helpless lost people Dragen Fred Uncle Hubert Jørgen Kim himself If you like Hamsun Christensen is surely his greatest and most faithful discipleThese are words that go together wellHe has a wonderful feeling for the poetry of everyday language It's like the Beatles duh or Huck FinnYeah yeah yeahI know I say this too often but the book is untranslatable Looking at the other reviews nearly all the Norwegians love it and nearly all the foreigners wonder what the fuss is about Turning it around would you expect Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds to be any good in Norwegian? But if you have even a passing acuaintance with the language my own Norwegian isn't great consider putting it on your list

  2. Teresa Teresa says:

    Wavering between 35 and 4 Notice the absence of the The in the title there are The Beatles and then there are Gunnar Kim Seb and Ola four good hearted The Beatles loving teenagers growing up in Oslo in the mid 60s But what might seem like a mischievous comic romp of a novel turns deadly serious as politics police brutality and drugs become a part of the boys' lives into the very early 70sI loved the concept and greatly enjoyed the Oslo setting as I'd recently been there; but what bothered me along with a couple of pet peeves near the end was the length For what it is a coming of age story it's kind of long and somewhat repetitive Such wordiness being the only issue I remember having with LSC's The Half BrotherRemember in Middlesex a novel I loved when Cal flees to San Francisco and you think What? Why have we left Detroit? Isn't it about time to wrap up this book? Well that's what it feels like when three of the lads hitchhike to Paris to rescue George excuse me Seb When Kim Paul uses his study loan to impulsively buy a flight to Iceland I felt like I did watching the movie Titanic when Rose jumped out of the lifeboat and I screamed to myself Wait What? This movie's not almost over? Never mind it isn't nearly as bad as thatLSC is a good writer and especially in the beginning I loved the insights of his narrator Kim A parallel between Munch's The Scream the one in Oslo's National Gallery and a photograph from Vietnam that Kim recalls while viewing the painting is impressive even so as it continues as an extended metaphor LSC plots well drawing you into wondering why Kim is in the family summer house in autumn and what in the world happened to him to get him there When you find out it feels right

  3. Roxana Truţa Roxana Truţa says:

    I never wanted it to end My heart still aches after reading the ending Such a good book Especially for someone who loves music and cares for friendship

  4. Aurimas Novikovas Aurimas Novikovas says:

    A novel that is so difficult to review A book that shares a fine laugh stupid lyricism tragedies and tragic characters a deep presense of The Beatles and Jim Morrison 1960s perception of global politics etc etc etc A fine piece of art an example of a true literary architecture

  5. Calzean Calzean says:

    Four boys growing up in Oslo from 1965 to 1972 They collect Beatles records first in awe of their brilliance then slowly critical as their tastes and preference in music widen The narrator is Kim He is uick with a uip and tells too many liars He is a drifter and is not all that stable His friends include a stutterer a spiritualist and a protector They play soccer and gradually find girlfriends They smoke a bit which for some of them turn into hard drugs they drink a lot All come from a family of working class menThe backdrop is the music scene long hair Vietnam War street protests street gangs and a feeling of drifting There is a strange back robbery at Kim's fathers bank the death of a friend abortion and a lot of other storylines which could be read as metaphors and caricatures of the timeAt the end of the book Kim has a nervous breakdown and escapes to find his on and off first girlfriend Nina It is a book that resonates of the revolutionary times

  6. Lorenzo Berardi Lorenzo Berardi says:

    Reading 'Beatles' was another long walk I took down Memory LaneBless Lars Saabye Christensen for setting another novel in that specific area of Oslo I remember so fondly The English edition I owe boasts that 'Beatles' is 'The International Bestseller' and in fact this is the book that made Mr Christensen famous in Norway and abroad Not to mention that a few months ago I spotted a hoodie eagerly leafing through this same book at a bus stop in the sleepy English town of Hereford just don't ask me how I ended up there Actually this single readerspotting would be enough to confirm that 'Beatles' did indeed become a bestseller I guess the title helped thoughPublished in 1984 when its author was only 33 this novel has been translated into 16 languages sold hundreds of thousands of copies and surprise surprise is going to become a major Norwegian movie that will have its premiere on February 2014 Apparently the chief reason why it took so long to bring 'Beatles' onto the big screen is that the prereuisite to have the movie made was to ensure that the Fab Four songs would have been in it And it tooks ages and money to get thatPutting its International Bestseller reputation aside as I wrote above 'Beatles' is one of those books having a very personal meaning to me Just like it happened with 'The Half Brother' the first novel by Christensen that I read most of the action here is set in a two mile radius from Majorstua one of the main intersections in West Oslo Call me weird but spotting toponyms such as Blindern Bygdøy Allé Solli Plass Slemdalsveien Chateau Neuf and Uranienborg Park made me actually happier than the countless references to The Beatles themselvesWith a plot taking place between 1965 and 1972 and with every chapter titled after a Beatles' song plus a couple of McCartney and Lennon solo career singles Christensen wrote a wistful and clever novelThe four protagonists Kim Gunnar Seb and Ola idolize the Fab Four to the point they identify themselves with them thus becoming Paul John George and Ringo Even though their own dream of making a band called The Snafus is perpetually postponed due to the lack of music instruments the four Oslo kids grow up listening in almost religious awe to each and every Beatles LP and EP As it happens their tastes in music do evolve over the course of the years leading them to 'discover' Bob Dylan The Doors The Mothers of Invention and the blues But the Beatles stay untouchable and every rumour implying that the Fab Four are on their way to split up is returned to sender by the boys in disbelief Aged only 14 at the beginning of the novel Kim Gunnar Seb and Ola are 21 at its end As you might wonder not only their favourite records have changed but also their passions and interests switching from football skiing and fishing to girls alcohol drugs and politics That's why topics such as the Vietnam War marijuana planting the involvement in the ranks of the Young Socialists and the Norwegian European Communities membership referendum in 1972 take the floorGradually what had begun as the story of four easy and semi idyllic childhoods turn into a gloomy and disillusioned tale with the odd funny moment One by one all of the four boys fail at some stage of their young lives Some of them fall deep into an abyss of either drug addiction alcoholic stupour or nervous breakdown but somehow manage to come up for air at least for a while Just like The Beatles themselves if you like And it's with this bleak atmosphere that the novel ends up I know that Christensen wrote two seuels but it looks like they have not yet been translated into EnglishAll in all I'm not entirely sure I'd like to read the seuels On the one hand I prefer to leave Kim Gunnar Seb and Ola where they are at the young age of 21 On the other hand I remember too well the disappointment I felt when reading 'The Closed Circle' by Jonathan Coe whose excellent 'The Rotters' Club' bears many a similitude with 'Beatles' four teenagers the 1960s turning into the 1970s music politics petting If these translations see the light I hope that a better translator than Don Bartlett will be given the job Nothing personal Don but it's the second time that your work doesn't convince me at all after what you did to 'Child Wonder' by Roy Jacobsen Tacky mistakes aside in the English edition Kim comes back to Iceland and tells his crosswords maniac dad he was in a 'cold place six letters' as the seven lettered 'Iceland' is spelled 'Island' six letters in Norwegian Mr Bartlett here seems to enjoy leaving the reader in the dark The examples of this sadistic pleasure of the translator are countless but I will mention a couple which give you a general idea of what I meanPage 503 The years is 1972 Kim gets a university loan Don meekly translates 'Four Ibsens and the basic grant' Any idea of what that means? You need to Google 'Ibsen banknote 1970' to find out Which is four 1000 Norwegian crowns kroner banknotes with the face of Henrik Ibsen on themPage 493 Kim is in Iceland visiting a former girlfriend of his First person narrative All in a sudden in the middle of a dialogue Don switches to the third person narrative 'she told him' And then there is the issue with Norwegian addresses and cultural references To translate them or not to translate them? Mr Bartlett might have pondered The problem is that he didn't make his mind upSo it happens that the magazine 'Nå' 'Now' and the newspaper 'Aftenposten' 'The Evening Post' keep their Norwegian names while the leftist newspaper 'Klassekampen' becomes 'Class Conflict' and the public television NRK becomes the 'Norwegian Broadcasting Corporation' I wonder whyAnother problem comes up with the translation of nouns Now Norwegian both Bokmål and Nynorsk adds up suffixes so that say 'Storting' the National Parliament becomes 'det Stortinget' But the name of the Parliament is Storting and not Storting et Now go and tell this to Don Bartlett for whom it's 'the Stortinget'I am sorry I am really sorry to spoil my review by taking the piss out of the translator but I believe that 'Beatles' would have deserved a better treatment

  7. Srđan Srđan says:

    This book is called Beatles and yet view spoilerthey never listen to Let It Be and he sells all his Beatles records at the end I mean I understand why he had to sell them but it just annoys me hide spoiler

  8. Filipe Filipe says:

    I remember seeing this book in my home since 2005 which the date of release of the portuguese translation I've just decided to read it this summer in late June at the breaks of some study for the university exams Sometimes it was hard to stop reading to sleep a bit and sometimes without noticing it it was already 4 or 5 o'clock in the morning Now about the book it was great and one of the best things I have ever read in my life A good and very well told story moving in some parts dramatic and romantic hipster and almost 'beat' in many parts of the text together with full detail of its time the sixties the Vietnam War the cultural revolution the invasion of Czechoslovakia May 68 in France And of course music The Beatles The Stones The Doors The Animals bands that I also loveI loved reading it and possibly some years from now I will need to read it again and try to feel once again the pleasure I have got in this last days This has to be 5 stars

  9. Eff Eff says:

    I must admit that I´ve borrowed this from the library just because of the title But even if it was about Beatles it wasn´t about them at alland that was surprisingly the best thing about it Bittersweet norvegian story from amazing era which went together with amazing music You start to read it yesterday and then you suddenly realise it´s tomorrow Need a sixth star for this Howgh

  10. Jenny Jenny says:

    A wonderfully written coming of age story that I highly recommend to anyone I would have given it five stars but the I found the ending a bit off putting

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