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10 thoughts on “The Demon's Lexicon

  1. Kat Kennedy Kat Kennedy says:

    Have you ever been doing something and had a sudden realization that you might just be evil?And not the wimpy I want to be sexy and kind of emo looking evil Like thisI mean REAL evil like thisOr thisimage error

  2. Sarah Sarah says:

    I like this book but I think I'm prejudiced I mostly added it to my books so I could look at it and smile in its direction edited because on reflection I cannot be unbiased

  3. Wendy Darling Wendy Darling says:

    25 stars The first chapter in Demon's Lexicon is extremely misleading The riveting opening scene starts off with two boys bantering in a kitchen until they're suddenly interrupted by an attack Someone has sent a magical flock of ravens to destroy their home and Nick and his brother Alan manage to ward them off in an exciting action packed scene During the aftermath Mae and Jamie two kids from school that the boys know slightly show up asking for help with their own terrible problem Jamie has been marked for death by a demon and they have nowhere else to turnAfter such a taut well plotted beginning during which Nick seems to be a funny uick witted man of action I was looking forward to sinking into what I thought was going to be a really great novel Unfortunately the structure of the book wobbled precariously throughout the whole thing and much of the mythology was confusing or inadeuately explored Some of Nick's inner narrative was too belabored and meandering and the author also relied too much on telling us things rather than showing them In addition much of the humor is very dry and some parts that are meant to be funny fall rather flat Most importantly however Nick is just a mightily unlikable character There turns out to be a reason for this but he is so unkind and mostly unfeeling throughout the book that it became very unpleasant to stay in his head and there's not enough warmth or charm to balance out the relentless onslaught of negativity It's very difficult to write a book like this without offering redemption of some kind for the narratorThe end of the book was significantly interesting enough that I'll probably pick up the next one from the library to see where the story goes but I'll be approaching it with much lower expectations than I'd originally anticipated

  4. Danielle The Book Huntress (Back to the Books) Danielle The Book Huntress (Back to the Books) says:

    Wow This book really snuck up on me I wasn't sure at first because the writing seemed as though a lot had been cut out initially I didn't think I was getting the whole picture I honestly think that this book was not written for the YA market but it ended up as one because of the younger aged characters I felt as though the author might have been asked to edit some parts out to make it 'suitable' for younger readers and I felt that initially As CS Lewis has expressed I think that a good children's book is one that an older person will love just as much so I don't really agree with writing books 'younger' to make them fit into the YA genre So that feeling I had when I first started this book sort of threw me I have read Sarah Rees Brennan before a short story in The Eternal Kiss 13 Vampire Tales of Blood and Desire which I enjoyed immensely So I knew she was a good writer And the storyline of two brothers fighting demons and evil humans together called my name as a huge fan of the Supernatural TV series and the Cal Leandros books by Rob Thurman I was already excited to read this book So the beginning was so barebones I got a little worried I shouldn't have worried This turned out to be an excellent book So excellent that I really can't knock it down from five stars despite its shaky startMs Brennan took a story that seemed all laid out for the reader and gave it depths and twists that had me truly surprised I didn't expect what happened at all I had some ideas and uestions and then things fell into place I wondered about Nick how he was so different from Alan But I thought that maybe it was a matter of having of his mother in him Or maybe he was just wired differently from Alan I think that humans are so uniue we can't expect each person to react the same way to the same set of circumstances Even close siblings can be very different But the twist it makes senseThis is an edgy book and uite dark I think that Brennan can definitely bring it when it comes to this kind of storyline I don't assume that female writers don't know how to go there and writers like Brennan show women writers do have the chops to pull off this kind of book That sibling bond is the lynchpin of this story It takes what you think you know and you find you didn't know as much as you thought You think that you know what love is capable of but you don't have a clue People often find their views of the world shaken by the events that occur and from that point it's either adapt or die It's a leap of faith to walk through a dark twisted path with no light in the horizon But what choice do you have? Alan who's so seemingly frail in need of protection he will surprise you Nick who seems so strong and invulnerable he has a core of need that shows you that strength sometimes is an illusion maybe even a fallacy Because we can't be a lonely inviolate rock and survive in this world We need an anchor We need that tie of emotion to keep us grounded to keep us healthy sane alive Such is the case with Nick There's definitely some symbiosis between Alan and NickI'll add this series to my favorites about family and siblings because it captures so much that I love about this theme and so starkly and beautifully All the pieces fall into place and the resultant picture is worthy of than a second glance It stands up against scrutiny in all the ways that countAs far as the fantasy elements very well done Magicians eual sorcerers in this book Magic ties heavily into demonology The theme is inherently dark but it's not so dark that it makes for unpalatable reading But dark enough to be credible Along with the fantasy are the cautions that humans of any persuasion can appreciate Power comes at a cost Do we really want to pay that cost? Really? Power corrupts and destroys But love can change that prognosis in ways we never thought possibleYeah it's clear that I am a fan of this book I am highly recommending it to people who love the theme of brothers against the world fighting the bad guys real demons and their own emotional ones Other books with similar themes you might enjoyNightlife by Rob ThurmanChimera by Rob ThurmanThe Devil You Know by Felix CastorDead Witch Walking by Kim HarrisonMark of the Demon by Diana Rowland

  5. Margaret Stohl Margaret Stohl says:

    I did not set out to love this book; the bar was too high The word Demon itself to me is owned by Jonathan Stroud and Cassandra Clare Even the main character Nick was about as grouchy about starring in the story as I was reading it I had half a mind to suggest to him that we both go our separate ways except for the inclination that he would probably have said it to me first And then we found each other Nick and I and though we were both cross there was the matter of good natured Alan to keep easing things on and then ease was suddenly dis ease and magician after magician and demon after demon and then the wild dance of the whole magical universe thick with life and distinction and detail and sorrow and power came crashing down on the two of us and Nick and I together were lostI am utterly smitten Not since Jace and Simon have I felt as I do about Nick and Alan The characters are expansive and troubled and complex and nobody behaves as expected I only wish I could have found my way to this please god let it be a series later so that I could have read them all back to back Because the wait is going to kill me As will the one after thatSRB is a powerful dark complicated voice with an eye for the details that make characters come alive At its heartlessheart this book is about the power of family and the power of power and the struggle when the two coexist What is it to be human? I don’t know SRB’s answer but then her characters don’t either which is what makes a very small story into a very very big one Demon’s Lexicon is right up on my top shelf with my favorite books of the year not only because it’s brilliantly crafted but because it is a perfect perfect book self It’s not just a great debut for SRB On every page it reads like the book she was meant to write

  6. Annalisa Annalisa says:

    I'm not sure I liked Brennan's world of magicians so obsessed with power they barter the lives of innocent victims with demons in exchange for magical powers Demons as is the biblical sense of rabid creatures who will do anything to enter our world but are so out of control they uickly destroy the bodies they possess And it isn't regular people turning to satanic ritual but people born this way as evil magicians willing to sacrifice human life Plus once a person has been marked by a demon for possession often through no choice of their own they can't detour possession and ultimate destruction Hmmm It was a tough world to set up and I wasn't always satisfied with the explanationsThe main character is an unlikeable big strong violent dyslexic demeaning to women unemotional narcissistic teenage jerk and I was often frustrated with his contradicting range of emotions I understand why she credited him with so much internal conflict but just like the story it didn't always feel authentic and I didn't always feel like I understood him So I was frustrated And yet I found myself caring what happened to him It's tough to write such an unsympathetic character and most of the time Brennan did a decent job of getting us inside his head He made such a fascinating character and point of view that I did like trying to figure him out and decide whether or not I sympathized with him I hate the cover but I found myself flipping back to it countless times to get a visual especially when he was most unlikeable and I wanted to see something vulnerable in himMy main issue with the novel is the writing I want to know where this girl's copyeditor was With run ons dangling modifiers and pronouns with no clue as to just which he or him she was referring to I had to read several sentences and paragraphs over again trying to decipher exactly what she was saying Plus there were some scenes that could be uite exciting and expressive and they fell flat because the description is all wrong I suppose that's what you get from an author with roots in fan fiction Had the story been better written I may have been fascinated with her interpretation of biblical demons and the Goblin's Market but as it was I didn't feel she deserved to twist such iconic literatureWhile the writing isn't great and the details of her world rubbed me the wrong way Brennan came through with the suspense I knew this story had a big twist at the end and that kept me turning pages trying to figure out what it could be before the big reveal At times her attempts to keep the mystery secret were frustrating not because I was anxious but because I could not figure out what she was talking about I didn't get all the clues but I figured out enough that I was not surprised by the ending And that twisted and evil surprise made the story almost worth it It's an interesting concept and I like the idea of the conflicted main character but the delivery of this novel left me somewhat frazzled This is what literature has come to shock value is important than good writing

  7. Mizuki Mizuki says:

    Although I spent most of the time cursing the male lead Nick for being a fxxking jerkass while I read this book still the awesome ending is enough to make up for it Plus the older brother Alan he really rocksBut still PLOT SPOILER WARNINGview spoiler I can't believe in the middle of the book the author had dropped SO MANY hints to point out Nick is a demon or at least a demon who possesses a human body hide spoiler

  8. Wealhtheow Wealhtheow says:

    I waited for this book to come out for at least a year and when I finally got it tonight I started reading it and didn't stop until it was done It is insanely enthralling This is the first paragraph The pipe under the sink was leaking again It wouldn't have been so bad except that Nick kept his favorite sword under the sink This is our introduction to Nick Ryves a sixteen year old who has been on the run from magicians his entire life He and his older brother Alan with a crippled leg and a habit of caring about pitiful cases have only themselves to depend on their mother is mad and their father was killed years ago Desperate to free his family and his friends from demons and magicians both Alan comes up with plan that could kill them all as easily as save themNick has a fascinating POV and the relationships between characters are believable and drawn with a deft touch Brennan has a great ear for dialog and uses humor to great affect Every character has motivations moralities pasts and personalities the depth therein never overwhelms the action but makes it feel real instead The action scenes feel frantic and alive and the twists and turns near the enddamn Worth reading the entire book just for the showdown

  9. Merrin Merrin says:

    Oh this book I wanted to like it a lot than I did First the writing was so godawfully bad in parts it made the whole thing a struggle to get through The main characters were fine but all other secondary and tertiary characters were so badly drawn as to be characitures of themselves place holders for the final product the author clearly meant them to be The surprise ending was indeed that a surprise but even managing to fool me with her plot twist doesn't make the book itself any better I maintain it would have been better if the main characters had been in love with each other all along regardless of the plot twist and the spoilers it entails

  10. Dorcas Dorcas says:

    Alert This is a 'read till 3AM' book There's the love of brothers and dysfunctional families crazy fights with swords and knives and guns and hilarious dialogue that pops up and surprises you

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