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The Team Captain's Leadership Manual [PDF] ✈ The Team Captain's Leadership Manual Author Jeff Janssen – Designed for both athletes and coaches of all sports this one of a kind Team Captain's Manual details a proven 10 week leadership development program to build effective team leaders Create team captai Designed for both athletes and coaches of Captain's Leadership ePUB ☆ all sports this one of a kind Team Captain's Manual details a proven week leadership development program to build effective team leaders Create team captains who set the tone for your team hold their teammates accountable to a higher standard constructively confront their less disciplined teammates know how to refocus their teammates when they are down or distracted and take care of a lot of team The Team PDF/EPUB or problems so you don't have to.

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  1. Kelly K Kelly K says:

    Team Captains Leadership Manual“If you can’t lead yourself you can’t lead others” Jeff Jansen does an adeuate job describing leader characteristics that will make them successful not only on a team but also in life The book would best suit group discussions and would be most beneficial working through with a coach and their respectable captainsleaders The first half of the book gives leaders practical definitions and uestions to work through at the end of each chapter The uestions reuire you to reflect on your leadership ability and challenge you to think through your strengths and ways you can improve in areas that may feel intimidating He has a couple of reflective uick surveys to take in the book which guide you to your natural strengths that you probably already have if you are looking to be a leader He also developed a “Commitment Continuum “ that walks through your own commitment level to the team and how that will effect the team “A leader can’t make excuses There has to be uality in everything you do Off the court on the court and in the classroom“ Michael Jordan The second half describes different leadership styles and I believe how to best blend those together to best benefit you and your team Again each chapter has uestions to think through and implement I thought the second half was of the meat of the book I found the author conveyed important points all through the book and it will definitely feel like a book you can refer to during a season and as a refresher I felt the book could have included examples of how other teams have handled leadership so I found that part a bit lacking in my opinion I think the author may have wanted this book to be of a framework and build your own team leaders without dictating what that should look like for your team The book feels a bit heavy to read in one sitting because of the uestions included I think for a young adult it’s best for weekly discussions to process and implement Each chapter is labeled as “one week “ for a total of 10 weeks That might be doable for some sports but Spring sports have such a short season you will have to double up on chapters preseason or start this or as a summer book club challenge Great information for coaches and leaders that would definitely refer to than once The author has also written a series of leadership books which you can find on his website and he has a leadership academy and other resources listed 153 pages Estimate 4 hours of reading

  2. Motoko Maegawa Motoko Maegawa says:

    The Head of Athletics at my school shared this book with me as we seek to build a deliberate partnership between our two departments As long as productive training with coaches is enacted ahead of then employing the workbook with the athletics captains I can see how this could be a useful tool

  3. Amy Amy says:

    This is a fantastic read for coaches and athletes Jansenn sets up an interactive manual for cultivating leadership skills among athletes This could easily be adapted to fit every day Life

  4. Dana Dana says:

    Wish I had this knowledge when I was a college athlete

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