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Common Ground Between Islam and Buddhism ❰PDF / Epub❯ ☉ Common Ground Between Islam and Buddhism Author Reza Shah-Kazemi – Forging a interfaith dialog between traditions that typically stand at odds this groundbreaking book explores the scriptural and spiritual tenets of Islam and Buddhism in relation to one another c Forging a interfaith dialog between Between Islam PDF/EPUB ¶ traditions that typically stand at odds this groundbreaking book explores the scriptural and spiritual tenets of Islam and Buddhism in relation to one another creating a basis for comparison and analysis of the two traditions Written by eminent scholars this discussion juxtaposes foundational principles and practices by linking underlining principles and fostering a mutual appreciation between Common Ground PDF/EPUB ² followers of both religions This interfaith volume discusses metaphysical traditions and philosophical studies born of Islam and Buddhism places them in context with each other thus encouraging understanding and providing a point of reference for continued learning and cooperation.

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  1. Miroku Nemeth Miroku Nemeth says:

    An excellent work that I cannot recommend highly enough A truly scholarly work with some of the greatest luminaries of our time from the Dalai Lama to Shaikh Hamza Yusuf Essential reading for those who care about tolerance and ecumenical dialogue while still believing in not compromising their own traditions The long history of interaction of these two major world religions is dealt with including the earliest Muslims' interactions with Buddhists and Hindus and the traditions of the spiritual path to achieve gnosis in both faiths is an area where spiritual seekers and strivers of both traditions will be able to appreciate This book is a gateway to understanding and removing blinders of ignorance I read it in a day A day that reawakened a love and respect for Buddhism that I had from a young age and a day that reinvigorated my love for the best of the Islamic traditions that attracted me to Islam in the first placeMake sure to read Shaikh Hamza Yusuf's Buddha in the ur'an? beginning on page 113 He sets forth the argument made by the great Shafi'i and Ash'ari scholar Shahrastani that Khadir may have been Buddha Very very interesting

  2. Jonathan Lu Jonathan Lu says:

    interesting analysis that paints Buddhism at least Theravedan in a light that I had never really considered in terms of conception of the 1 God It is true that if we consider Buddha as a prophet in the same light as JesusMosesMohammed his style was certainly one of mystery and mysticism So I consider validity in the point about lack of mention about the 1 God not as a denial but rather an invitation to personally discovery which very well can lead to this conclusionThis interpretation really underlies the critically important tone that the wise authors choose in focusing on the overwhelming 95% that is common between these 2 great religions rather than the divisive 5% which most people in the world today prefer to harp on Most fascinating I found to be the concluding chapter with some discussion as to existence of Buddha within Islamic literature comparisons are really interesting with a logical case made that Siddhartha and al KhadirKhidr the mysterious and sage teacher to Moses may really have been 1 in the same?and kudos once to His Royal Highness Prince Dr Ghazi bin Muhammad of the Hashemite Royal family who co authored this book and was the spark behind its writing as well as the landmark similar book focusing on harmony between Muslims and ChristiansThis highly enlightened man has dedicated his life to improving life within the Islamic world strengthening rights of women minorities and those of other faiths and especially the much needed cause of interfaith Harmony I very much felt that he should have been the Nobel Peace Prize winner last year and expect this gap not to persist much longer

  3. Farhad Farhad says:

    The common ground upon which the spiritual traditions of Islam and Buddhism stand together is the principle of absolute oneness that to which the revealed texts of both traditions bear witness and the realization of which by the individual soul here and now constitutes the ultimate goal of both religionsThe aim here is to engage in a dialogue focused on the spiritual affinitiesWe propose that the ultimate Reality affirmed by Buddhism is nothing other than what monotheists refer to as GodBuddhists do have a concept of ultimate reality which although not Abrahamic or personal does correspond to God in a transpersonal sense

  4. Amin Amin says:

    Groundbreaking and provocative book which explores the various theological and metaphysical characteristics of both Islam and Buddhism The book serves to draw similarities between the great Buddhist teachings drawing especially on the life of the Buddha as well as the Islamic figure of Prophet MuhammadThe book is an excellent read for those who are interested in comparative religious studies and who wish to help bridge the dissonance which exists between various faiths

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