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About the Author: George R.R. Martin

George RR Martin was born September in Bayonne New Jersey His father was Raymond Collins Martin a longshoreman and his mother A Storm PDF/EPUB or was Margaret Brady Martin He has two sisters Darleen Martin Lapinski and Janet Martin Patten Martin attended Mary Jane Donohoe School and Marist High School He began writing very young selling monster stories to other neighborhood children for pennies.

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  1. Nataliya Nataliya says:

    This book made me want to throw it against the wall in anger and disbelief It made me root for the death of a child and then despise myself love a hated character cry angry tears and bite my nails because of all the suspense Pictograhically all of the above was happening to meI did not throw the book across the room Instead I put it aside and stared at the wall for a few minutes in grief and disbelief If you read this you know which part I am talking about SOBBING Then I picked it up again because at that point I was so hooked that nothing could have stopped me I also MAY HAVE cut my neurobiology class to finish it I know I'm bad very very bad Ah you guys Look at you all innocent before this book rips into you A Storm of Swords is in my opinion an undisputed high point of the series so far It expanded the story in delightful wonderful ways It gave it a truly epic feel It delivered the cruel punch in the gut with the view spoilerRed Wedding hide spoiler

  2. Jayson Jayson says:

    A 88% | Extraordinary Notes This is where the story explodes; two outstanding scenes highlight a truly audacious epic and conseuential volume

  3. mark monday mark monday says:

    it's time again for A Game of Heroes and Zeroes spoilers aheadHEROES he's the Revenant Robin Hood leader of a band of merry men whose purpose is to steal from the wicked give to the needy ransom the royalty hang the bad guys and maybe get laid some Lord Beric comes euipped with a nifty super power courtesy of the Lord of Light 'natch he gets to come back from the dead unfortunately his various hideous wounds get to come back with him but so what all those scars and missing eye and noose blackened neck and crushed in head only make him manly he's just the dreamiest so what if she's socially awkward mulishly stubborn and entirely unimaginative this young miss may be the last remaining True Knight in the realm she kicks some serious ass is loyal to a fault and she brings out the human in that Jaime Lannister at one point she stops to take a break by burying some random dead people hanging from a tree what a big heart she has it's adorable you go girl ha ha you thought he was the villain joke's on you suckerreader this gifted songster is not only the leader of the Free Folk and what's not to like about them? they believe in freedom euality and the pursuit of happiness even their tendency to steal women is sorta charming he is a man who turned his back on the rigid class system and general stuck upedness of Westeros society for the charms of anarchic wildlings he's just trying to get all his people away from those infernal Others goodbye mysterious villain hello brave hero sure her eyes glow red sure she's a little bloodthirsty sure she wants to sacrifice some children what of it? we all have our flaws don't judge this sorceress her only goal is to um SAVE THE ENTIRE WORLD FROM UTTER DESTRUCTION have some sympathy for her goals already it's not like you could do a better job at trying to SAVE THE ENTIRE WORLD FROM UTTER DESTRUCTION i want her on my team and a special shout out to classy old timer Lady Olenna ueen of Thorns well finally someone realizes that King Joffrey's shenanigans are truly intolerable extra bonus points for naming your personal bodyguards Left and Right ZEROES hey King Asshole ever hear of keeping your word? seriously Promiseslayer what's wrong with you? you may win your battles but you break your vow over a little punani? and what's up with chopping off the head of your own bannerman? not too bright son and all the good intentions in the world doesn't excuse your tendency towards Usurping the Rightful King duh my gosh as far as common sense goes the apple sure doesn't fall far from the tree good grief two winners in one family those lucky Starks hmmm let's see you capture the wrong guy in book 1 you free an enemy in book 2 you seriously underestimate the most obvious secret villain in the world in book 3 what the hey? clearly you should have retired years ago but i sense some redemption in your future i know you have some bloodthirstiness in you so let that freak flag fly in book 4 and get down to some serious villain killing already wow i used to love you so much until i realized you were getting sorta inappropriate with Danerys yeah she's brave and beautiful and a ueen and she frees entire cities worth of slaves and she has three lovely dragons but didn't you notice that she's about a third your age? and on top of that you're a jealous liar get outta here Creepy McCreeperson come on wolfie Arya is supposed to be your soulmate she's running all over Westeros just trying to get back to the fam clearly needing a helping hand or paw so why are you off galivanting about the countryside chasing deer and hanging out with your new wolfpack buddies? well you did save her ass by taking down some of those Brave Companions but that's a case of too little too late and here i thought that wolves are a girl's best friend silly me i guess your stomach is so much important a special Zero mention must be made for Tyrion the Imp where did that brain of yours go? why are you getting your ass handed to you again and again? well at least you unstuck your head from that ass and finally delivered some seriously overdue comeuppance but i had to read 900 pages to get to that part i want my old Tyrion back stat no review necessary there are enough excellent ones out there i loved this book as i loved its predecessors my favorite parts were the scenes with Sandor Clegane and Arya Stark those two vicious killers were made for each other and their relationship was both laugh out loud funny and strangely moving awww at long last a father figure that a child can truly look up to and a daughter surrogate who knows what it means to really really want to get some payback and now on to the next one

  4. Jayson Jayson says:

    A 88% | Extraordinary Notes A tour de force of What the F’s it’s full of blighted beddings horrid japes abrupt escapes and bloody awful weddings

  5. Petrik Petrik says:

    Merciless and brilliantThis was unbelievably amazing A Storm of Swords could actually be the height of George R R Martin’s writing career I know I haven’t read A Feast for Crows A Dance with Dragons or the extra books of the series yet but realistically speaking it would be bloody difficult for Martin to top what he has achieved in this bookPicture A Storm of Swords by Marc SimonettiI’ll try to make this review shorter than usual and I won’t be talking about the story at all to avoid spoilers Seriously you have to experience this for yourself If you miraculously haven’t watched the TV series A Storm of Swords encompassed season 3 and 4 of the TV series I have known the main twists of this installment from watching the TV show but somehow the book was still able to fully capture my attention It brings me to this point once again I can’t even imagine how much I’ll love this traumatizing book IF I’ve read it without having watched the TV series adaptation “Old stories are like old friends she used to say You have to visit them from time to time” This of course doesn’t mean that you should skip the TV series Up to season 4 the TV series adaptation remains mostly loyal to the original material Sure it’s not like the first season any where it was pretty much scene by scene adaptation but I do honestly think that there were a lot of moments that the TV series did even better than the book I highly loved what I’ve read so far in A Song of Ice and Fire; this novel in particular is currently my favorite from the series However from my experience reading the series I can say that I’m not a huge fan of Martin’s prose during his battle scenes They were great but I personally think there are other grimdark fantasy authors that wrote battle scenes much better than Martin; Joe Abercrombie and Steven Erikson to name a few The battle scenes were one factor where the TV show excelled in Also I will never stop praising Peter Dinklage’s acting performance as Tyrion Lannister that totally did justice to the superb characterizations that the character has; same goes for many of the actor and actresses performance “Rhaegar fought valiantly Rhaegar fought nobly Rhaegar fought honorably And Rhaegar died” I loved reading the series not because of the battle scenes but for the characterizations intricate world building how Martin set up a scene smartly and the immense strength in the unpredictability of the storyline; all proven clearly with this book The myriad pivotal events that occurred in this single installment were simply unforgettable The Red Wedding for example is one of the if not THE most traumatizing event to ever occurred in a fantasy novel for me; it pretty much has become a standard of comparison for brutality and shocking scale in speculative fiction “It wasn’t as crazy as The Red Wedding” or “It was traumatizing than The Red Wedding” You probably have read or heard these phrases on reviews or on social media due to the super exposure caused by the TV shows let me tell you that they’re there for many good reasons “It all goes back and back Tyrion thought to our mothers and fathers and theirs before them We are puppets dancing on the strings of those who came before us and one day our own children will take up our strings and dance in our steads” At 414k words—roughly 23 hours for me to read—this has become the third biggest novel I’ve read since The Stand by Stephen King and Oathbringer by Brandon Sanderson I found it astounding that there was close to zero dull moments; well I guess there’s Bran’s boring storyline but his role in this book is very small Excluding Bran’s story I was completely immersed and I was in love with every page I read Martin sang a song of violence grief and treachery with much impact; the writing was thoroughly engaging full of memorable speeches and the phrases were cleverly structured to be evocative “The greatest fools are ofttimes clever than the men who laugh at them” Excluding the fame he gets from the TV series adaptation if you’re ever in need of an evident proof on why George R R Martin has become one of the legendary fantasy authors of our time A Storm of Swords is the answer Although the series is still incomplete I honestly think that it’s worth reading the series just to experience the one of a kind reading experience provided in this tome I loved this book I'm giving it a full 5 stars rating; I'm extremely confident it would've been one of those ultra rare 6 out of 5 stars if I've read it without any knowledge of the plotYou can order the book from Book Depository Free shipping You can find this and the rest of my reviews at Novel Notions

  6. Melissa ♥ Dog/Wolf Lover ♥ Martin Melissa ♥ Dog/Wolf Lover ♥ Martin says:

    Freaking awesome re readOKAY SPOILERS FOR THOSE THAT HAVEN'T READ IT YETReading this was cray because I keep looking to see if I had read it before I thought why is so much of this familiar Then I thought Oh yeah stupid you own and have watched all of the current shows I mean duh I was going to give this one 4 stars because it's the one where they kill of the Stark's and wolf and I wanted to go in turn into my own dragon and burn them all down but then THIS ↓Oh happy day Oh happy day What joy ❤I love so many people on the show and in the books But my favorites are 1 Jon ❤2 Tyrion3 Arya4 Daenerys5 Brienne6 Sam7 Sansain no particular order because I tried that one already In the book there were certain scenes I liked better than I did in the shows I love the shows and I love the books so far But in this book there were parts with dialogue that I really enjoyed My favorite in this book were the scenes between Brienne and Jaime I know you didn't see that coming right? I mean you would think it would have been all the parts about Jon since he's my hunneh bunneh but nope I liked his parts better in the show and nooo it's not because I can look at him in the show Although nevermind I just felt like there was so much to Brienne and Jaime's time together in the book I wished he would have uit calling her ugly and such though Jerk but they did seem to be friends of a sort at the end of their time and I liked that The things you miss in any book is the commentary in someone's head Of course some I would rather not read about But I really loved the parts where we could read Tyrion's thoughts about Sansa They were sweet and true and sad in many ways Overall I enjoyed the book because of the parts with Joffrey dying Bwhahahahaahahahahahahah And the parts with Brienne and Jaime I loved all of my other characters parts but these were the highlight moments for me Or course you know when you get rid of one evil b•stard along comes another oneMY BLOG Melissa Martin's Reading List

  7. NReads NReads says:

    I love this one Definitely a favorite

  8. karen karen says:

    HAPPY SEASON 4 FINALE EVE NERDIES view spoilerwhat an awkward father's day present for tywin hide spoiler

  9. Jessi Jessi says:

    First an update on the Direwolf situation I still do not have onesadfaceThis series What can I say I am loving it I don't know if I was just sick of everything else or just needed the escape but I am soooooo enjoying The great thing is that I am on the third book and its not like I can't say which book I like better which was weaker they are one long story that come in threeso far for me packagesIts not like Indiana Jones Where we say man I love Indiana Jones but that second one WTH? You know with Kate Capshaw and her never ending shriek and there were monkey brainsDo you remember the monkey brains? I remember the monkey brainsRefresher I will make no mention of Indiana Jones and the skull of shit or whatever it was called because I have decided that Harrison Ford needed a new boat and it should not be included in the seriesAnyways A Song of Fire and Ice seems to different from the other series I have read cough Sookie Stackhouse cough I find them very refreshing and I never have any idea where its going or how he is going to get us therealso do not get attached to anyone cause George R R Martin be killing bitches left right and center No one is safeConfession time I seem to have a crush on The Hound WHAT? Shut up I dont want to talk about it Whatever I am not even sure he is alivethe last time we saw him he was feeling a bit stabbed under a tree and I am not puting a spoiler tag on that cause if I don't know then I am not spoiling anything Maybe its cause he is so grumpy? This series brings out some weird attractions my friend said she thought Littlefinger was sexy he is a uirky mother fker I'll give ya that also she did not judge my hound problem so we're good

  10. Matt Matt says:

    This year 2011 has been rough for those of us who count ourselves Minnesota Twins fans A few weeks ago however I watched Francisco Liriano nearly pitch a perfect game Earlier in the season Liriano pitched a no hitter which was a bright spot in an otherwise unremitting series of losses injuries and disappointment But this was different This meant This was a perfect game and you can’t get better than perfect The announcers with no regard for karma started talking about the possibility in the fifth inning I didn't start to get excited until the seventh I thought to myself I might be watching something for the history books Then in the eighth the third baseman made an error and the perfect game was over the following inning he lost his no hit bid as well The game went down as a victory for the Twins and for Liriano but it will be lost in the eddies of baseball history It was a very good game; but it was not a masterpieceBack in May 2007 I watched the season finale of the third season of Lost The series which focused on a group of airplane crash survivors on a mysterious island became a pop cultural phenomenon with its intriguing present day storyline intercut with meaningful flashbacks to the off island lives of the passengersThe third season was up and down but after a strong homestretch Lost gave us a finale for the ages In the final moments the show revealed that the flashbacks we thought we’d been watching for the previous two hours were actually flash forwards and that some of the passengers had gotten off the island After picking up the pieces of my brain I thought to myself I might be watching the greatest television show of all time Flash forward to 2010 when Lost concluded with a melodramatically satisfying but substantively hollow conclusion It ended as a very good series with individual episodes as strong as anything that ever aired on television but it was not a masterpiece I just finished George RR Martin’s A Storm of Swords and I’m getting the same feeling I did watching Liriano in the 7th inning or watching the third season finale of Lost the thought that I might be in the midst of something special Something that might linger and last Something that be be considered a classic Not classic fantasy But a bona fide literary monument I have grave doubts that Martin can finish this series or that he can finish it with the same strength with which he started reviews of the next book A Feast for the Crows are not encouraging but when I finished the last page I certainly sensed the possibility of greatness If Martin can finish this – if – then he will have accomplished a feat that will demand attention including from those snotty New York Times Book reviewers who won’t read “fantasy” Swords is Book Three in Martin’s A Song of Ice and Fire cycle It begins where Book Two A Clash of Kings left off At the end of Kings we were treated to the epic battle of the Blackwater; Winterfell was razed; the Night’s Watch was north of the Wall; and it appeared that the Lannisters including the young sociopathic King Joffrey were ascendant My main critiue of Kings was that it started slowly and maintained that agonizing pace right up until a blistering third act that completely reshaped my feelings Storm doesn’t bother with a slow build up It gets into things from the first page From front to back this is the best of the series so far and a stunning novel in any light The ever expanding plot of A Song of Ice and Fire is impossible to summarize neatly In Storm as in the other books of this series the story is told from the alternating viewpoints of various characters The selected viewpoints are Jaime Lannister Tyrion Lannister Jon Snow Catelyn Stark Arya Stark Sansa Stark Bran Stark Samwell Tarly Davos Seaworth and Daenerys Targaryen I sometimes criticized the point of view choices in the first two books for the reason that Martin’s decisions often led to viewpoint redundancies and glaring blind spots That is Martin would often have several characters in one place talking about one thing while huge swaths of the storyline lacked a single witness As a conseuence big chunks of exposition central to the plot were fed to the reader as secondhand hearsay rather than experienced by a beloved character For the most part this problem does not arise with Storm The viewpoint characters are well chosen and spread out across Westeros doing things rather than talking about them Sam is with the Night’s Watch beyond the Wall being chased by the Others they’re a kind of cold weather mash up of vampires and zombies Jon is riding with Mance Ryder’s free folk in a sort of Dances With Wildings subplot that allows us some insight into the wildlings lifestyle and occasions any number of hastily scrawled sex scenes Catelyn is with her son Robb the King of the North who blunders badly by breaking his oath to marry a Frey daughter Jaime Lannister embarks on a perilous journey back to King’s Landing guarded by the female knight Brienne of Tarth Meanwhile back in King’s Landing a wounded Tyrion awakens to find that his good deeds have not helped his standing The presence of his father Tywin Lannister a great peripheral character and the scheming of his sister Cersei threatens his position at court Across the sea Daenerys gathers an army she hopes will allow her to retake Westeros Of course not all the viewpoint characters are created eually Sansa Stark finally has things to do and finally rejoins the plot; she has basically stood mute since betraying her father Eddard in A Game of Thrones but she is still dumber than a garden gnome Martin finally convinced me that Davos Seaworth loyal to royal pretender Stannis Baratheon is an important character; unfortunately his importance does not make him interesting Like Eddard Stark before him Seaworth’s suare dogged sense of honor – shorn of wit or pragmatism – makes him an uninspired characterThese criticisms are only half hearted though The overall uality of Martin’s plotting choices easily cover up the fact that in a game of chess between Sansa and a sack of unpeeled potatoes I would wager on the potatoes Even an otherwise tiresome character such as Samwell Tarly who is the sniveling heir of Tolkien’s Samwise Gamgee is given things to do Heck I even grew to like Daenerys In the first two books I was wholly underwhelmed by her subplot Though I fully understand or think I understand Martin’s endgame with respect to Daenerys I didn't like how he kept cutting away from the main story to heap page after page upon this unconnected plot thread In Storm Daenerys does not get much closer to joining the rest of the book but she does get to kick some ass I never figured I’d be a person to get much enjoyment from a dragon unleashing fire on an unassuming victim I was wrong Many of the highlights of this book I will not touch even vaguely Things happen that are surprising shocking and heart wrenching If at all possible you should attempt to finish this book before accidentally stumbling across a massive spoiler Surprises aside many of Storm’s highlights stem from four characters in particular Jaime the Kingslayer; Jon Snow of the Night’s Watch; Arya Stark; and Tyrion the Imp Storm is the first book in which Jaime becomes a viewpoint character In the past we knew him as the sister fing child defenestrating king killing sword master He appeared a cruel golden haired villain one who inspired terror in the heart of our putative heroes the Starks the further you get into A Song of Ice and Fire the less sure you become about who the heroes and villains really are In Storm Jaime spends much of his time on the dangerous outlaw infested roads back to King’s Landing Though his chapters are hampered by his unfortunate almost Tourette Syndrome like use of the word wench we learn a lot from Jamie about his time guarding Mad King Aerys What we learn causes us to seriously reevaluate our earlier judgments and begins nudging him along the villain hero spectrum Jon’s story is where the bulk of the action happens And by action I mean fighting and sex Without giving away too much I think it’s appropriate to say that Jon is at the center of a battle on the scale of Return of the Kings’ Pelennor Fields This battle really tilts A Song of Ice and Fire away from the realistic fantasy from A Game of Thrones and into the fantasy fantasy of The Lord of the Rings There are mammoths and giants and spying eagles but I didn't care because there were also catapults and trebuchets and murder holes and burning oil In other words cool stuff Arya was one of those characters I initially didn't like For some reason thematically or otherwise Martin has chosen for viewpoint characters a high number of children persons with disabilities and children with disabilities I’m not including Sansa’s low functioning though I could This means that a lot of our protagonists are a bit atypical; further many of them haven’t had a lot to do till now In Storm the kids finally start to grow up Bran the crippled boy takes some huge strides in terms of reader interest as he begins to harness his shape shifting abilities However I was impressed with Arya’s storyline She falls in with a gang of outlaws joins forces with Sandor “the Hound” Clegane and generally blurs the moral dividing line between good and bad It’s a bold authorial choice when you take a relatively innocent child character and slowly turn her into a cold steel eyed killer Finally Tyrion remains the transcendent character he was in the first two installments I expected his droll wit and smartass remarks to start wearing thin but Martin’s choice to put Tyrion on the defensive hemmed in by his father and sister was an act of genius It kept him evolving which is no small feat after we’ve spent so much time with him What I’ve just mentioned is just a smattering of the pleasures within A Storm of Swords a novel that is overstuffed with awesome This is a big book and there is room for everything a fiction fan – not just a fantasy fan – could want swordfights torture poison beheadings betrayals shocking deaths shocking fake deaths terrifying beasts chuckle inducing sex scenes large scale battles miracles As I’ve already mentioned there are a lot supernatural and fantastical aspects than before These are things that might have been off putting for the old me the me who never read fantasy It’s even possible that I never would’ve started A Game of Thrones if these things has existed at the start Well too late; I’ve been sucked in Besides Martin does a really good job of grounding these aspects with his no nonsense matter of fact descriptions It was easy for me to accept the prospect of dragons because Martin describes them with such biological precision And it was easy for me to accept the storyline of Lord Beric Dondarrion who is repeatedly killed and brought back to life by the Red Priest Thoros because Martin’s portrayal of Beric is so gruesomely detailed Beric is given life but he is not healed; he walks around with a crushed skull and a missing eye For those of you who prefer Tolkien’s wordy action light style to numerous beheadings maimings and juvenile descriptions of oral sex Storm should satisfy those cravings as well Amid all the slayings and treachery Martin still finds time for his characters to tell lengthy stories about the old days and the long violent exciting history of Westeros There are even songs This is a great novel Not great fantasy; great literature Martin’s prose is not elegant Rather it is detailed He writes descriptively but clearly His style is to create visual images with words Accordingly he goes to great lengths telling you about architecture physical features clothing colors and smells Even minor castles or minor characters are imbued with depth It can sometimes be overwhelming trying to keep all this detail straight Mostly though the result is a novel that is immersive and tactile You feel surrounded by Martin’s world You feel like you can gauge the reactions of Martin’s characters There may be dragons and sorceresses and the walking dead but it feels real That is not the extent of Martin’s talent He has a marvelous sense of humor and a nice organic wit threads its way through novel leavening the dour proceedings Martin also has a nicely tuned sense of dialogue There are enough crisp one liners and bon mots to put one in mind of The Godfather Storm is the midpoint of what Martin has said will be a seven book cycle I would be lying if I said I didn't have grave concerns grave being relative of course about the rest of the series There are so many variables as to make a prediction impossible Can Martin sustain this dense style? Does he have any idea where all his plotlines are heading? Will success riches and fame blunt his skills? Does he have enough years left in his life to finish this grand project? It’d be nice to say these uestions don’t matter that A Storm of Swords and the other completed novels can stand on their own They can’t Ultimately Storm will be judged upon the entirety of A Song of Ice and Fire If the cycle falters or is left unfinished then Storm will be reevaluated along with the rest There is no denying Storm’s essential ualities It remains to be seen however whether it is part of a masterpiece or something a bit less

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