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Fallen ➮ Fallen Read ➶ Author Lauren Kate – Buyprobolan50.co.uk There’s something achingly familiar about Daniel GrigoriMysterious and aloof he captures Luce Price’s attention from the moment she sees him on her first day at the Sword Cross boarding school in There’s something achingly familiar about Daniel GrigoriMysterious and aloof he captures Luce Price’s attention from the moment she sees him on her first day at the Sword Cross boarding school in sultry Savannah Georgia He’s the one bright spot in a place where cell phones are forbidden the other students are all screw ups and security cameras watch every moveEven though Daniel wants nothing to do with Luce—and goes out of his way to make that very clear—she can’t let it go Drawn to him like a moth to a flame she has to find out what Daniel is so desperate to keep secret even if it kills her.

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  1. Kat Kennedy Kat Kennedy says:

    In this lifetime you're nothing than you appear to be a stupid selfish ignorant spoiled little girl who thinks the world lives or dies on whether she gets to go out with some good looking boy at school Even if your death wouldn't accomplish something so long awaited glorious and grand I'd still relish this moment killing youI'm sorry was I supposed to agree with absolutely everything the evil villain said and wait with baited breath for her to kill Lucinda Price painfully on my behalf? This review has spoilers by the wayI have a list of rules for authors Kind of like a checklist to ensure that their novel is going to be good This book breaks them all For posterity I'm going to list exactly which ones and why1 Don’t assume that your audience isn’t as smart as you Statistically speaking you’re probably sitting on a fat old average like the rest of us Try to flex our grey matter Please Lauren Kate thinks we're idiots She really really does The prologue basically immediately informs the reader that Lucinda Price has been reincarnated and that black shadows follow her around ready to engulf her and take her away The title of the book is Fallen and at page 51 Daniel's last name is revealed to be Grigori Anyone with half a brain already knows the gist of this story That Daniel is a fallen angel and the Lucinda Price is his loved one reincarnated yet 389 pages later Lauren Kate pulls this out like it's some kind of massive reveal No Fuck no Having your main character come to a conclusion almost four hundred pages after the reader is just an insult You never learn than this by the way Other than a vague explanation as to the true function of the shadows that is it Kat's attempts to pierce her own eyes a la Jocasta2 Don’t cover up bad writing and plot with a sexy smoldering characterChances are they won’t be nearly sexy or smoldering enough It is painful to read badly written literature so just get it right the first time pleaseThe writing in this novel is terrible by the way The editing is even worse Perhaps the copy editor had a hard time focusing on the text while her brain hemorrhaged as well The sentences were choppy they flowed poorly and the word choices were sometimes just plain weird 5 Characterization is everythingThis doesn’t mean that your characters have to be likable at all times – or likable at all But they have to be interesting worth reading and fleshed out They have to react to situations within their character or in relation to their personal growth and they have to reflect the plot and the changes in your storyCharacterization where do I even start sighs okay Here we go but this is going to be painful and filled with profanitiesLucinda Price If I ever saw this girl in the street I would probably punch her in the face I have never read such a useless pathetic tragically stupid female protagonist IN MY LIFE Luce's first encounter with Daniel results in him flipping her off After that he ignores her rejects her accuses her of stalking him ditches her suggests that she is annoying accuses her of being an intruder the list goes on GET A HINT WOMAN HE DOESN'T LIKE YOU Only he does and why they fall in love or want anything to do with each other is probably the only fucking mystery in this whole book No wait I scratch that They DO belong together They're both prats I wouldn't wish them on anybody else She's a useless stupid idiot and he's a selfish moronic asshole It must be true love Daniel treats Luce like shit Luce accepts Daniel's treatment of her the fact that she does this causes ME to agree with Daniel's assessment internalizes it agonizes over it and still goes back for Again and again The ONE time I mean it ONE FUCKING TIME that Luce sticks up to Daniel and tells him not to treat her like an idiot the idiot that she is he kisses her probably just to shut her up for which I'm eternally grateful then she immediately stops reuesting that he treat her like an adult and an eual and he goes right back to muttering cryptic things without explaining them because her puny female mind couldn't possibly comprehend themOh And ANOTHER thing She obsessively stalks him against all odds seeks him out again and again Finally when he DOES tell her the truth what does she do? She runs away That's right Like a big fucking pansy it turns out that her puny female mind really CAN'T handle information I feel like muttering that scene out of anchorman where Ron Burgundy saysI'm a man who discovered the wheel and built the Eiffel Tower out of metal and brawn That's what kind of man I am You're just a woman with a small brain With a brain a third the size of us It's scienceDaniel is crap Need I say ? Crappity crap crap CRAP Oh dear I love this girl but if I kiss her she's going to DIEWell here's a fucking idea dickhead DON'T KISS HER Or don't kiss her on the lips winks at least not the ones on her face Chuckles evilly when she shows up as she inevitably will run away Go to a club and pick up a chick and take her home for coffee or to show her your special angel wings Whatever floats your boat Don't stick around and interact with her and torture yourself by getting closeOther characters in this book are two dimensional If there were such a concept as one dimensional I'm sure Kate would have striven to achieve that instead They are stand in cardboard cut outs and easily forgettable and inconseuential 6 Your story needs to have an actual storyIt needs to have conflict resolution; climax dénouement; beginning and an end They don’t always need to occur in the standard order but something needs to happenCan you read that Lauren Kate? Something needs to fucking happen Not just 401 pages of stalking That's not a fucking story 7 ResearchKnow what the hell you’re writing about and put the work and research into your story Nothing is annoying then reading a book about an Anglican Preacher in the seventeenth century burning witches when you know perfectly well how very historically inaccurate that isThis author knows nothing about angels Or the Bible Or religion She shows no concept for the Biblical nature of angels their real function how they differ from humans It's Just So Fail Kill me now I felt like putting on my sexy librarian outfit pulling out my cain hyuk hyuk and giving a very interesting instruction about the Bible in both its modern context and the times in which it is historically acknowledged to be written as well as the spiritual nature or angels and demons and heaven Probably would have been a lot fun than reading this book because I look very sexy in my outfits and I give great feedback to my studentsAnd finally the last rule that this story broke8 Consider what message your story is tellingRemember that usually and historically stories don’t usually exist just for the hell of it Stories have messages and meaning They teach us and give us a perspective on life Storytelling carries a great responsibility because there are few things emotive to people than storiesMy husband and I have been together for seven years now and I can confidently say I love him I love him I think about him I know him Most of all I know WHY I love him and I know WHY he's perfect for me and why nobody else on this planet would ever doFallen seems to think it has something to say about Love Albeit I wonder if even it knows what its opinion on love is Maybe that love conuers all? No not really since in the book it doesn't Maybe that love is eternal? Well yeah maybe An eternal pain in the ass is the theme it really seems to be going forHowever I hate the version of love in this book It's some mystical unexplainable tie in this book Something that just is without any further information provided I can't help but compare Daniel's alleged sacrifice in losing Luce over and over again because he keeps selfishly kissing her when he kisses her she dies apparently with real love If he really loved her then he'd leave as soon as he caught a glimpse of her He'd move across the country He'd keep running from her until the end of time for her own good When I compare it to how completely unselfish my husband is with his love I can never excuse either Daniel or Luce for their actionsThe relationship in this book is so unbalanced There is SO much information that Daniel never gives her because she just needs to trust him and apparently her fragile little female mind won't be able to handle it Then of course there is the complete and utter power imbalance in their relationship This book is almost an argument against feminism To make the boy love you you must accept his treatment and patiently wait out his scorn and derision You're supposed to obsess over the boy of your dreams and imagine who he is in complete contradiction to the person he's shown you to be Somehow this is supposed to be romantic This is supposed to be real love Well I live real love I live it every day in its very boring mundane existence I live with my soulmate and we go day from day This book is nothing like love This book knows obsession hormones and drama It knows nothing about love It is devoid of respect attention tenderness and the freely giving love that I know to be realThe back of the book has a teaser for the next book statingCan you bear the TORMENTThe next book in the Fallen series by Lauren KateThe answer is No I really really can't bear it I'll leave it to people who don't mind having their braincells sucked into a black hole of anti feminist propaganda This review can also be found on my blog Cuddlebuggery Book Blog

  2. Penny Penny says:

    First off I'd have given this book zero stars were it possible but since it isn't I gave it one star This book is full of fail end of story There is no other way to describe this book really That's a lie There is another way to describe how bad this book is Take everything that sucked about the Twilight series and multiply that by any number except zero Or one Or any negative number Aw crap you know what I mean Because really this book is a bad version of Twilight except with fallen angels instead of vampires Oh and compared to this book Twilight is a friggin' literary masterpiece That's how bad this book is You think Bella is irritating? Meet Luce Price the most irritating protagonist ever She's stupid yet still somehow incredibly smart according to her grades a creepy stalker and has zero sense of self worth or shame When Daniel this story's hero flips Luce the bird and then proceeds to treat her like garbage on several occasions what does Luce do? She instantly becomes obsessed with Daniel and breaks into the school records room to find out about him Not once does she think she might be crossing a line by going through someones private records Obviously talking to him like a normal person would to find out about him is out of the uestion amirite? Oh and when a guy treats a girl like garbage that is actually code for TRULUV4EVA Look I could go on and on about how idiotic this book is but I won't since I have better things to do like write hate mail to the publisher of this book Seriously I'd be hard pressed to find a book that is worse then this flaming pile of garbage and had I a time machine I'd use it to go back in time in order to stop myself from ever reading this book To sum up my review Worst Book I've Ever Read EVER yes the second 'ever' was entirely necessary An incredible waste of time and money and ink and treesI could go on and on and on This book makes babies cry Edit As of February 26 2010 over nine hundred goodreads users think this book is amazing Amazing? Really??? I mean don't get me wrong I fully understand really liking a book that has little to no literary value see my guilty pleasures shelf for proof But amazing? Come on people Five stars really should be reserved for the classics great literary works or something that really moves you emotionally; makes you think on a deeper level then usual; makes you want to be a better person It is beyond me that anyone truly loves this book Seriously I'm sure a lot of you are wondering why if I hated this book so much I read the entire thing Originally after only reading the first few chapters of this book I hurled it across the room in a fit of anger and no I'm not a rageaholic This book the fact that it was published and I was duped into wasting money on it just enraged me that much But I had to finish it I just had to Because I was dumb enough to believe it got better but it didn't It just got worse and worse as the book continued The absolute worst part is this book is 452 pages long and the first 400 pages contain no plot whatsoever Though I already mentioned how much I dislike the protagonist I feel I should add Luce is an insipid creature read TSTL All she does is think of the most mundane crap stuff that isn't in the least bit important or interesting it almost makes you want to take a drill to your own head At one point she even wonders what size shoe Daniel wears mind you this is during the same period if time he's sending out strong 'I hate Luce' vibes like nobody's business And yeah for a girl who may or may not have accidentally on purpose killed the last boy she liked it's truly creepy how easily she gets over it and readily moves on to the next victims boys Is she that messed up and desensitized? Seems to me Luce is a sociopath and should be in prison not reform school Speaking of said reform school It's laughable how the security is practically non existent Did the author do any research on reform schools? I mean come on These teens not counting Penn are at this reform school because they are then a little dangerous to themselves andor others They are there to be reformed not kindasorta babysat I really could go on about the massive plot holes contained in this novel of which there are several but I won't I'm just going to say one last thing I'm shocked that something this bad could be published and then I kid you not be optioned for a film Really Disney? You really want to take this horribly written excuse of a novel and make it into a movie? Are you that hard up for script ideas? Really??? Fine go ahead Perpetuate the death of all good literature Celebrate mediocrity Rape the young minds of our society I mean everyone else is doing it why not join in As long as you make a buck who cares amirite??? uick review of goodreads rating system five stars'amazing' four stars'really liked it' three stars'liked it' two stars'it was okay' one star'didn't like it' UPDATE 062711 Over 300 people like this review Yay I WIN THE INTERNET Or at least I win a medal in the Crazy Rant About A Horrible Book category I'd like to thank everyone who made this possible Goodreads friends followers of my reviews and everyone else who read and voted for my review I couldn't have done this without any of you Also special thanks go out to Al Gore the creators of Goodreads Delacorte Press whoever green lighted this book all the trees that selflessly laid down their lives so this book could be put into print and of course Lauren Kate Peace Out Wolverines

  3. Haleema Haleema says:

    Evidence of this book's similarities to Twilight1 New girl at school2 Mary Sue3 Girl attracts the hottest guys even though she has no personality or depth or anything remotely interesting about her4 Guy is extremely mysterious because he stands at a corner and glares at everyone passing by rude and tells the girl to stay away from him5 Guy follows her around and the girl isn't fazed whatsoever6 Guy is 100 and something years old and girl is 17I don't understand What is it with YA paranormal romance writers and making their characters complete dimwits with no depth I'm tired of these dull boring weak characterless girls It's a damn shame I've had such shitty experiences with YA books in my life It makes me want to give up on the YA romance genre for good

  4. Kiki Kiki says:

    Along with literally HUNDREDS of other people who read this book I was completely brainwashed by the stunning cover I literally walked into WHSmith looked at it had a massive aneurysm and by the time I'd come round the book was inexplicably in my hand and my wallet was thirty dollars lighterGaiz I should have known better I should bloody well know better by now I mean just take a look at this thing She didn't usually get involved with rocker guys but then again none of them had ever pulled the desk next to her even closer plopped down beside her and stared at her with eyes uite so greenI am constantly appalled by the craft of this book It feels cheeky in fact for this book to just sit there on my shelf playing coy flicking its hair like it doesn't know shit I feel like if it could talk it would smirk and say Look how many of me there are There's only one of you Yes there is indeed only one of me Fallen but at least I have my pride Kind of What the cover of this book tries to tell you is that this is a dark twisty tale of dark twisty things with dark twisty characters that'll make you do one because they're so dark and twisty and awesome But alas the characters in this book do nothing but wander around angst fuck each other over passive aggressively whine angst some fuck each other over some whine again kiss and then BAM Get on a private plane and fly straight into the core of the sun Seriously the entire story arc of this novel goes like thisDaniel I hate LuceLuce I love DanielDaniel I hate LuceLuce Ermagerd angelsDaniel treats Luce like shitLuce Ermagerd angels swoonLuce and Daniel are an absolute catastrophe the literary Tunguska event just some sort of vast explosion of shite that annihilates anything within a thousand mile radius Not only are they both fuckwits but they're worse when they're together Luce becomes stupider and Daniel becomes evil in that he's not just a rude asshole but he's actually seriously problematic and controlling It's like this Daniel tells Luce who she should and should not talk to makes disgusting gestures at her talks to her as if she's a piece of crap calls her stupid and let's not forget the crowning glory which is that fact that he has murdered hundreds and hundreds of incarnations of her in the pastAm I a sap for buying into this series? Probably But my copy must have been lacking in dispensed soma gas because to me Daniel never appears to be in any way SEXY or GORGEOUS or AMAZING or SWEET He is a piece of shit As if we needed any metaphors for dating violence in YAThe crux of it is that Daniel is a fucking serial killer And I for one will not invest myself in a hero who has systematically murdered every incarnation of his lover since the dawn of time And that's what this is Look when Daniel kisses or has romantic contact with Luce she explodes into a ball of flame Every single time he knows this and yet he still pursues her He keeps saying She just shows up wherever I go Well Daniel there's a solution to that if you see her LEAVE WALK AWAY AND KEEP WALKING But he doesn't no; he hangs around knowing it's going to end in her fiery horrible demise How is this in any way justifiable? You can call it what you want but this is the truth He murders Luce Murders her He premeditates his interaction with her then approaches her and makes advances knowing that it will all end with her deathWhy can't people see this? The male lead in this book is a murderer Why would you want a boyfriend who is happy to murder you? Why is that okay? How is that romantic?It's not like there was even a halfway decent plot either There was just a huge black hole of nothingness peppered with vague references to Luce's black hair which everybody seems to be inexplicably obsessed with and some confusing is she or isn't she flip flopping with Penn who's basically there to fill in the dialogue gaps while Luce obsesses over that fuckhead Daniel Luce spends about 90% of her time fawning over Daniel 3% angsting about the bland sub plot of the moving shadows and 7% expressing this smug disgust of anyone who isn't Daniel And what in the name of David Bowie's blouse was going on with the setting? For a reform school there wasn't much reforming going on It was basically just a boarding school with some easily outsmarted cameras pretending to be ominous and barred windows which when the students are allowed to skip class and roam the grounds prove to be completely pointless Why bar the windows if you're going to let students just wander right out of the front gate? There are so many ridiculous things about this book The last scene? The principal flies Luce off in private plane tosomewhere tosome end withsomeone I actually don't understand the principal's involvement at all Also the entire school was full of angels just meandering around making cryptic remarks to Luce No it's not as if as angels they have anything better to do They just swan about being so funny so witty so mysterious so hot Guys no wonder God kicked you out of Heaven You are absolutely insipid And why didn't they realize that the evil megalomaniac villain was just casually chilling in the library? Talking to Luce? They appear to know who the villain is once she reveals herself to Luce so why didn't they just catch her in the car park and stab the shit out of her? Daniel even hangs around in the library He has actual fucking contact with the person whom he knows is out to kill Luce or something whatever this book makes no senseI feel like this book has some kind of personal vendetta against me It wants to watch me suirm It wants to wriggle around in my hands adjusting its perfect makeup and snorting delicately whenever I roll my eyes at its stupidity as if I could simply never understand it And just to add insult to injury my copy smells funny Kind of like Dentastix That's cool though because after flagellating myself with it once I won't be touching it with a barge pole FIN

  5. hayden hayden says:


  6. Lyndz Lyndz says:

    I didn’t like this book the first time I read it when it was called Twilight

  7. Val ⚓️ Shameless Non-Snowflake ⚓️ Val ⚓️ Shameless Non-Snowflake ⚓️ says:

    1 StarGeeeeezThis was uite the YA train wreck And I probably should have known better But I saw this on the library shelfits protective and majestic plastic library jacket just gleaming with promises of fantastical wonderand I was drawn in like the total sucker I am But then reality hit Sigh This thing was about 100 pages too longwhile still simultaneously feeling like it was 100 pages too short of actual information You know INFORMATION AKAWHAT THE ACTUAL FUCK IS GOING ONThe mystery of whatwho Daniel and all the other keys players in this thing are were withheld until the last 30 pages of this 420 page jackfest and not only that but I felt like we were moving at the pace of molasses High viscous molasses Traveling uphill On carpet I mean FUCK come onI don't know if I should beat my own ass for starting thisBeat my own ass even harder for finishing thisOr just call it a day and straight off myself over the fact that I am actually considering reading book two Find me at

  8. shady boots shady boots says:

    A formal review of this book is on my blog which is still new xD Check it out Updated March 9th 2012 Also everyone click here sigh A fucking movie Just what I neededLuceLucinda Fucking PriceYou'd still stalk a guy even after he flipped you off when you first locked eyes with him? Even if he told you STRAIGHT IN THE FACE that he didn't want ANYTHING to do with youWhy? Justwhy?I mean he's hot I get it But what the fuck about Daniel Grigori is even remotely close to sweet? Or did you not want sweetness in your boyfriends? Did you actually want to be treated like doormat covered with shit? Maybe you're a masochist then No surprise thereYou know who was sweet and available and eually hot? You know who didn't treat you like a pile of crap?But of course Lauren Kate decided to make him the bad guy in the end You all know who I'm talking about I was just starting to like him tooActually I do like Cam He may be the bad guy but I'd take him over Daniel any dayBut seriously Daniel just pissed me the hell off And it also pissed me off how Luce constantly stalks him and doesn't have any self respect to just oh I don't know MOVE ON AND STOP TORTURING YOURSELF OVER HIM MAYBE?He's Not Worth Your Fucking TimeI MEAN COME ON THE GUY FLIPPED HER OFF HERE FOR GOD'S SAKES AAAAARGH I'M SO FRUSTRATED WHOEVER FINDS DANIEL GRIGORI DESIRABLE NEEDS THEIR BRAIN CELLS CHECKEDSeriously though Luce you can forget about him and move on you know? You don't always have to be a sad whiny bitch that gets humiliated and pointedly ignored by the hot guy You can just keep your chin up and not give a fuck You can be better than thatBut no You choose not to be You choose to be a pathetic stalker that doesn't give two shits that the hot guy is basically treating you like dog poo And I despise you for thatUgh These two are probably one of the most irritating YA couples out there right next to Ever and DamenDid I mention how closely this book and Ever resemble each other?1 Stupid irritating obsessive outcast heroine 2 Immortal muscular mysterious flawless jackass hero3 Reincarnation bullshit 4 The chick dies every time they fall in loveHonestly The romance really is the main thing about this book that I just hate so much Luce is annoying and Daniel is the epitome of asswipe Besides the romance the characters were just so damn unlikableExcept for Penn Sigh she was the only decent character in the whole book And she just view spoiler had to get killed off didn't she Kate? hide spoiler

  9. Steph Sinclair Steph Sinclair says:

    Boring lacking interesting characters boring terrible love interest Bella Swan boring There are so many things I could rant about the 30% that I read but instead I shall review this is one gif

  10. Annalisa Annalisa says:

    Reading this book was like walking through fog or to pull description from the book with black shadows blocking my view of everything only it's not the black shadows that got in my way but the MC Luce and the author Kate I have no idea what the school looked like no that a glimpse of this and that or what the characters were like same thing just glimpses that don't add up to anything or even what was going on in any of the action scenes because a Luce doesn't notice anything except for the guys she's obsessed with and b Kate wants to keep her readers in suspense so she makes sure not to tell you anything worth telling I know sexual tension is the driving force in paranormal romances but the plots have to at least make sense as do the settings This reform school with cameras everywhere was lacking in adult supervision even for a normal boarding school level I wasn't ever satisfied with an explanation why Luce present at the scene of a tragic accident needed to be at reform school in the first placeLuce makes sure to tell us she's a 40 student brilliant at everything and then proceeds to be the most dim witted narrator I have ever read As annoying as she was the comment that bugged me the most was actually that as a swimmer she knew butterfly as the fastest stroke Anyone who's been in a pool knows it's freestyle That's why it's called freestyle you can swim any stroke but that's the fastest Luce was obviously not a swimmer despite her telling us she was she was obviously not smart enough for calculus despite her telling us she was and she was obviously not worth notice from all these guys despite her telling us she was By the middle of the book I was so frustrated with all her cobwebs of thought I wanted to swipe them away so I could see anything in this story She spends the book describing her eternal lust for Daniel except when Cam is around and she's distracted by her lust for him but she's too dense to realize that either of them like her This book is almost five hundred pages of Luce's internal dialogue of self deprecation and confusion with the story sometimes happening in the backgroundEvery time anything remotely interesting starts to happen Kate falls back on two tactics to keep her readers from learning anything a her vacuous heroine who doesn't understand any of the blatant clues and therefore doesn't ask the right uestions or b scene interrupters with a passive heroine who lets every other character in the book control what she does Luce zips from half scene to half scene without any of it being developed as much a spectator to her own life as we are We never get to understand the other characters the undertones of their relationships or what they're doing at the school in the first place Kate stifles any progression in character plot everything so she doesn't ruin those spoilers she's saving for the next book But we like Luce aren't supposed to notice that we aren't getting any answers We're supposed to be consumed by the hot mysterious guys gripping the pages in suspenseThe only reason I finished this book is because I wanted to prove my suspicion that Kate did not intend to give her readers any answers Don't expect to find out what the black shadows are Don't expect to learn what's behind this relationship that is the whole point of the book all Kate gave us was a bunch of empty sexual tension that was as clipped and unsatisfying as the rest of the book Don't expect to find out who all is after Luce and why Don't expect to learn anything about any of the characters or find out anything that you can't already figure from the title which Kate waits until the end to drop that revelation like it's an enlightening bombshell when she gives us nothing elseview spoilerI have major issues with Kate's twisting of biblical angels Fallen angels are angels who have broken off from God as she so eludes in her story There are no good fallen angels only those who follow Satan And the disturbing behavior of the good fallen angels fall right in line with those who break away from God I didn't care for any of them Daniel is way too inconsistent to make him likable or believable and the revelation we already know doesn't clear him of any of his actions If Luce is in danger from shadows Satan religious zealots with higher power a whole lot than Daniel he should have been concerned for her welfare even if he can only supervise her protection from a distance instead of basing their entire relationship on sexual tension and confessions of unreuited loveThere is no way I will be reading the next book because I suspect that while this book frustrated me making me not even want to finish it much less the series the next one will infuriate me From the clues Kate plants it is my impression that Cam is supposed to be some version of Lucifer and Luce some version of Eve which makes Daniel some version of Adam Not only are her vacant characters unworthy of these Biblical characters but I'm supposed to believe that Eve has been reincarnating since the dawn of time? That the good and evil of the entire world centers on the twisted shallow teenage love affair of fallen angels? Blasphemy Adam is not a fallen angel nor would he be so rude and crude Satan did not love Eve; Satan loves nobody but himself The fact that he only wants to harm us kind of lies at the basis of Christianity Resurrection is found in the Bible not reincarnation and to make it the reincarnation of mother Eve somehow makes it worse Adam and Eve are sacred in my book and to see their story so mutilated like this is nothing than disrespectful I cringe to think all that Kate is intending to hide from us in her next book hide spoiler

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