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  1. Anne Anne says:

    Mr Knightley forever favourite 3This book was wonderful I loved reading about Mr Knightley's feelings and seeing how he gradually fell in love with Emma In Jane Austen's original it is said that he has loved her ever since she was thirteen but in Mr Knightley's Diary he takes a heck of a time to figure out that the reason why he enjoys his evenings at Hartfield above any other evenings and that he likes to look at Emma than at any other woman is because he loves her but I rather enjoyed this new perspective on his feelings His downright dislike for Frank Churchill was so funny I mean the man would do nothing than say enter a room and fix his appearance and Knightley would think Just who does he think he is tying his neckcloth like he owns the place We don't really get to see how Emma dislike Jane Fairfax the same way Knightley dislikes Churchill but the general idea of that was there too and I find it humorous Just get together my dears would think within their first evening together at HartfieldMr Woodhouse was the same as ever in fact all the characters were pretty much the same as ever That is what is so great about Amanda Grange's diaries you don't feel as though you are reading a different story with the same character names but you actually feel like you are reading Emma again from the hero's point of view worried sick that everyone would get sick and pitying all the unfortunate ladies who got tied up in wedlock I love the additional characters Knightley's friend and the idea of having a match made for Miss Bates too She was always such a kind and caring woman I was very happy that she would get HEA too Strongly recommended to all fans of EmmaAny day dear any dayBuddy read with Maria

  2. Chelsea Chelsea says:

    I have a sinking feeling that I'm going to work my way through all of Grange's books and have mixed feelings about all of them In this case she relied too much on the awkward for some reason Mr Knightley prefers spending time at Hatfield over anywhere else for some reason Mr Knightley dislikes Frank Churchill for some reason Mr Knightley doesn't think anyone is good enough to Emma for some reason It's the author's way of nudging the reader see? see? look at our little in joke It's a crutch and it's not worthy of Jane Austen Also so much of the action in the original novel is centered around Emma the title character who knew? and there were things Mr Knightley would not have known that there was some awkward exposition forced in Less than the Jane Austen SeuelRetelling Standard Exposition Level but than I want nonetheless It's kind of a thingIt wasn't wonderful it wasn't terrible but than anything it reminded me that I need to reread Emma sometime soon

  3. Garnette Garnette says:

    Did Jane Austen talk over characterization with her mother and sister Cassandra? Did she have an editor whose sole job was to succor the novel’s development and support the author lest there be a grievous oversight? We have no evidence Jane did have that modern boon – someone very interested in furthering the author’s workNow we have writing coaches workshops groups classes best friends and the best of all possible mentors paid professional editors skilled and trained in literature and hand holding I’m reading Max Perkins Editor of Genius when I can spare the time from all the Austen seuels His clients included F Scott Fitzgerald Thomas Wolfe Marjorie Kinnan Rawlings Taylor Caldwell Alan Paton John P Maruand Ring Lardner James Jones – top names in the 20th Century Perkins took writing seriously and furthered it until each piece was as good as it was going to beJane Austen’s genius is that she did all that on her own We know she read the works aloud to family and marked down their comments – we have some of their feedback in her letters We know she changed the ending of Persuasion completely after sleeping on it but essentially she worked alone on that little lap desk with her uill penAnd now this is not criticism of Emma certainly yet there is something heartbreaking if realistic and how it was truly in that book that is now absolved I cannot tell you what it is for that would spoil the fun But I cried a few tears of relief when I caught on to what author Amanda Grange and hopefully her good editor at Penguin Group’s Berkley Books were up to Unlike some of the knock offs this book is well writtenWe talked in my class I taught this spring about Emma whether she is likable Some objected to my deep affection for her I was amazed at the comments of disapproval based on Emma’s classism ageism and general bossiness I thought the character of Emma was an amazing portrait of an English matriarch in the making but with a lovely sense of humor and warmth The way Emma handled her elderly father with skill tact and unflagging respect despite his comically intended but so right on personality defects balanced her Harriet actions in my opinion Would that of my Hospice patients had adult caregivers with as much patience tact and skillI give this book five stars for it remained true to Austen while moving the story into a deeper development of characterization And since Joan Aiken took care of the other issue the trilogy is very satisfying Emma Jane Fairfax and now – opps I’m not supposed to spoil it for you Just read Mr Knightley’s Diary and let me know what you thinkCordially Garnette

  4. Maria Maria says:

    “Mr Knightley’s diary” is a pleasant retelling of Jane Austen’s “Emma” It is the story told from the perspective of the male hero and it tries as the other Austen heroes’ diaries do to give some answers to all the uestions a true Austen admirer might ask by giving voice to the men I have always thought that Mr Knightley was the perfect husband And after reading “his diary” I can tell I was not mistaken George Knightley has all the greatest ualities of a perfect man and husband He is honest thoughtful kind and he would do anything for his “dearest Emma” as he calls her That is why my favourite among his uotes is the one and only which clarifies the reason why I think highly of him “You hear nothing but truth from me” And he is perfectly right He never lies to Emma and if that trait can be negative in some circumstances it is the best thing that could have ever happened to her For thanks to his honesty and trustworthiness Emma will always be safe and happyI really enjoyed this book and I appreciated it because Ms Grange is always faithful to the original characters She simply imagines and writes the same story but from a different point of view and it always amazes me to find out how engrossed I was since the very first page I believe it is a great success and satisfaction for the author when you want to continue reading and you find difficult to put a book down despite you know the story by heart I knew everything about “Emma” and yet I wanted to know I am certain this is the outcome of a well written book There are just some little differences from the original story but they did not bother me because they are exciting and sweet and I think it was a good choice to include them because they add something to the whole plot and they are delightful details like a friend of Mr Knightley’s who will help our hero to understand his feelings and a new neighbour who will become a special “friend” to someone who deserves a happy endingEither you have already read Amanda Grange’s other novels or you are new to this author you cannot miss this lovely read because you will have the chance to discover new sides of Mr Knightley which will make you see him in a different way Further you will have the pleasure of reading a beautiful book by a great author I highly recommend itRating 45 out of 5 stars

  5. Susan Susan says:

    This was my first dip into the world of Austen ana Certain Austen enthusiasts have created a branch of fan fiction books and movies that imagines retellings of her tales from other established characters' viewpoints For some strange reason I thought I should see what it was all about From my experience with Mr Knightley's Diary I am in no hurry to try again It is a sad retelling indeed that not only bores the reader but causes the reader to wonder why she ever liked certain characters in the original MKD turns our beloved Mr Knightly into a carping chauvenist grump The plot follows pretty faithfully to the original story so we learn very little new about characters and their motivations nor do we really see scenes that didn't exist in the original For those who are desperate to revel in Austen's plot I would recommend watching every movie version out there rather than turning to such a faithful and spiritless retelling of her works There is no romance to be found her and much less her feisty wit There is only a story you already know and characters you no longer like

  6. Sarah - Thornton& Sarah - Thornton& says:

    Right so I've just finished reading Mr Knightley's diary by Amanda Grange and its absolutley amazing I love it love it love it Having Mr Knightley being my Austen hero its really interesting to read from his point of view all the scandal Emma gets up to and when he starts to find himself falling in love with Emma and the Jealously of Mr Knightley vs Frank Churchill invovled For having being friend with Emma Woodhouse to find yourself falling in love with her is a romantic story to tell Having only now discovering that Mr Knightley's name is in fact George thanks to this book which is terrible I know but its rather nice name So its really interesting in this diary to find that Mr Knightley's new years resolution is to find a wife and he does make several attempts but can never think of any of the other ladies than Emma And thanks to his friend for point out to him that he's be slightly blinded by the fact that he is in love with Emma which he says is ridiculous idea to find himself then sighing and saying yes I have to admit I am In the beginning we learn that Mr Knightley thinks Emma should be with someone her own age and that his having being older than her and Harriet a girl of seventeen to be your friend isn't exactly who she should hang out with But when it comes to the idea of Mr Elton wanting to marry Emma Knigtley thinks its a no brainer as Emma has declared that she will not marry but is still curious of the outcome But when Frank Churchill arrives and when news begins to talk around the town and Mr Knightley see's Emma's reaction he cannot help but take a dislike immediately towards him before they even meet But when Frank does arrive things change for Mr Knightley his temper becomes shorter and is determined to makesure to have nothing to do with him as he can't bare the thought of seeing him with Emma I won't spoil any but I highly recommend this book if you enjoy reading Emma and love Mr Knightley Its an amazingly well written book and I love it Love it To uote some of my favourite uotes from Mr Knightley and EmmaTOO GET HIS HAIRCUTMr Knightley invites you all to pick his strawberries

  7. Deb Deb says:

    Splendid Delightful Sighing happy perfection In our modern world were every bit of news on paper television and social media is of a negative and depressing connotation it is a great relief to still be able to open a book for shelter and cover from the reality of the sad cruel cruel world I do it often Books are and have always been my haven I was delighted this time to retreat back into the 1800's to the uaint town of Highbury to be a fly on the wall reading the musings of Mr Knightly's Diary This book is an adaptation of the movie Emma starring Gweneth Paltrow and Jeremy Northam vs the actual book by Jane Austen Which is fine with me because it is one of my favorite movies of all times I can watch it repeatedly and sigh with sweetness This book was wonderful to visit a place where everyone is respectful and kind Everyone stands on proper formality at all times I did not know Mr Knightly even had a first name Or Miss Bates In the movie it's told from Emma's point of view This is told from George Knightly's It was interesting to hear his versions of the happenings that we're all uite already aware of There are details and some fun spins on a few things to surprise us Everyone ends up happy and in love in this book and I was glad to know it Six stars 5GR is what I give this book It was easy extremely pleasant delightful and a joy to relax and read I recommend this to the millions of Austen lovers and those who just need something nice I will try other books by this author No animals people barely any feelings are hurt in this book Sometimes we just need that A good nice innocent time travel to someplace warm and fuzzy Happy SighSmile

  8. Hailee Hailee says:

    25 starsReading any of Jane Austen's novels from the hero's perspective always has interesting aspects but on the whole this was uite bland I don't think the diary format helped in this respect as it was so simply written as a diary naturally would be It was basically a novel that was just a recording of heshe said this and heshe did this The end If you add this to the fact that I read this a week after finishing Emma so maybe the story was still to fresh in my mindIt was a uick read and nice to get it off my TBR since I bought it over five years ago but I doubt I'll ever reread it again Even for people who favourite Jane Austen book is Emma I'm not sure they would gain any new information from this but I suppose it is all a matter of personal preference

  9. Trish Butler Trish Butler says:

    An interesting Mr Knightley painted a little dullThe premise of this book caught my attention A retelling of ‘Emma’ by Jane Austen from Mr Knightley’s POV I was intrigued as to the perceived thought processes of the manUnfortunately most of Mr Knightley’s thoughts were caught up with trifling matters around his estate dining with neighbours and looking around for a wife Each woman he met could not compare with Emma he writes but still does not see that she is the one he is in love with His emotions fell flat for me Even his struggles when he thought all was lost to Frank Churchill seemed over too uicklyHowever the book is well written despite a glut of exclamation marks and is a smooth uick readNo doubt a favourite of Jane Austen fans

  10. Rebecca May Rebecca May says:

    As I have also said about Captain Wentworth’s Diary I believe that Mr Knightley’s Diary is Emma the way that Emma should have been told in the first placeMy main problem with Emma was the huge amounts of doing absolutely nothing the irritating heroine who did grow on me eventually a bit and the fact that after a lot of pages all the characters ended up pretty much where they began – for example Harriet and Robert Martin Mr Knightley’s Diary fixes all of these problems To be honest Mr Knightley is a character far enjoyable to read about than the stuck up and interfering Emma Knightley is kind and proud and if he interferes it is only for the good of others not for his own entertainment or gratification The Diary was also shorter cut out some of the unnecessary details and we got to see a lot of Mr Knightley’s inner self Therefore we were able to see a progression throughout the story which was the progression of his feelings towards Emma and other women around himThe amusing tendency that Amanda Grange’s heroes have to never realize that they are in love is even amusingly prominent in this story than in Grange’s others I mean really Knightley is trying to find a wife to settle down with but every woman he meets lacks some uality the dear Emma has Put the pieces together man It can’t be that hardKnightley isn’t a saint of course he isn’t; he has his moments He is exceedingly angry at Frank Churchill throughout most of the book and though his anger is partly justified mostly it is only because he sees how much Emma is excited by the idea of him and then by the reality It irritates him exceedingly which again is amusing to watch And we get to see his inner thoughts towards both Harriet Smith and Jane Fairfax which was also very interesting But one of the most touching moments in the Diary is like in Emma the moment where Knightley valiantly kindly and indignantly rescues Harriet from the shame of being passed over and left without a partner as well as the sorrow of being spurned But while that was my favorite moment in Emma it was only part of a collection of favorite moments in the Diary – which is why I like the Diary so much But it is sweet how Knightley is constantly looking out for others and kindly repairing any damage that Emma has done to the feelings of others whether it be Jane Fairfax Ms Bates It was badly done Emma Badly done indeed or Harriet SmithThe end of Mr Knightley's Diary is as satisfying as that of any well ending Austen romance and will please everyone Though at that point for me Mr Woodhouse became rather irritating rather than cute – which is what I thought of him as through some of the Diary and most of Emma Anyway back to the point the Diary well measures up to the other books in the series the description as always beautiful and the writing style easy yet still capturing the essence of the original essenceAs with all the other Diaries Mr Knightley’s Diary is very much recommended to any who admire Jane Austen’s work A beautiful story

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Mr. Knightley's Diary [Epub] ➣ Mr. Knightley's Diary ➤ Amanda Grange – Relive Jane Austen's Emma from Mr Knightley's point of view Between managing his estate and visiting his brother in London Mr Knightley is both exasperated and amused by his irresistibly beautiful out Relive Jane Austen's Emma from Mr Knightley's point of view Between managing his estate and visiting his brother in London Mr Knightley is both exasperated and amused by his irresistibly beautiful outrageously mischievous neighbor Emma Woodhouse whose misguided attempts at matchmaking are wreaking Mr. Knightley's PDF or havoc in the village of Highbury But when a handsome newcomer arrives and catches Emma's attention Mr Knightley is shocked by his reaction Amusement gives way to another emotion entirely for his unreasonable dislike of the handsome newcomer seems suspiciously like jealousy.

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