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Louis the Well Beloved [PDF / Epub] ☄ Louis the Well Beloved ✓ Jean Plaidy – Buyprobolan50.co.uk First volume in the French Revolution series; the people wanted to see their Louis as king in his own right bringing back glory to France and prosperity to their hearths but Louis cared only for the t First volume in the French Revolution series; the people wanted to see their Louis as king in his own right bringing back glory to France and Louis the Epub / prosperity to their hearths but Louis cared only for the thrills of hunting and gambling the excitements of war until even these paled before the sensual delights offered by a succession of mistresses from beautiful waiting women to the celebrated Maruise de Pompadour the early years of Louis XV and the women who ruled him.

  • Paperback
  • 368 pages
  • Louis the Well Beloved
  • Jean Plaidy
  • English
  • 14 January 2015
  • 9780330029223

About the Author: Jean Plaidy

Jean Plaidy which had sold million copies by the time of her death She chose to use various names because of the differences in subject Louis the Epub / matter between her books; the best known apart from Plaidy are.

10 thoughts on “Louis the Well Beloved

  1. Jenks Jenks says:

    This was handed to me to read because of my love for everything Versailles So chance reading than actual choice But what a good read I enjoyed Louis I thought his childish ways and fear of confrontation was written so well it made me laugh in parts The court gossip and drama was as juicy as ever Recommended

  2. Victoria Victoria says:

    This hasn't been my favourite Plaidy novel I must say It details the life of the young Louis XV and his earlier mistresses and his wife I found the story a little dull in places I also couldn't help thinking Louis' daughters were slightly bratty I will read the other two books in the series mainly because I already have them

  3. Anne Fenn Anne Fenn says:

    My first Jean Plaidy a writer well known in latter years of the twentieth century for her historical fiction a bit before people like Philippa Gregory This novel charts the early to midlife years of Louis XV with an emphasis on his women It’s a funny mix he’s portrayed as being ‘faithful’ to his wife then his first mistress then his second third etc The women are hard to believe they all plot scheme succeed not just at being in a relationship with the king what they really want is to run the country Yes they’re than the power behind the throne they’re it I enjoyed reading this novel although it crams a lot into a small space and there are two books in the series I’ll try JP’s Tudor series next

  4. Nefertari Nefertari says:

    Took an exciting scandalous tale of a king and his many mistresses four of whom were sisters and reduced it to dry lifeless prose Try Sally Christie's novels about Louis XV's mistresses for a little intrigue

  5. Ruth Ruth says:

    France eagerly awaits the day the young King Louis XV comes of age and breaks free from the rule of his ministers The country hopes Louis will bring back glory and prosperity to France However he is too preoccupied with the thrills of hunting and gambling to notice the power struggle going on in his own court Soon the King is introduced to the pleasures of mistresses and a succession of lovers follows Really enjoyed the tales of the court and you get a sense of the impending doomGood read

  6. Jake Jake says:

    The kind of historical fiction I like short simple characters semi accurate and tons of court intrigue Although court intrigues and who is sleeping with who make up 95% of the book and it gets a little tiresome by the end Still I liked Plaidy's take on it by easily following advisers and mistresses Louis XV is never handed the opportunity to grow as a ruler And thus the seeds for the French Revolution which will happen during the reign of his son are sown I'll have to hunt down the seuels

  7. Michelle allan Michelle allan says:

    DNF pg 100 sloooow and booooring

  8. Lucy Lucy says:

    This deliciously French historical on Louis XV the Well beloved le bien aimé just led me to further embrace my passion for reading Plaidy Simply put History at its best Yes I did say history because no matter that Plaidy’s novels classify as HF you just need to read one to immediately understand that this is an accurate version of the past retold in its best formLouis The Well Beloved Jean PlaidyThe story begins with the Sun King Louis XIV Louis XV’s great grandfather on his death bed his life imminently ending From the moment the Sun King holds his little great grandson and tells him that he will be his successor I fell in love with the little guy who would become the Well beloved of all of FranceIf it weren’t for his great grandfather and uncles Little Louis was left practically an orphan after the sudden deaths of both his parents and older brother The only one left to mother him was his governess whom he became completely and totally attached to in my opinion this in itself probably set the stage for loving in a grand way all the subseuent ladies in his lifeIt was incredibly interesting to read about Louis’ coming of age as a Little King admired by all From the beginning we sense his kind nature and desire for closeness and intimacy with the privileged few mind you Even important Louis stands out as one whose great aversion to any type of conflict or breach of etiuette was mega or borderline insaneLouis The Well Beloved takes us through Louis ’life his reign and his lovesand of these there were uite a few Louis in his all consuming passion for the ladies was believe it or not incredibly faithful especially for those timesand in France Without going into too much detail I will mention the obvious Mistress Madame de Pompadour; notorious for winning the King’s heart she wasn’t the first nor the last though I love the way Plaidy portrays her in this novel It’s a refreshing look at someone whom I thought to have been uite the opposite well at least in this first book of this seriesPlaidy also brings in Louis’ children mostly daughters and shows us the King as an overly protective doting father we get a good taste of what the princesses were like as well Louis was also a most loving husband Yes another surprise this ueen was blessed with Kingly love Too much love in fact Louis was insatiable Sadly we see how their love slowly digressed but the respect remained and neither was really to blame Louis really triedAs far as the country went France loved her King Louis could do no wrong It was all the fault of either his ministers tutors ueen or mistresses Louis was their hero but how long could they sing that tune? The seeds of the Revolution were slowly taking root For how long could Louis remain The Well Beloved?I f you love French history and all the eccentricities of etiuette taken too far along with a good dose of rapturous forbidden love this Plaidy is for you I absolutely must read 'Road to Compiegne' next which is the seuel to this oneExcellent

  9. Syrdarya Syrdarya says:

    I listened to this as an audiobook and the reader's voices for children and women were very annoying but not enough to make me uit listening This is a book that I would have preferred to read at least in ebook format so that I could see the spellings for all the names and titlesOn the plus side I am a huge Victoria Holt fan one of Jean Plaidy's other aliases and I always meant to read some of the historical fiction published under her Jean Plaidy pseudonym so I was excited to get ahold of this book Louis VX nicknamed the Well Beloved was spoiled rotten as a child by his nanny and thrust into power as a child when his grandfather passed away He was torn from his nanny and raised by ministers who sought to control him He was rather spineless and hated confrontations so he often dismissed people through passive aggressive means He loved his wife Maria Leszczyńska until she began to tire of being pregnant all the time and she began to refuse him Then he basically ignored her for the rest of their lives and chased after his mistresses It's bizarre to me that a country could be so tied to religion and openly flout the adulteries of their kings but that's the way it was Louis broke an unwritten rule in my eyes when he took one mistress after another from the same family I think four of them were sisters and there was a bit of backstabbing going on which shows Louis wasn't the only badly principled personAfter the four sisters he was hunted down by Madame du Pompadour and she became his favorite I might have liked her less except for the Doctor Who episode in which she plays a guest role Most of the book seems to come from the viewpoints of his wife and mistresses and even a little bit from his daughters and daughter in law Louis himself is rather unsympathetic as he is disgusted by the common people and won't be forceful himself to his relatives and ministers but makes other people do his dirty work for him He spent relatively little time concerned with governing and most of it hunting partying spending time with his mistresses and spending lots of money building extravagant and unnecessary buildingsHis moniker was only as it was because the people never really seemed to know what he was like

  10. Phil Syphe Phil Syphe says:

    I read this because I'm interested in France's Bourbon kings and Madame de Pompadour I 'm also a fan of the authorI think that Jean Plaidy did a good job bringing the early to mid eighteenth century France to life I like her portrayal of Louis XV whom we get to see grow from a five year old up to about thirty As a child he comes across as a spoiled brat with no interest in the French people who cheer and adore him Yet as he becomes a man little of his character altersI found myself liking Louis whilst having little respect for his carefree ways That said I did admire him for joining his soldiers in various battles as he could easily have avoided doing soIt's interesting to observe how Louis's coldness towards his subjects who love him and the amount of money he taxes them to pay for fruitless wars or to indulge his passion for architecture all leads to his loss of popularity More to the point his carefree attitude points the way to the French Revolution a few decades laterOn a lighter note it's also interesting to see how his mistresses come and go along with his changing relationship with his ueen His first intended ueen back when he was a boy was the character for whom I felt the most sympathy for in the entire book I won't say about the little Spanish princess in case I leak any spoilersI've previously read a biography of Madame de Pompadour discovering that I liked her very much and I'm impressed with the author's depiction of the beautiful gifted ladyAdelaide one of Louis's daughters is one of the most interesting characters She's clever yet also slightly mad Overall this is a good read though I would've enjoyed it had it been a little spicy or confrontational at times

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