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Flaunting Extravagant ueen French Revolution [PDF / Epub] ☉ Flaunting Extravagant ueen French Revolution By Jean Plaidy – Buyprobolan50.co.uk At the age of fifteen Marie Antoinette beautiful and charming bride to the impotent Dauphin is plunged into the intrigue of VersaillesFrivolous and reckless she flouts the strict and demanding etiuett At the ueen French ePUB ´ age of fifteen Marie Antoinette beautiful and charming bride to the impotent Dauphin is plunged into the intrigue of VersaillesFrivolous and reckless she flouts the strict and demanding etiuette of the glittering court and discovers the true nature of hate and loveBut the clouds of revolution are overhead and Marie Antoinette who only wished to enjoy life learns too late that the price of Flaunting Extravagant PDF/EPUB or her enjoyment is very high.

10 thoughts on “Flaunting Extravagant ueen French Revolution

  1. Jahnavi Jha Jahnavi Jha says:

    The writing style is the main downside of this book The characterizations are surprisingly poor The descriptions are very childish and the most shocking bit is that revolution is portrayed in the worst way possible Overall this book is uite disappointing considering the fact that there are several well researched historical fiction books out there Most importantly this book could not bring Marie Antoinette to life it is confusion of holler than thou reactions Expected better from the famed Jean Plaidy Will surely not venture into any of her works

  2. Andrew Andrew says:

    This was written in 1957 but it is still an excellent book covering the period from when Marie Antoinette left Austria to become Louis' wife until her beheading Overall a very sad story from this recount of events she had so many enemies in court and beyond mainly caused by jealousy Not helped by a weak indecisive king so many times when he could and should have taken control I would now like to read one or two other versions of her story Nice to return to Jean Plaidy I cut my teeth in Historical Fiction with Jean Plaidy she was a favourite of my mum's and her books were available in the house In fact this copy was from then and was passed onto me shortly before her death

  3. Katie Cowie Katie Cowie says:

    Very good personal look into the life of Marie Antoinette

  4. Robin Robin says:

    At first I wasn't fond of the writing style not because it wasn't modern but because it just didn't seem to lend itself to much depth But by the end of the book I felt it was well worth the read The gradual evolution of Antoinette's character was well portrayed and the ending was very moving I suppose the lack of depth in the beginning was merely because Antoinette herself lacked much depth until her world began to change I do have two complaints though The same adjectives seemed to be used over and over again Words like dainty and frivolous were used far too often to describe Antoinette when there are plenty of suitable synonyms The same thing occured with other characters too I just found it rather lazy coming from such a highly acclaimed author A minor complaint but I also didn't like the fact that Plaidy freuently used french words and terms without always explaining what they meant Granted the author was born and raised in England and I understand most English schools teach basic French So it's understandable the author might assume her readers know enough French to know these basic words and terms But in the US most students choose to learn Spanish not French and unfortunately I did not always have Google with me while reading Sometimes I could get the gist of it from what was going on but I still would have liked to know what was actually said From what I've read Plaidy's work is considered very historically accurate and while it's not something I reuire from my historical fiction it is certainly something I can appreciate though I do struggle to understand how one woman could research and write as many books as she did in her life time I worked out she would have to have written at least 2 books per year I did not know a huge amount about Marie Antoinette and felt this was a good introduction With her vast back catalogue I'm eager to read at least a few of Plaidy's novels

  5. Jazelle Jazelle says:

    This is the fifth book about Marie Antoinette that I've read and I liked it because it's written in a third point of view compared to the usual format that I've read which was always first POV Marie Antoinette's I love the way this was written too because it served facts in a objective and understandable way like the events concerning the diamond necklace In this book too it was so much easier to imagine the fall from grace of the royal family since it also told the story AFTER the glorious days in Versailles whereas the other books focused mainly on Marie Antoinette's extravagant days Anyhow I really liked this book Eventhough I already knew the sad ending awaiting this ueen I couldn't help but be hopeful whenever I read about the escape plans that just ended in tragedy

  6. Phil Syphe Phil Syphe says:

    Having read a biography of Marie Antoinette I think this fictional account of this fascinating woman is a damn good read Jean Plaidy has done a great job of bringing Marie Antoinette to life along with Louis XVI The author focuses on many of the most important aspects of this frightening period of French history mixing in some trivialities which gives a rounded story In reality Marie Antoinette's final few years were much drawn out and wretched than portrayed here That said enough events feature here to still make the reader feel the utmost sympathy for Marie Antoinette and her familyThe author does a good job in showing the transition of the Flaunting Extravagant ueen to a loyal wife and mother who all her life is in the eyes of lookers on is damned in whatever she does and damned in whatever she doesn't

  7. Anna Gibson Anna Gibson says:

    This book was surprisingly historically solid and appropriately sympathetic but without any sort of whitewashing Though I'm personally not a fan of this sort of passive narrative style of writing so I found it hard to get into this book

  8. Hans Hans says:

    When I finally got to the part where the 14th July has arrived I gave up on this book series It was passed over on 1 page What a waste of time

  9. Tina Tina says:

    A good and informative read that got me into wonderful debates with my husband about the marriage of figaro and the barber of Seville

  10. Lynn Smith Lynn Smith says:

    Published 1957 the story of Marie Antoinette and Louis XVI of France and the events leading to the French Revolution and their own executions

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