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The Road to Compiegne ➲ [Read] ➭ The Road to Compiegne By Jean Plaidy ➽ – Buyprobolan50.co.uk No longer the well beloved Louis XV is becoming ever unpopular the huge expense of his court and decades of costly warfare having taken their toll As the discontent grows Louis seeks refuge in his ext No longer the well beloved Louis XV is becoming ever unpopular the huge expense of his The Road PDF or court and decades of costly warfare having taken their toll As the discontent grows Louis seeks refuge in his extravagances and his mistress the powerful Maruise de Pompadour Suspicions plots and rivalry are rife as Louis's daughters and lovers jostle for his attention and their own standing at Court Ignoring the unrest in Paris Louis continues to indulge in frivolities But how long will Paris stay silent when the death of the Maruise de Pompadour leads to yet another mistress influencing the King.

  • The Road to Compiegne
  • Jean Plaidy
  • English
  • 07 December 2016
  • 9780330231718

About the Author: Jean Plaidy

Jean Plaidy which had sold million copies by the time of her death She chose The Road PDF or to use various names because of the differences in subject matter between her books; the best known apart from Plaidy are.

10 thoughts on “The Road to Compiegne

  1. Serena Serena says:

    You can never find fault with a good Jean Plaidy novel My fascination with Marie Antoinette and her life prior to the infamous revolution only made this book sweeter and I simply love the direction Plaidy decided to take this novel My favourite part was definitely those with Madam de Pompadour and I cried buckets when she passed away Her relationship with Louis is just so insightful that it pulled on my heartstrings and made me a little sympathetic towards Madame du Barry Both woman made strong by difficult circumstances The Road to Compiegne is not only a worthwhile but also fascinating light read5 starsPS If you liked this book check out The Hidden Diary of Marie Antoinette Marie Antoinette The Journey Becoming Marie Antoinette and Abundance A Novel of Marie Antoinette

  2. Ruth Ruth says:

    I enjoyed this You can see the seeds of the revolution and why Bit confusing with some of the names at court Versaille and all who live there are in such a privileged world they cannot see the truth or the suffering of others All the sycophants are there jostling for position and power and women are used to gain power and money whilst the men swindle and spend lavishlyWomen need to find other ways to gain notice It's an interesting read

  3. Nefertari Nefertari says:

    Meh Takes one of the most salacious periods in royal history and drains all the life from it Louis XV may not have deserved better but his mistresses and family sure did

  4. Rebecca Rebecca says:

    Enjoyed it as I do all of Jean Plaidy’s books but preferred the first in this series—Louis The Well Beloved

  5. Nicola Nicola says:

    Bedtime reading when I'm too tired for non fiction or too tender for murder

  6. Lucy Lucy says:

    This one is the second in the Revolution Series by Jean Plaidy and I absolutely loved it Moving on from the first book Louis the Well Beloved see my review here which portrays Louis from birth to the beginning of his relationship with La Maruise de Pompadour in this volume Louis goes from well beloved by his people to completely loathed Hunger is prevalent and the country is in turmoil but Louis rather than owning up to his responsibilities lives in complete denial while alienating himself all the He can no longer travel to Paris due to the extreme danger it poses him The people are enraged and blame his excessiveness and abiding loyalty to La Pompadour for their misery He is considered a weak ruler that takes counsel from his mistress to reign over the countryLa Pompadour certainly had her say in politics and did advise Louis on all matters of state however much of her say was based on how Louis felt literally When Louis was down and feeling horrible about himself Madame la Pompadour would do anything in her power to make him feel as though it wasn’t his fault this set her in an advantageous position She became the person he most wanted to be with his true friend and confidantesomeone he would always want around himFor La Pompadour Louis meant everything She needed to keep him happy and content in all waysBUT there was one area where she just could not keep up with him Louis was an insatiable lover and La Pompadour who was rather frail in health could not deliverso she thought of a little solution In order to keep Louis ‘content’ she provided him with young but not particularly bright or ambitious young girls to service him Meanwhile she strategically moved out of Court to her own place in order to offer the people a diversion Now no one could say that she was coercing the King in matters of politics or as a ‘mistress’ She would now be known as his ‘good friend’ This way she covered her reputation kept the King by her side for all emotional comfort which he constantly needed and gave him his pleasurable diversionsThis plan would go on until the very end When La Pompadour died in came La Du Barry; A complete turn around in terms of class and composure Yet Louis was bewitched by her to his very last days The book also brings us Louis’ daughters and the longing yet never fulfilled relationship they so needed with their dad There was much competition slyness and direct confrontations all for the love of their father It was a constant trial to rid him of his mistresses they never succeeded Marie Antoinette also appears by the end of the novelExcellent book about a period I am most fascinated by so I’m now really looking forward to reading Extravagant ueenI love this series

  7. Phil Syphe Phil Syphe says:

    I read this after enjoying the first book in the series plus I'm interested in France's Bourbon kings Madame de Pompadour and I 'm a fan of the authorI think that Jean Plaidy did a good job bringing eighteenth century France to life Her portrayal of Louis XV is excellent I found myself liking Louis whilst having little respect for his carefree ways He always puts his own pleasures before the need of his subjectsIt's interesting to observe how Louis's coldness towards the French people who once loved him and the amount of money he taxes them to pay for fruitless wars or to indulge his passion for architecture all leads to his loss of popularity More to the point his carefree attitude points the way to the French Revolution a few decades after his deathLouis was not like other rulers who did diabolical things to his people or to other nations His main faults lied in what he did not do ie spend less money on his himself and focus on saving his subjects from starving In short he wasn’t a despotic king but a disinterested oneMost appealing to me in this novel is Louis’s uniue relationship with Madame de Pompadour I've previously read a biography about this successful beautiful woman discovering that I liked her very much I'm impressed with the author's depiction of the gifted lady I’m not suggesting that Madame de Pompadour was without her faults as she did nothing to stem Louis’s overspending but I don’t think she was vindictive towards the poor but was rather out of touch with the true state of thingsThe people in return showed nothing but contempt for her thus it strikes me that a lack of communication was a big problem Madame de Pompadour also had her hands full maintaining her position in the king’s life She had many enemies at Court most of whom were jealous of the power she wielded therefore much of her time was consumed with fighting battles with enemies she knew and enemies she didn’t all of whom wanted her oustedAdelaide one of Louis's daughters is one of the most interesting characters She's clever yet also slightly mad I like Madame du Barry too though Louis XV and Madame de Pompadour are the stand out characters for me Overall this is a good read though I would've enjoyed it had it been a little spicy or confrontational at times I also feel that the author should’ve cut back on certain info It’s as though she wanted to relay every notable historical event which wasn’t necessary for this story as at times it detracts from the main narrative and the most important characters’ lives

  8. Melinda Melinda says:

    I was rather disappointed by this book I felt that a huge amount of information was presented but barely enough focus was on Madame de Pompadour and Louis XV's relationships It felt like mostly the focus on was Louis' numerous mistresses and dalliances and Pompadour's desperate grasp to maintain her power and hold over Louis while her health declines While I am sure Pompadour was a lovely intelligent and interesting person it doesn't really show all that much in this book I felt like random dots and side stories are placed here and very barely connected to form a solid bookWe are also introduced to numerous characters with barely a few sentences here and there before they are whisked away again never to be seen again or until much later Or they are referenced but seem very much one dimensional After Pomadour's death it gets a tad boring until Madame de Berry comes into the picture but even then the book kind of just drags a little bit until it finally limps to the end

  9. Kelly Kelly says:

    The descriptions of some characters and events were relevent to the history of Louis XV but interrupted the flow of the main storyline which to me was the relationship between Pompadour and Louis and at times was hard to follow I enjoyed the depictions of the characters and the interplay between politics and personal relationships at court as well as the obvious friendship that lasted between Pompadour and Louis Overall I enjoyed the book but I found myself skipping some irrelevent chunks

  10. Catherine Catherine says:

    Easy uick read and couldn't put it down It wasn't as exciting once Madame de Pompadour was out of the picture though His children were talked about in this book and I just lost track of all his mistresses Can't wait to read the last book about Marie Antoinette and Louis XVI

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