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Start Where You Are [PDF / Epub] ✈ Start Where You Are ☀ Chris Gardner – “Gardner is encouraging us all to start where we are and dare to make our lives bigger and stronger satisfactory and better Chris Gardner is a knockout”—Maya Angelou  Chris Gardner’s astonis “Gardner is encouraging us all to start where we are and dare to make our lives bigger and stronger satisfactory and better Chris Gardner is a knockout”—Maya Angelou  Chris Gardner’s astonishing memoir—the phenomenal New York Times bestseller The Pursuit of Happyness which inspired the film of the same name starring Will Smith—served as a shining beacon of hope for countless people In Start Where You Are “a book that teaches you how to transform the impossible into the possible” Sidney Poitier Gardner offers indispensible life lessons in Start Where PDF \ getting from where you are to where you want to be.

10 thoughts on “Start Where You Are

  1. Rachel Rachel says:

    If I were to write a book on life lessons in getting from where you are to where you want to be I think I would whittle it down to fewer than 44 That's right There are 44 separate lessons in this book Gardner's story which he doesn't tell in depth here but refers to often is remarkable but this book is repetitive and unfocused The best lesson I learned was at the very beginning where he describes the C 5 complex clear concise compelling committed and consistent I wish he had remembered to be concise when writing this book with a co author amazing How bad was this book before she got her hands on it???I wonder about the truthfulness of the book Perhaps the facts are all there but Gardner describes the haunting and life transforming experience of visiting Robben Island Prison where Nelson Mandela had been sent at the end of 1962 with a life sentence and where I was shown his prison cell Wow Sounds like a special tour that only some select few are able to experience right? NO Any yob with a few rand and an afternoon free in Cape Town South Africa can go on that tour I have been on that tour Maybe I'm being too critical about this but I feel that he was putting a spin on this and it makes me uestion the rest of the book

  2. Lamec Mariita Lamec Mariita says:

    Start Where You Are authored by Chris Gardner and co authored by Mim E Rivas is an inspirational exciting uplifting road map to get from the place in your life where you currently are to becoming the person you always knew you could be This book is a must read for anyone who is interested in pursuing their personal goals and simply making your dream a reality This book shares so many motivating stories of people who are in need of a lift in their life and through perseverance and hard work they overcome every one of their obstacles; coming out of their hardships light years ahead of where they ever imagined they could be This book is proof that hard work and determination a driving spirit and a will to overcome truly is the secret to success In addition to personal stories that move you the step by step guide is also woven within Gardner’s book to show you exactly how you can go from either unemployment or a job which makes you unhappy to the amazing successful individual you have always wanted to become

  3. Sonya Sonya says:

    This was assigned reading for a Senior Capstone course in college There were some good tips but I think Gardner's ego and tendency to name drop are a little off putting If you are looking for obtaining monetary success by way of the corporate world this book will speak to you If you don't necessarily define success in Gardner's terms you may find other books helpful

  4. Kertu Rüütli Kertu Rüütli says:

    When you've read this book and answered all the uestions in the end you really get to know your core and strengths inside of it

  5. Mehdi Souiyah Mehdi Souiyah says:

    My last book of 2019 was full of advices and experiences Keep dreaming and believe in yourself

  6. Rick Mccray Rick Mccray says:

    I loved this book To me it is a life resource that I will go back to constantly to remind myself how my life experiences and current network can empower me to expand and grow in my journey I don't think of this as some unrealistic self help book Instead Chris Gardner points out that you are where you are in life mostly due to the choices you have made up to this point If you don't like the direction you are heading in then change the direction you are going He asks you to explore your past no matter how painful and seek understanding for why you made certain choices or surrounded yourself with certain people during your journeyI would recommend this book to anyone but especially someone who wants to be in a better place than where they are right now

  7. Patricia Patricia says:

    This book reminded me of why I stopped reading self help books I found this one particularly overwhelming Filled with great inspirational advice I will just ignore because all I want to do is keep reading books

  8. Veronica Veronica says:

    This book was like sitting with your favourite uncle and receiving life lessonsInsightful and truly for that person who has the guts to grab hold of their dreams

  9. Harvey Harvey says:

    Average It felt like just another self help book If you have read self help books before about how to succeed you won't find anything really new here Each chapter has a summary at the end of it plus another chapter by chapter summary at the end of the book It could be shortened uite a bit

  10. Liz Stiverson Liz Stiverson says:

    A nice build on The Pursuit of Happyness a detailed outline of steps to make dreams actionable organized around 44 lessons supported with keywords and a lot of stories and analogies from Gardner's and others' lives; felt like it was trying to be a companion for the road than a delivery mechanism for any individual aha

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