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Private Justice Newpointe 911 [KINDLE] ✿ Private Justice Newpointe 911 Author Terri Blackstock – Staying together had seemed impossibleNow it's their only hopeA dark shadow of fear has fallen over Newpointe Louisiana First one then another of the town firemen's wives has been murdered and a third Staying together had seemed impossibleNow it's their only hopeA dark shadow of fear has fallen over Newpointe Louisiana First one then another of the town firemen's wives has been murdered and a third has barely escaped an attempt on her life Incredible as it seems a serial killer is stalking this sleepy little southern community And Mark Branning's Private Justice PDF/EPUB or wife may be next on the listMark is determined to protect her But keeping Allie alive won't be easy not with their marriage already dying a bitter deathUnless they renew their commitment to each other and to God someone else may settle their problems permanently And time to decide is running out'This tense and exciting thriller is than a fabulous read; it has an underlying message about the place of religion within a marriage Highly recommended' Library JournalPrivate Justice is book one in the Newpointe series by award winning novelist Terri Blackstock Newpointe offers taut superbly crafted novels of faith fear and close knit small town relationships seasoned with romance and tempered by insights into the nature of relationships redemption and the human heart Look also for Shadow of Doubt Line of Duty Word of Honor and Trial by Fire.

  • Kindle Edition
  • 386 pages
  • Private Justice Newpointe 911
  • Terri Blackstock
  • English
  • 10 September 2014

About the Author: Terri Blackstock

Terri Blackstock is a New York Times best seller with over six million copies sold worldwide She is the winner of two Carol Awards a Christian Retailers Choice Award and a Romantic Times Book Reviews Career Achievement Award among others She has had over twenty five years of success as a novelist Terri spent the first twelve years Private Justice PDF/EPUB or of her life traveling in a US Air Force family She lived.

10 thoughts on “Private Justice Newpointe 911

  1. Madelyn Madelyn says:

    See the full review at Literary Cafe few months ago I went to visit my dad's family I simply brought my laptop in case for some reason I should need it I returned back to my house with not only my laptop but two bags full of Terri Blackstock books from my incredibly amazingly perfect aunt She promised me that I would fall in love and she was right because I didI kicked off my adventures with Emerald Windows I then continued on to the Newpointe 911 Series I read each book in one day and the entire series in 5 It absolutely was that good Christian thriller mystery suspense romance What could you ask for? To top it off the book was set in Louisiana where I'm from 'Things I loved motivesAfter about the 60% mark I had narrowed down the culprit to two people and then just a little later I had figured it out What made me keep reading was the motive It was odd out there unpredictable but so realistic and legitimate Eventually you figured out who the perpetrator was but until Mrs Blackstock revealed the purpose you honestly had no idea small town blues​Ok I'll admit it I'm a sucker for small towns If you read my review for At Home in Mitford you'll probably gather that The people Especially Aunt Aggie and the Andy Griffith Show references the buildings and setting and even the events and how they were uaintly described I realize not everyone enjoys this but it pushed my enjoyment level for this series over the top accents​I've read few books centered in the south but when I have they murdered the accents Thanks to Terri we now have a mostly correct representation of how we actually speak I'm sure that since she's from Mississippi it helped injuries​People were actually injured and killed y'all Which would be convenient since this was a murder mystery But nevertheless it wasn't a happy go lovely everyone ends up ok story depth​What generally characterizes a shallow story is not that the basic plot is superficial but that there is only one plot It doesn't keep you interested It can't no matter how commendable the writer's creativity is with that single line Blackstock weaves multiple issues throughout the story that all connect to one another but are in and of themselves inherently different ​ emergency personnel​I would ask you to read this if only for the appreciation you gain for our 911 personnel It made me feel connected in some way to them They were personable and endearing I'll tell you the absolute truth once I finished this series I never saw cops firefighters detectives or emergency medical workers in the same light Through all the shootings and ambushes that have recently been taking place my heart aches because of the knowledge and insight that this book gives into their personal pains and sacrifice Things to work on love triangle​Eh Pretty typical Wife walks in on husband hugging a woman who had a hard day she was a paramedic and multiple people had died on her watch Wife see's it as unfaithfulness and they separate Both of them want to get back together but neither thinks the other does so they stay in misery and on and on and on I just felt that maybe a little creativity was warranted because of how talented I know Mrs Blackstock is preachingThe 'preaching' in this book I didn't personally find disconcerting at all but I've read and talked to several people who found it as a problem Maybe it could just be integrated into the story a little better ​That about wraps it up Thank you thank you thank you Aunt Cynthia You're the sweetest

  2. Staci Staci says:

    I've read Terri Blackstock's current novels Interesting to go back to one of her earlier series Her writing was just as good then She is the top suspense writerIn Private Justice there is a serial killer that is rapidly taking out victims Policeman and Fireman work together to find the villain The main characters in the story were fireman Mark Branning and his wife Allie While the mystery is solved there is focus on their relationship as wellSolid suspense novel

  3. Dani Pettrey Dani Pettrey says:

    Love anything by Terri Fast pacing great characterization and beautiful themes of God's sovereignty and love

  4. Sarita Sarita says:

    This was a great romantic suspense by Terri Blackstock The suspense was great and building as the book progressed and the plot surrounding Allie and Mark was executed wellMark and Allie At first I didn't like Mark He didn't realise the relationship with Issie not physical was wrong and not pure and blamed Allie for all their marriage issues I sympathized with Allie but at some point felt for Mark as Allie made up her mind of what was going on between Mark and Issie and was not open to hear Mark out It took a tragic incident for them to realise their marriage is worth fighting for My opinion of Mark changed when I saw how he protected Allie from the killer and at what lengths he would go to keep her save They way he also faced her parents who hated him for what he did to Allie also made me respect him it was not an easy situation and he did not take the easy way outThe theme of always focusing on your first love God and trust Him came through strongly When we take our eyes of Him we allow open doors which have negative effects as shown through Mark and Allie Also the message about God's grace and redemption was a strong theme for me at the endThe suspense plot Someone is killing fire wives I was right on with my guess very early in the book view spoilerBut come on when someone breaks into one of the victim's house with the same gun used in other murders and under suspicious circumstances you have to do than just believe the stupid story even if the guy is a known friend But that is probably why the police let him go they couldn't believe someone they know could do that hide spoiler

  5. Jerry Jerry says:

    Another exciting thriller from Terri Blackstock I wish I had the seuels on hand

  6. Barb Hogan Barb Hogan says:

    Pretty good thriller but a bit too preachy on the Christian side for me I'm a Christian a Catholic to be specific and I felt that the God in in Control message was hammered in with a sledge hammer It didn't have to be that way I felt that it distracted from the good suspense of the novel In general I really liked the story and the characters

  7. Mary Mary says:

    I like a good sermon as much as the next person but enough is enough in this book I wish she had dialed it down a notch or two

  8. Laura Laura says:

    The mystery part of this book was very well done The Christian part was very preachy and not well integrated into the story I think the author is talented but needs to learn to get her message across in subtle ways as the preaching really disrupts the story I take some issue with the theology of the message as well God doesn't cause bad things to happen to punish us that keeps being brought up by the characters in the book I think that is pretty weak theology

  9. Charity Charity says:

    I thought I would try out a new author The synopsis raised my interest being a fire wife myself The mystery part of the book was good I was surprised at who the murderer was so I was impressed about that However the story dragged on and on It would've been much better without all the bible uotes over and over and how much god affects how people act It would have been a better story without all the preachy talk

  10. Emerald Sue Emerald Sue says:

    The Lord is my shepherd; I shall not want

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