Lightweight Backpacking Camping: A Field Guide to

Lightweight Backpacking Camping: A Field Guide to Wilderness Hiking Equipment, Technique Style ❮Read❯ ➸ Lightweight Backpacking Camping: A Field Guide to Wilderness Hiking Equipment, Technique Style ➻ Author Ryan Jordan – The notion that you need to carry 40 or 50 pounds of gear into the backcountry to be comfortable and safe is absolutely ridiculous So say the backcountry experts at Backpacking Light magazine in a new The notion that Camping: A PDF/EPUB è you need to carry or pounds of gear into the backcountry to be comfortable and safe is absolutely ridiculous So say the backcountry experts at Backpacking Light magazine in a new book that redefines modern day backpacking as safe comfortable and funbut with a much lighter pack This is the most comprehensive and rigorous text ever published on lightweight backpacking In addition to chapters about gear Lightweight Backpacking PDF/EPUB or and basic skills Lightweight Backpacking Camping covers advanced topics and has the latest information about the best lightweight gear and apparel including the manufacturers that make it and the retailers that carry it.

  • Paperback
  • 440 pages
  • Lightweight Backpacking Camping: A Field Guide to Wilderness Hiking Equipment, Technique Style
  • Ryan Jordan
  • English
  • 04 November 2015
  • 9780974818825

10 thoughts on “Lightweight Backpacking Camping: A Field Guide to Wilderness Hiking Equipment, Technique Style

  1. Eric Eric says:

    The best part about backpacking is lugging a 40 pound sack full of all kinds of crap with you all over God's green earth There's nothing like shedding the pack your decimated body practically floats off the face of the mountain when you take it off Still I appreciated the suggestions of what lightweight clothes to buy next time I hit the lotto

  2. Shane Shane says:

    This is a fairly uick read on the fundamental elements of lightweight backpacking It's essentially a compilation of articles from the backpackinglight online journal occasionally updated to reflect the author's current tactics or updated technology The book focuses primarily on lightweight tactics and the associated gear choices and provides a nice overview of the things one has to think about food clothing and shelter when backpackingThe Good still contemporary although the last few years may have brought about some new fabrics or gear that the book does not cover It does discuss the eVENT waterproof breathable fabric which is what I know of to be the latest big innovation so it's probably not missing much mostly a realistic outlook on balancing comfort and fun with going lightweight which the authors would say increases comfort and fun anyway comprehensive and covers a wide range of topics with later chapters even covering couple's and women's specific tactics not too verbose or overly technical gives the reader tactics and ideas without simply relying on statements about the latest expensive lightweight gear and spartan backpacking surprisingly good first aid section for a lightweight specific bookThe not so good occasionally refer the reader to an article in their subscription journal instead of talking about a subject in detail some fairly clear allegiances to certain companies when discussing sleeping pads for the first time they don't even mention therm a rest for example which even lightweight backpackers freuently purchase some editing mistakes and content formatting issues one chapter has endnote numbers with no endnotes probably left over from the journal article moderately preachy at times especially the chapter concerning backpacking efficiently tactics could have been useful such as dealing with certain situations packing techniues etcI think this was a solid book that gives a backpacker something to consider when purchasing their gear or planning for a trip While certainly biased towards certain companies and ideologies it's a worthwhile read for any backpacker

  3. Kelly Kelly says:

    This is a good book to start looking into decreasing weight for backpacking It systematically addresses each area of consideration from water to tent to first aid Although I have already purchased particular items for backpacking this is a good reference to consider when needing advice for future purchases Most of the gear suggestions in this book are not available in the average outdoor specialty store and can cost uite a bit in the effort to make something lightweight or ultralight I did like the section for women because these considerations are often forgotten or ignored in these types of booksPros good reference and considerations for decreasing backpack weight easy to read section for women included book is not afraid to cover it all to help one be prepared comprehensive guide on several subjects such as tents that I have not seen else whereCons many of the gear suggestions are specialty order and online could limit trying items out book assumes all new purchases will be made and cost some lightweight options seem extreme when they claim that lightweight is not going to damper your experience

  4. Mark Mark says:

    Not surprisingly this reads like a collection of articles from backpackinglightcom BPL which is or less what it it If you are new to light weight backpacking like what you have seen at BPL then you will appreciate this book because it is an excellent systematic summary of the content you will find in their website Each chapter is well written but the voice changes chapter by chapter because they were written by different people This can be ok but sometimes having a single voice and deeply connected themes are helpful I found this book covered a light weight approach to backpacking fairly well Given BPL tendency toward science I was hoping this book would have deep analysis than the average backpacking book There was a bit but I didn't find it radically different than several other decent books on backpacking

  5. Peter Peter says:

    Excellent and complete treatise on everything lightweight backpacking Excellent book for people who have a real interest to learn in depth about lightweight and ultralight backpacking If you are curious about lightweight backpacking and don't know what it is you should start with Lighten Up by Don Ladigin and illustrated by Mike Clelland After you have finished Lightweight Backpacking Camping you should check out the book's website backpackinglightcom Overall the book is highly recommended

  6. Pierre Pierre says:

    If you ever thought that packing a tent was for sissies this book is for you Filled with lots of good tips for experienced outdoorsmen and the slightly insane The book suffers from a lack of cohesion and clarity due to the multiple authors who write each chapter The pack lists are the best part of the book really boiling down what you need to survive in the wilderness Some of the claims stretch the authors credulity howeverI mean come on a 5lb kit? Give me a break

  7. Scott Whitney Scott Whitney says:

    This uick read took me over a year based on the fact that my health did not allow me to keep packing I hope the lightweight nature of the packing in this book will allow me to get back on the trail someday but not any time soon This is a good source of information on lightening your load on the trail while maintaining your safety and even enhancing your preparedness The lightweight packing lists in the back of the book are a great resource

  8. Jenn "JR" Jenn "JR" says:

    Unlike the motorcycle camping book I read this fall this book provides some very detailed practical information about the considerations methods and design of euipment and selection of gear for backpacking I feel like I learned a lot about gearing up not just for lightweight backpacking but for motorcycle camping and hiking generally Tons of really great information super helpful

  9. Reuel Reuel says:

    ed by Ryan Jordan Various experienced outdoors men and women were invited to write essays on aspects of lightweight backpacking and camping There were many useful suggestions for ways to reduce pack weight without sacrificing safety

  10. Angela Angela says:

    Decent information but as other reviewers have commented it's confusing because of the different voices that write each chapter Some get into agonizing detail some don't cover info that should be obvious

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