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Separate Beds ☀ [PDF / Epub] ★ Separate Beds By LaVyrle Spencer ✍ – Readers have long flocked to the works of LaVyrle Spencer one of America’s most cherished storytellers From The Fulfillment to Morning Glory to Then Came Heaven her touching emotionally charged nove Readers have long flocked to the works of LaVyrle Spencer one of America’s most cherished storytellers From The Fulfillment to Morning Glory to Then Came Heaven her touching emotionally charged novels have examined love in all its forms In Separate Beds two attractive headstrong people meet and fireworks ensueCatherine Anderson and Clay Forrester come from two completely different worlds but one blind date leaves them forever linked Clay a handsome law student and Catherine a serious bookish undergrad experience an evening they will never forget Fortified by the beauty of the night as well as a bottle of wine they share a night together A few short months later Catherine discovers she’s pregnant They agree to a marriage of convenience an arrangement that suits them both until they begin to fall in loveMoving and deeply affecting Separate Beds is a celebration of the healing power of love.

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  1. Dinjolina Dinjolina says:

    This was one of the two books I read last night Two very emotional books that just ripped me apartFor me Separate beds did not have a happy endingI hated ClayI never ever ever wanted him to be happyI do not care if he realized he loved Cat in the end He was pure and simple a very selfish monsterAll of the people that read my rews already know how strongly I feel about my heroines I am not really a feminist I am not really so much for girl power I really believe we do need man and I like my men macho willing ready and capable of defending and maybe even fending for women So the only little part of me that is a feminist gets her high from being emotionally involved when it comes to the fates of the heroines in the books I read Sometimes I am the silent friend of the heroine Sometimes I am the heroineIn this case?I wanted to be the hellhound that ripped Clay the shredsHe was an egocentric narcissistic bastard that had it all He was in a relationship with the same kind of woman power crazy chick that wanted a future full of money and successHe fought with her because really even then they did not want the same thingsSo he goes out with a sweet girl and has sex with herThe sex results in a pregnancyUp to this point I understand that he did not want to marry her and I understand him asking his girlfriend to marry him instead Still even then I think they did not love one another He asks her and she told him no He tells her she is beautiful Well my fiances best friend is too That does not mean I’m in love with him That only means he is a fuking Adonis Lucky him Arm candy? Sure Love? God no So why des our ‘hero’ want this girl? And right there the ‘’ I am making with my fingers are very very very sarcastic Because let me repeat myselfHeIsAJERKSo aside the fact that no he does not love this woman and yes his mother was right if he wanted to marry her he would have asked before all of this we move on and start with the actual plot him and the heroineThe hero and heroine are now marriedHe really has no patience for herSure she is not full of confidence She is not miss Perfect but she is sweet darling and really lovable When they fight it is because he makes bold moves And even thou it is very clear he did not want to marry her and has weird moments with his ex he just gets after her Wants sex a relationship what everAnd he is mad He is ever so mad when she shrinks form him I am sorry would you not? You are married to a dude that is almost about to get a t shirt that goes I DID NOT WANT YOU Would you give up your body? And lets face it what women rally can give any part of herself without emotions getting attached?So after this one big fight that begins because his ex told her that on the day she had their baby he had sex WITH THE EX and stuff he leaves Why? Because he can not believe that she has taken those lies for grantedBut even thou he left his wife and KIIIIIIIIDDDDD because she did not believe him he goes to live with the eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeexxxxxxxxxxx that lied about those thingsWTF?At this point I was ripping chunks of my hair out I wanted to make my dog eat this book I wanted to scream My fiancé was thinking about leaving our bed because every once in a while I just had the urge to kick his book from his hands and rant about MEN Those those those RATS the poor thing He knows I love him Kiss kissAnd so we move on after we make a mental note to buy a wig to conceal the parts of missing hair with the storyBlah blah Cat lives with her baby studies overcomes her problems blah blah To be hones the blah blah is just to speed this rew up It really was a fab read Cats struggles and her very achievement every little joy she felt made me want to clap my hands and do a happy dance This woman was strong She was a fighter I wanted so much for he So so muchBut alas Clay and her have a few run ins He likes he He likes her subtle changes He likes it all Still he tells her how he and Jill do not figt The are so super And why not? I mean really They do not spend time together They eat only in restaurants over meaningless conversation They have sex here and there She ask him about fancy clothes He does not talk about how to be with her he does not work or even talk with his own father Nice Nice and ever so meaningless It’s written all over this relationship that they and again I repeat myself do not care for each other And you know what? In my book they should just have one another Clay would be miserable and Jillwell Jill really would not She has her work and fancy clothes and stuff Talk about shallow I can just shake my head at any man that would want a girl like this Any way our main actors meet again The hero is panting over the heroine So he goes out of his flat with his giiiiiiiiiiirlfriend and wants sex with the heroine Atta boy God how I hate this guy She tells him no can do mister until you know what you want And you know what? He can not tell her he loves her or that he wants her WHAT? I mean W H A T???? But he can go ‘home’ and fell guilty for not wanting to have sex with his snotty girlfriend Well booohooo for them I just know I am going to burst a blood vessel hereSo time passes And finally X days after he has a chat with his dear dear Jill and realizes that she wanted him and he her just because they were unavailable How utterly nice In all of this the Jill woman drove me crazy also Sure my pride would be hurt if this were me But MAN Leave the people alone She stalked the dude outside the hospital where his wife gave birth Arrrrgggghhhh Why do you even want him you crazy bitch???? And when he tells her he is leaving she goes ‘My bead will not be empty for long’ Howadorable So ya all know the drill The hero goes to the heroine in some way or the other and they get back together Happy happy the endNOTNOTNOTNOTIf this was a happy end book the heroine would have found a man that would have understood her loved her from the startor at least realized to love her And he would have time for her It would not all be about him And the ‘hero’ would get fat he would brake his perfect nose and he would wallow in misery because his prettiness loving princess would have dumped him if he was one bit less of what he was Then and just then he would realize his love for the heroine and he would see it was too late And if I was really lucky he would shoot himself in the headThe endLet me make this clear This book is a treasure It was written perfectly and it was very real Some say that it was out dated because of their whole marriage of convenience in this day and age Sorry but why not? She was pregnant She was going to have his child If he was my son I would have wanted him to marry her too Still the injustice the egocentric JERK JERK JERK JEEEEEERK? Ever so no my thing That’s where the 5th star went

  2. Didi Didi says:

    5 STARSHe was sitting on a swivel stool this time with his coat still on He had one foot propped on a rung of the opposite stool an elbow leaning nonchalantly on the edge of the counterHer eyes were were drawn to his to the level unsmiling study in gray The silence hummed enveloping her momentarily Then without moving a muscle he said You know what I want CatherineFor an oldie this is a fantastic book that pulls the feels right out of you I know I sound like a broken record but I love stories about unreuited love that gets wellreuited The 80's are the backdrop here things like gathered shoulders on dresses with the infamous shoulder pads underneath Charlie perfume turned up collarsthe list goes on and on and I loved every single thing because even if I don't remember actually doing those things or wearing those things myself I remember growing up and seeing itCatherine and Clay were uite fantastic for each other but never really figured it out till much later A marriage of convenience solves the problem of an unplanned pregnancy the result of a heated one night stand Clay's trying to do the right thing and keep his future untarnished Catherine is trying to do what's best under the most dire of circumstances Throw in an unstable and mean father in law a vindictive ex girlfriend and stubbornness to last for days and you have the colorful background for this storyThe last 30% had me frustrated with Clay and Catherine but mainly Catherine because of all the back and forth I completely understood her fears and doubts but I truly believe she played a large part in shutting out the potential for love between her and Clay Did Clay redeem himself? I think so He was a little detached and selfish in the beginning but I felt his change in feeling saw how being with Catherine was positively affecting him And as apposed to other books with these themes I think Catherine was the colder and remote one Thank goodness they both came to see the lightOf course I cried when do I not with this trope? But I was also touched and had a silly smile on my face towards the end Loved this and even with its dated feel it was still a wonderful and emotionally satisfying read that was incredibly well written

  3. Mo Mo says:

    Of course it was dated It is 30 years old Panty hose ruffled shirts for men cinnamon tuxedos Charlie perfume LOL but I did enjoy it Catherine annoyed me a bit but I suppose she had to stand her ground Clay Usually love an Ass but he was nice enough Loved his family Things have a way of becoming clearer with time It lends perspective Up yours Clay Forrester Towards the end of the book I just wanted them to get over themselves and sort it all out Hearts and flowers You're just too good to be true

  4. Monica Murphy Monica Murphy says:

    I read this book when I was a teen and fell in love with the marriage of convenience trope A one night stand results in an unplanned pregnancy and Clay wants to do the right thing by marrying Catherine even though really they don't want to get married They hardly like each other But of course they grow closer and fall in love etcSo yeah Marriage of convenience one night stand oops a baby we must live together and pretend to be in love oops we're falling in love yikes I don't wanna fall in loveplus an evil ex girlfriend and a rotten father this book has everything I love to read AND write about Just thinking about the book I can see how it influenced my writing over the years and it's been forever since I've read itWarning it's totally immersed in the 80s with the fashion lingo etc But at its core is an amazing love story Lavyrle is one of my old time favorites

  5. Preeti ♥︎ Her Bookshelves Preeti ♥︎ Her Bookshelves says:

    Foolish foolish peopleThey both made their share of mistakes view spoilerI disliked the h uite intensely for most of the book even though the author explained away her emotional detachment uite fabulously She is a strong fair minded person but so cold and undemonstrative And she could be a mean and standoffish bitch when she got in the moodThe poor H tried again and again but it was as good as butting his head against a mortar wallHe was snobbish and selfish to begin with but never a real d bag Coming from a loving secure home he is a warm and charming person Living with the cold h who withheld both affection and sex for almost a year I just couldn’t blame him for finally giving up She tells him to get sex somewhere else as in from the ow and then when she thinks he had when he hadn’t goes bat shit crazy on him And he didn't run out on her she throws him out Reviewers hate the H for ‘cheating’ on her but I feel he was at the end of his tether the poor frustrated sod I think too much of the book was taken up by the wastelands of their ill fated marriage As a romance reader I wanted some connect some intimacy Even the few nice or happy times were uickly soured up by the h and her inflexibilityThe h finally finds her emotional moorings with her newborn daughter and learns about love and opening upand I wanted to smack her She got prickly and stiff whenever the H tried to touch her during their marriage but now when he’s living with the ow she actually yearns and enjoys even his casual touch? She kept him spinning like a top throughout one way or the other Of course he is a spineless twit who didn't know his own heart and mind till the end – the last chapter kind of endLike I said these were some real foolish mixed up people hide spoiler

  6. Joy Joy says:

    Darn I do remember this book as soon as I began to read it I set it down and amended the earlier five stars to one I'll be perfectly clear I love LS's novels not everyone of course but the majority of them but this one is definitely way down there view spoilerClay’s behaviour was in the major league A right SOB Abbreviated version Clay is forced to marry a cold fish he doesn’t bother to find out why Catherine is the way she is she’s pregnant from their one night stand but that’s okay his ex is too willing and waiting in the wings so he leaves Catherine to go find himself with his ex and suddenly Catherine is the ex saw that coming but gradually Clays relationship with his ex deteriorates saw that coming to and he begins to take notice of how Catherine has changed without him and he doesn't want his girlfriend any he wants Catherine and his baby and blow me down Catherine takes him back saw that coming too Catherine deserved a much better guy and I would have completely rooted for her to get her HEA but with someone else hide spoiler

  7. Jane Stewart Jane Stewart says:

    3 ½ stars Good womens fiction story a bit of a downer Unlikeable heroine Ending was happy but should have been betterSTORY BRIEFCatherine’s father was an abusive drunk Her mother was weak Clay’s parents were wealthy and loving Clay and Catherine had a blind date They saw each other only one night and she got pregnant For interesting reasons they agree on a marriage of convenience and to divorce after the baby is bornOPINIONMost of the book was not fun But at the end I thought ok I can see why she did what she did She wouldn’t have sex with him unless he truly loved her But I wanted her to have sex with him because she loved him I wanted her to be kind and pleasant to him but she was not For most of the book she was cold distant mean remote and stubborn always saying stay away from me She never smiled How could anyone grow to love someone who acted like that for months What was missing was seeing them fall in love seeing a relationship develop Then all of a sudden someone changes their mind at the end and everyone is happy together I didn’t see the couple resolve their issues or spend enjoyable time togetherOne thing I liked about Catherine She never wanted money from Clay for herself She only wanted enough to care for the baby When he spent lavishly on something she always resisted saying they didn’t need so muchI was disappointed with a uestion that was not answered about someone’s biological father I was also unhappy that Catherine drank wine several times while pregnant It was common knowledge in 1985 that pregnant women should avoid alcohol Catherine wanted the best for her baby so this didn’t fitSome reviewers did not like Clay’s actions I wasn’t bothered He had flaws but it made a good story He also did some neat thingsNARRATORThe narrator Liz Dykhouse was pretty good but I wish she would have used a normal voice for Clay She sounded weird doing his voice kind of nasal or stressedDATANarrative mode 3rd person Unabridged audiobook length 13 hrs and 37 mins Swearing language mild including religious swear words but rarely used Sexual language none Number of sex scenes 3 briefly described not a lot of detail Setting around 1985 Minneapolis Minnesota Book copyright 1985 Genre womens fiction and romance

  8. Kristin (KC) - Traveling Sister Kristin (KC) - Traveling Sister says:

    Oldie but goodie Excited to see if I love this as much the second time around

  9. Michelle Michelle says:

    This is a story about a couple who marry temporarily for all the wrong reasons because of a pregnancy that developed from a one night stand Claire never grew up with love or affection but instead had a father who belittled her and called her horrible names Clay on the other handnot only grew up wealthy but with the most loving parents During their marriage Catherine has such a low self esteem because of the damage her father caused by his mistreatment Clay tries desperately to help her show her affection and get affection in return but gets frustrated that Catherine keeps everything bottled inside What he doesn't know is that Catherine loves Clay but she can't give herself to him when Clay doesn't love her in return Unlike Clay it's not easy for her to show affectionI really wanted to give this book 5 stars but halfway through the book Clay made a few bad decisions that made me dislike him The way he handled things with his ex girlfriend Jill really upset me He pretty much left Catherine to go live with Jill then when he finally realized he loved Catherine he went back to her and she took him back with open arms That totally threw me off This book was written in the 80's so maybe that kind of thing was OK back then? Nonetheless I still enjoyed the story and I do plan to read books by Spencer

  10. Karla Karla says:

    I really enjoyed this book up until the last few chapters Just a bit too much back and forth with the Catherine and her indecisiveness on her feelings for Clay I hated Clay in the beginning and then he just overwhelmed with his change of heart They both frustrated me at times but when their emotions were raw and they just let themselves feel it was awesome A strong well written lovely romance with a sweet HEA

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