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10 thoughts on “The Lynda Barry Experience

  1. Jeff Jeff says:

    I heard a portion of this CD Naked Ladies on a mix tape my ex girlfriend got from some drug connection friend of hers I was a fan of Lynda's comics but had no idea the voice on the tape was hers I later heard she had an audio CD that was out of print but she was selling copies herself for ten bucks apiece with hand drawn covers so I sent her a check I got my burned CD personalized cover and all and she never bothered to cash that check I recently picked up the out of print original CD at a local used CD store so now I have both Can't bear to part with either one I guessPS insert actual review here It's amazing

  2. Emily Emily says:

    I love hearing Lynda Barry read her own work she's brilliant in every medium My favorite is the story about The Aswang

  3. Martha Garvey Martha Garvey says:

    She Signed My Cassette

  4. Sheila Anderson Sheila Anderson says:

    Everything on this cd I first had it as a cassette tape is relevant hilarious bittersweet and compelling WarTime talks about intergenerational trauma that she experienced as a child of a war survivor Then in Naked Ladies she talks about being a kid and talking about sex with other children Then in Aswang she talks about a mythological creature her grandmother taught her The stories are Lynda family specific but they also encompass the time in which they are set mostly the 1970s in America It's a time capsule told in story formLynda's voice in each story is completely uniue and real I can't think of anything else I've read or listened to that's like this It hits all of the points of the human spectrum brilliantly I've listened to the tape and CD maybe a couple hundred times I've given it out as gifts purchased directly from her way back when to so many people I've lost count In between many of the stories are recordings from answering machines that are so weirdtelling a man to put his wig back on or pretending to be the love doctor There's nothing like this anywhere There's a sense of heartbreak throughout but you might not notice it at first because you'll also be laughing

  5. MaryW MaryW says:

    Pretty funny

  6. Walkermettling Walkermettling says:

    Dude This cassette tape is an awesome artifact Her stories are funny and weird she plays the accordianand there is an essay in reaction to the first gulf war about how the war in the Philippines affected her mother A piece that also existed in her monthly story page in the back of Mother Jones magazine 1989 1991 look it up in google books they're all thereGreat

  7. Phillip Lozano Phillip Lozano says:

    Oh my Glob As amazing as her comics are listening to Lynda Barry tell her own stories is a sublime revelation Funny scary touching painful incredible it hits all the right notes If you can find it snag it It's worth the price many times over

  8. Lori Lori says:

    There is nothing better than this

  9. Tristy Tristy says:

    This album is EVERYTHING Hearing Lynda Barry read her own stories is priceless and her answering machine messages are legendary This album never gets old

  10. Elisabeth Elisabeth says:

    The Aswang Beck Naked Ladies

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The Lynda Barry Experience ❦ [KINDLE] ❁ The Lynda Barry Experience By Lynda Barry ➡ – Lynda Barry auteur de Mes cent dmons Babelio Lynda Barry est une auteure de bande dessine underground amricaine elle suit des tudes artistiues l’Evergreen State College d’Olympia Sa premire histoi Lynda Barry auteur de Mes cent dmons Babelio Lynda Barry est une auteure de bande dessine underground amricaine elle suit des tudes artistiues l’Evergreen State College d’Olympia Sa premire histoire est publie dans le journal du Campus par Matt Groening auuel on doit entre autres Les Simpson et Futurama The Lynda Barry Experience by Lynda Barry The Lynda Barry Experience book read reviews from the world's largest community for readers The Lynda PDF/EPUB ² Cartoonist painter and writer Lynda Barry lets loose a Interview Cartoonist Lynda Barry Author Of Comic artist Lynda Barry has a new book Making Comics and a MacArthur Genius Grant though she says she hung up on the MacArthur folks repeatedly because she thought it was a robocall Lynda Barry Top Facts You Need to Know | Lynda Barry best known for being a Cartoonist was born in Wisconsin United States on Monday January Most famous for her Ernie Pook’s Comeek comic strip this cartoonist and writer also penned several graphic and illustrated novels including Cruddy One Hundred Demons and What It Is She was the recipient of the Eisner Award for Best Reality Based Lynda Barry | Women In Comics Wiki | Fandom Lynda Barry born January is an American cartoonist and authorOne of the most successful non mainstream American cartoonists Barry is perhaps best known for her weekly comic strip Ernie Pook's ComeekBarry's cartoons often view family life from the perspective of pre teen girls from the wrong side of the tracks Lynda Andrews Barry Passage – Arlington Arts Lynda Andrews Barry is a multidisciplinary artist with a practice that encompasses time based media installations and sculptures created from found and fabricated objects that reflect the often unseen or ignored beauty of our world Andrews Barry’s work has been featured in books and won numerous awards Her work has been shown and sold at various art venues including the National Lynda Barry | Open Library Source Wikipedia Lynda Barry born Linda Jean Barry January is an American cartoonist author and teacher Barry is best known for her weekly comic strip Ernie Pook's Comeek She garnered attention with her illustrated novel The Good Times are Killing Me about an interracial friendship between two young girls which was adapted into a play Documenting All the Small Things That Are Easily Lynda Barry is a graphic novelist cartoonist and teacher In she was awarded a MacArthur Fellowship given to those “who show exceptional creativity in their work and What It Is by Lynda Barry Drawn uarterly What It Is by Lynda Barry Hardcover x Pgs col SKU Excerpt CAD USD What It Is demonstrates a tried and true creative method that is playful powerful and accessible to anyone with an inuisitive wish to write or remember Bursting with full color drawings comics and collages autobiographical sections and gentle creative guidance each Making Comics couk Lynda Barry books Lynda Barry has worked as a painter cartoonist writer illustrator playwright editor commentator and teacher and found that they are very much alike She lives in Wisconsin where she is associate professor of art and Discovery Fellow at University of Wisconsin Madison She is the inimitable creator behind the seminal comic strip Ernie Pook's Comeek featuring the incomparable Marlys and.