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Guerre civile en Algérie, 1990-1998 [Read] ➯ Guerre civile en Algérie, 1990-1998 ➸ Luis Martínez – The civil war in Algeria shows no sign of imminent resolution Yet little has been written about the conflict its various participants and the opinions of Algerians indeed even about what exactly is be The civil en Algérie, PDF/EPUB é war in Algeria shows no sign of imminent resolution Yet little has been written about the conflict its various participants and the opinions of Algerians indeed even about what exactly is being fought over Restrictions on movement within Algeria have severely limited the ability of foreign journalists to analyze these issues and there has been a paucity of firsthand accounts of how the conflict has played out across AlgeriaNow one Guerre civile Epub / of Europe's leading authorities on contemporary Algerian politics has gained the kind of access necessary to present a clear evenhanded account The author interviewed residents in places in which few journalists have set foot the impoverished suburbs of the major cities and the infamous Triangle of Death the stronghold of the Armed Islamic Group and the scene of some of the worst carnage Rather than presenting a historical account The Algerian Civil War civile en Algérie, PDF ´ focuses on the strategies employed by the war's main combatants seeking to understand the significance of the conflict to all parties embroiled in it.

  • Hardcover
  • 300 pages
  • Guerre civile en Algérie, 1990-1998
  • Luis Martínez
  • English
  • 19 July 2014
  • 9780231119962

2 thoughts on “Guerre civile en Algérie, 1990-1998

  1. Lizzie Lizzie says:

    A measured very academic study of the socioeconomic and political drivers of the 1990s conflict in Algeria The most impressive aspect of the book was the case studies and sociological work done with FIS voters and inhabitants of the Algiers neighborhoods cordoned off into Islamist ghettos the author's term and some of the towns of the Mitidja Martinez a pseudonym has a much grand thesis Among the factors capable of explaining Algeria's descent into civil war after the short experiment in multi party democracy in 1990 1 that of the war oriented imaginaire seems to us to be central Our study has tried to show that the failure of Algeria's 'democratic transition' can be explained by belief in the virtues of violence as a means for keeping the ranks of the elites filled Soldiers and Islamist guerrillas saw the rise of new political elements emerging no longer from the mauis but from the legitimacy of election victory as a big change in the process of producing leaders At the gates of power in 1991 the FIS elected representatives became through the civil war real victims of the Islamist guerrillas who see them as dangerous rivals Violence is far from being limited to the struggle between the armed groups and the regime; within each coalition another war is going on its aim being exclusive control over operationsMartinez has a convincing but still circumstantial case to make in support of his thesis He skillfully picks apart the different motivations leadership and evolution of the AIS GIA MIA MEI and armed bands in urban areas that affiliated with the GIA but largely ran autonomous highly local criminalterrorist organizations Some of his most intriguing work is on the movement of Islamist armed groups into importexport and other economic arenas legitimated by the government's adoption of the 1994 IMF structural adjustment program On this topic Martinez is uite coy about his information and his sources somewhat to the detriment of the argument Martinez also lacks a comparable level of granularity on government forces and government sponsored armed groups for obvious and understandable reasonsSmall details like a list of acronyms and a timeline of events were incredibly helpful As the work was originally published in French and comes out of French academia the bibliography is a helpful introduction for an anglophone reader to a solid body of French language research on the topic In all this book was an incredibly valuable read

  2. jordan jordan says:

    Interesting analysis of the Algerian Civil War often from the ground highlighting the complexities of the conditions of the war Digs under the monolithic Islamists vs state regime narrative to uncover the intricate political and economic realities Unfortunately this book only covers through about 1997 8 so its conclusion must be examined in light of the formation of the GSPC and election of Bouteflika

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