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Innocent in the Harem ❴Read❵ ➱ Innocent in the Harem Author Michelle Willingham – Ottoman Empire 1565 Prince Khadin knows his days are numbered His death could come at any moment but even he cannot help but be distracted by the Bedouin princess he sees making a daring bid for freed Ottoman Empire Prince Khadin knows his days are numbered His death could come at any moment but even he cannot Innocent in Epub / help but be distracted by the Bedouin princess he sees making a daring bid for freedom from the slave market Even in captivity her courage and purity attract Khadin to her as much as her beauty Unable to resist the temptation he takes the maiden back to the palace harem to be brought to him at night.

10 thoughts on “Innocent in the Harem

  1. Sarah Sarah says:

    I love the Arabian nights story this is like the erotic version with a strong independent princess which were captured after her whole family was murdered by a rival tribe Prince Khadin see's the princess and witnesses her running for freedom and calming a injured horse That's when he decides to buy her and keep her himself What he didn't plan on is falling desperately love with her Great bit of history which I loved with a HEA

  2. Sandra R Sandra R says:

    Wonderful novella well written and steamy

  3. Nessa Nessa says:

    THIS WOULD HAVE BEEN GREAT IF IT WAS A FULL LENGTH NOVEL COUPLED WITH ANGST JEALOUS MISTRESSES AND EVIL MEN PLOTS THIS WAS ONE JUST SCRATCHING THE SURFACE AS CAN BE EXPECTED OF A NOVELLAHERO believes that his father Suleiman will be ending his life soon plagued by jealousy rivalry and insecurites the King has killed his other sons just to be sure no one will usurp his position During that time he rescues a Bedouin female by impulse and they end up forming a relationship starting off brittle before unfolding into sexual with some form of trust HEROINE's family was killed and she was captured to be sold as a slave She's good with training horses and when rescued by the Prince she's doubtful of his intentions until he earns her trustSweet but short

  4. Mina Mina says:

    Enthralling I think the writing tries to convey foreignness with its stiltedness so it might not be to everyone's taste but in my opinion it works I felt alienated from the hero and heroine for most of the story but I think that's how it should have been Ultimately there's nothing really authentic about this story but the veneer of exoticism is enough to produce some distance A bit annoying that our hero is blue eyed but I'm glad that the heroine isn't a northern import Mind they do have cultural issues between them which Willingham effectively uses to give depth to the heroine The atmosphere and plot give the story body though the resolution is rushed but then it has to be given the format And that last sex scene surprising and awesome Overall I'm glad to have read this

  5. Maura Maura says:

    A sweet little dose of romance These kind of stories involving slaves and harems and stuff are intriguing in concept but often don't go well with romance IMHO primarily because as a slave the woman typically doesn't have any consent and really what respect can we have for a hero who would purchase a slave solely to have sex with her But this one was done so that I could believe that they could fall in love given that there's already a degree of suspension of disbelief in any romance novel There's no anger between the characters which is a nice change of pace It's not long it's not a complex story the character's aren't fleshed out all that well but it's a good novella I would read this author again

  6. Kerry Kerry says:

    Oh my goodness what an embarrassing title I'm beginning to see why people say a Kindle can be a very useful thing to have when reading romances But after reading The Last Summer of Being Single I realised some light short romance is what I need to read right now Sure I miss the depth of a longer book but I'm struggling with reading that same depth right now so isn't a good thing Harleuin sell thier books as ebooks all over the world at reasonable pricesIt was a pleasant little story that fitted the bill which is all I can ask for

  7. Shopgirl Shopgirl says:

    Mostly I liked this though I was disappointed to find out it was just a novella and not a full length novel I'll have be careful about what I buy on and I personally think it would have worked better as a novel I loved the setting and the historical period but on the whole the characters and their relationship just felt too rushed to be really believable As a result it felt like their relationship was based on sex than love I would really like to read a full sized novel set in this historical period and will look for I enjoyed the author's writing style so I'll look for work by her preferably novel length

  8. Melissa Melissa says:

    Laila binte Nur Hamidah’s family was slaughtered by a rival tribe and she was taken to be sold as a slave A botched escape attempt to flea to auction block catches Prince Khadin's attention and he promptly buys her He brings her to the Sultan's his father's harem and has her prepared to be sent to him Even though Khadin wants Laila he won't force her into his bed Khadin's life is also pretty much under constant threatThe premises for this was great and I did enjoy the story but it had so much potential to grow The author could have made this longer and it would have been awesome

  9. Flynne Moran Flynne Moran says:

    I was interested in a fast sexy hot fantsy read set in an exotic locale so I bought this It filled the bill The characters were well constructed and the attraction and the dialogue between the hero and heroine were believable There was actually a good plotnot always the case with eros heavy books which often just plug in bits and pieces of plot around the sex scenes And the sex was HOT imho It fit its genre perfectly and was an enjoyable read

  10. Jill Myles Jill Myles says:

    I am weak for any sort of harem story I know I know This one is about one of the sultan's sons that purchases a fiery bedouin girl in the slave market It's a fun read and I enjoy Willingham's books because she always wraps up the plot nicely

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