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Tales of Passion Tales of Woe [BOOKS] ✮ Tales of Passion Tales of Woe By Sandra Gulland – Buyprobolan50.co.uk In the second novel in the acclaimed Josephine B Trilogy Sandra Gulland offers a sweeping yet intimate portrayal of the political and personal struggles of the wife of the most powerful man in the wor In the second novel in the Passion Tales MOBI ò acclaimed Josephine B Trilogy Sandra Gulland offers a sweeping yet intimate portrayal of the political and personal struggles of the wife of the most powerful man in the world Tales of Passion Tales of Woe is the much awaited seuel to Sandra Gulland's highly acclaimed first novel Tales of PDF/EPUB or The Many Lives Secret Sorrows of Josephine B Beginning in Paris in the saga continues as Josephine awakens to her new life as Mrs Napoleon Bonaparte Through her intimate diary entries and Napoleon's impassioned love letters an astonishing portrait of an incredible woman emerges Gulland transports us into the ballrooms and bedrooms of of Passion Tales PDF ✓ exuisite palaces and onto the blood soaked fields of Napoleon's campaigns As Napoleon marches to power we witness through Josephine the political intrigues and personal betrayals both sexual and psychological that result in death ruin and victory for those closest to her.

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  1. Arah-Lynda Arah-Lynda says:

    What is history but a fable agreed upon? – Napoleon The book opens with the spirit of Marie Antoinette observing Josephine as she writes at her escritoire She’s not what one would call a beauty yet he worships her with a passion that verges on madness Big hazel eyes I grant you and yes long curling lashes a slender graceful form artful dress etc etc but are these ualities that bewitch? Perhaps it is the caress of her musical voice that has cast a spell I know about spells No it’s her maddening gentleness that drives him to despair He wants to consume her possess her enchain her And shewell I see that puzzled look in her eyesShe pulls her shawl about her shoulders; I’ve chilled her I know It can’t be helped She knows not the future I doThis the second book in Gulland’s brilliant trilogy spans the first four and a half years of Josephine’s marriage to Napoleon arguably the most controversial period of her lifeSandra Gulland would have us know that when she began her research on Josephine she assumed that all the scandalous stories about her were true Her view point changed however as a result of all her research and consultations with others This novel then presents Josephine in light of Gulland’s new views that emerged from that meticulous research They are supported by various historical documents not the least of which are Napoleon’s letters She invites historians to re examine their sources and reassess the rumours surrounding this extraordinary woman The official union of Napoleon and Josephine was not at all pomp and circumstance In fact Bonaparte was two hours late when he burst into the township office and demanded that the assistant to the registrar who had left after waiting over an hour marry them at onceAnd now I stand hip to shoulder with the spirit of Marie peering over Josephine’s shoulder as her new life begins In a dark time the eye begins to see – Theodore Roethke Join us

  2. Jennifer Jennifer says:

    Ok so here's what happened I read these and my then boyfriend started reading them over my shoulder and took them from my hands as soon as I finished them My sister read them for 10 hours on the train from Rochester to New York to the detriment of her masters degree thesis About 10 of my friends have read them most of my relatives and I've put them in the hands of total strangers in bookstores I've given them as gifts about 5 times the whole set They are marvelous

  3. Natasa Natasa says:

    Excellent accurate work on historical data and facts Very exciting romantic Gulland is a masterful storyteller who brings Josephine and the events in which she finds herself—better still she engages the reader’s heart and head and in doing so creates an unforgettable interpretation of a remarkable woman and time Full review you can find on my blog

  4. Laura Laura says:

    I am so captivated by the life of Josephine Bonaparte Her in laws completely hated her and tried every possible way lies against her virtue to get Napoleon to divorce her In the novel she tries her best to be true to herself She endures a major accident at a spa to get her menstral cycle going again the procedures were nothing than torture She was thrown into conspiracy and intrigue and through it all comes to learn how much she loves her husband I can't wait to read the last novel to see what happens I am not a huge historian so know very little of the French Revolution I do know that Napoleon was exiled on an island I am curious to know how Josephine handles that situation and if she was allowed to be with Napolean I love how Sandra Gulland writes the story through the journals of Josephine I felt like I really understood Josephine I almost felt like it was me writing the entries I felt like I was the character I love when a book makes you feel involved and creates such emotion and vividness as one reads

  5. Beth Beth says:

    I liked it as much as the first one in the trilogy On to the last book

  6. Alison Alison says:

    It's been several years since I read book #1 of this series but I always knew I wanted to someday continue this story I know very little of French history and even less of Napoleon Boneparte so this is my history lesson There is plenty of coverage about Napoleon's military conuests so much so that parts of the book were bogged down by it However the glimpse into a marriage relationship is fascinating; especially one where fame is thrust upon them and they have to choose how to navigate the perils of political intrigue I appreciate knowing details of the Boneparte story but was only halfway engaged in the telling

  7. Carrie Slager Carrie Slager says:

    After hearing about her incredible early years in Tales of Passion Tales of Woe focuses on Josephine’s most well known years And although she has gained a sort of infamous reputation from her supposedly numerous affairs while Bonaparte was in Egypt this is not the way Sandra Gulland portrays her You know what? This portrayal feels much real authentic than the typical ‘immortal cheating harlot’ angle that Josephine is always portrayed from In Gulland’s portrayal we get to see how Josephine gradually does begin to care for Napoleon how she soothes over the men in power so her husband may succeed and how she does her best to take care of her only two children by her first husbandAlthough I think pacing isn’t as important in historical fiction this second book in the Josephine B trilogy is fast paced than the first Perhaps it’s because I actually know a little about the events that occur in the novel or perhaps it’s because it was Gulland’s second book and she got a better feel for pacing Who knows? All I know is that the pacing and even the uality of writing which was already high has improvedNot only does Josephine come off as an incredibly strong woman the other characters in the novel really popped out of the pages as well Napoleon Bonaparte is portrayed in many different ways in movie television and books but I’ve never really seen this portrayal of him the awkward graceless yet handsome Corsican who has no time for the nonsense of high society and who is oddly paranoid about poisoning Having him around is a huge contrast to Josephine who is graceful and takes to high society even if she isn’t comfortable with it deep down Bonaparte’s bizarre ruthless family definitely doesn’t make it easy on poor Josephine or even Bonaparte himself Having them around definitely added drama but it’s not like they were the stereotypically evil in laws because they had depth They had real reasons for their actions thank goodnessI give this book 55 stars

  8. Heather Heather says:

    I am REALLY enjoying this series I love the way this author depicts Josephine There is little said about her in history and what is said isn't very flattering With this book you really feel like you are inside her head and feel what her heart feels You understand why she did some controversial things I'm afraid to read the last book because I know I'm going to crynot a happy ending BUT I just read that one of the last things Napoleon said as he was dying was his beloved Josephine's name I love historical fiction for all that I LEARN about history This is up there on the top of my list

  9. Hanna (lapetiteboleyn) Hanna (lapetiteboleyn) says:

    I read the first book last year but it would have been easy to pick this up with no prior knowledge of the story Sandra Gulland creates a strong convincing character in Josephine while Napoleon is charismatic enigmatic and beguiling This is a wonderful story and an even better example of what good historical fiction can look like

  10. Chrissie Chrissie says:

    I have written a review of the entire trilogy and put it under the firt book entitled The Many Lives Secret Sorrows of Josephine B

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