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Blue and Gold [Read] ➪ Blue and Gold By K.J. Parker – 'Well let me see' I said as the innkeeper poured me a beer 'In the morning I discovered the secret of changing base metal into gold In the afternoon I murdered my wife'For a man as remarkable as the p 'Well let me see' I said as the innkeeper poured me a beer 'In the morning I discovered the secret of changing base metal into gold In the afternoon I murdered my wife'For a man as remarkable as the philosopher Saloninus just another dayOf course we only have his word for it and Saloninus has been known to be creative Blue and MOBI :º with the truth Little white lies are inevitable expedients when you're one jump ahead of the secret police and on the brink of one of the greatest discoveries in the history of alchemy But why would a scientist with the world's most generous forgiving patron be so desperate to run away And what if anything has blue got to do with gold.

  • Hardcover
  • 99 pages
  • Blue and Gold
  • K.J. Parker
  • English
  • 07 May 2015
  • 9781596063273

About the Author: K.J. Parker

Tom Holt According to the biographical notes in some of Parker's books Parker has previously worked in law journalism and numismatics and now writes and makes things out of wood and metal It is also claimed that Parker is married to a solicitor and now lives in southern England According to an autobiographical note Parker was raised in rural Vermont Blue and MOBI :º a lifestyle which influenced Parker's work.

10 thoughts on “Blue and Gold

  1. Gavin Gavin says:

    This novella turned out to be a ton of fun I'm glad I gave KJParker another chance as I've failed in the past with his début book and with a Tom Holt book I tried in my younger days I'm usually a one flop and done sort of guy but this was just a novella and the blurb was really appealing Lucky for me this story delivered on the promise of that awesome blurb “Well let me see” I said as the innkeeper poured me a beer “In the morning I discovered the secret of changing base metal into gold In the afternoon I murdered my wife”So begins the story of the alchemist Saloninus who may or may not have discovered how to turn base metal into gold and who may or may not have killed his wife The whole tale was told in Saloninus's own words and he proved an engaging and compelling narrator I wasn’t happy about being manhandled but then I thought about the man whose skull I’d broken and decided not to make an issue of it Memo to self I thought; must make special effort not to hurt peopleAlbeit not a narrator particularly high in morals or all that trustworthy The story proved a good mix of humorous and compelling and Parker threw in enough twists and turns to keep things interestingI'll definitely be picking up the seuel to this story and probably Parker's other novellas as well Rating 4 stars

  2. unknown unknown says:

    This book is a jokeNo really I'm not being mean KJ Parker is just messing with you this is a story told by an unreliable narrator who is upfront about being unreliable and the entire narrative is just a setup for a punchline that doesn't arrive until you've read the final two words There's a really great first line Well let me see I said as the innkeeper poured me a beer In the morning I discovered the secret of changing base metal into gold In the afternoon I murdered my wifeBoth of those things end up being not exactly true but they aren't really false either Saloninus claims to be the world's greatest alchemist and maybe he is but you can't exactly take him at his word Sometimes he tells you how something happened Then he tells you how it could have happened if he wants to makes himself look good Then eventually he admits what actually happened which is closer to the first version but now you know why With the justifications this guy comes up with for his actions you can see why he lies and embellishes It turns out that I like novellas It's a good length beef than a short story but not so long that it milks all the life out of an idea beef milks is that a mixed metaphor or not? I can handle a character changing things up on me for 99 pages Any longer and I'd be ready to punch the book in the face This is the second KJ Parker novella I've read and while I think it is just as good as Purple and Black I'm taking away a star because it's basically the same idea both books string you along and then pull the rug out from under you They're all setup but this time I knew the punchline was coming I mean I still laughed Or did I? You'll just have to take my word for it

  3. Manuel Antão Manuel Antão says:

    If you're into stuff like this you can read the full reviewUnreliability in Fiction Blue and Gold by K J Parker The two predominant factors that make me up philosophy and criminality when combined when combined together on the block of ice hat serves me for a personality go to make up alchemy” In “Blue and Gold” by K J Parker   Beep Beep cking answering machines Kevin Kevin Kevin I know you’re there With her probably whoever she is – stupid cow Listen Kevin you actually love me really You’re jus’ confuuuused and I don’t blame you But you better not do anything you’ll regret – and if you’re doing it now I will hunt you down and and cut your goolies off You see the thing is the thing is God iss really ridiculous communicating like this We’re human beings Why don'sh you just pick up the phone and we’ll talk like grown up adults Hmm? Hmm KEVIN PICK UP THE BLOODY PHO Beep  If you're into SF you can read the rest of this reviewstory elsewhere

  4. Althea Ann Althea Ann says:

    KJ Parker revisited the character of Saloninus introduced here in 'The Devil You Know' which I read a few months ago I understand why it's a great character Imagine if Leonardo da Vinci had been an amoral conman and alchemist? If you've read either one some of the details here will be familiar to youI did think that 'The Devil You Know' was slightly better but this one was great tooKJ Parker's wry cynicism regarding human nature is on display in top form in this story The narrator tells you upfront that he's unreliable a liar a criminal and not to be trusted He also tells us that he discovered the secret of transmuting base metals to gold and that he murdered his wife Should we believe either of these things?Along the way Saloninus' stories shift a bit sometimes than a bit but they're always entertaining I liked the commentary on how discovering the secret of how to create gold might not really be the best thing for its discoverer along with many other gems

  5. Claudia Claudia says:

    “In the morning I discovered the secret of changing base metal into gold In the afternoon I murdered my wife” Unmistakable mister Parker ;Just like in “The Two of Swords” he brings to life some heck of a character “I’m Saloninus by the way And I tell lies from time to time”Well that ‘time to time’ is pretty relative Up until the end you have no idea what is true or not And even now that I finished it I’m not uite sure he told the truth in the end After all Blue and Gold Reality and Utopia blend in too tight to tell them apartSaloninus the philosopher is also an alchemist and a very modest one “Considering my situation dispassionately and in depth I was forced to the conclusion that I’d have to be brave resourceful and imaginative Depressing I hate situations that bring out the best in me” He gets himself into all sorts of troubles apparently by chance ApparentlyAnyway if you read something by KJ Parker you know what to expect And you won’t be disappointed The story has so many hidden meanings and I think everyone will find something new to discover

  6. Liviu Liviu says:

    Blue and Gold is the short 100 page novel by KJ Parker tbp late 2010 or novella though like Purple and Black this one has a feeling of completeness while for example the excellent A Rich Full Week from the SwordsDark magic anthology has the novella episodic feelingI actually read it several times to get all its nuances since it's packed with stuff whose true meaning becomes apparent only gradually; a first person narration from self confessed unreliable narrator philosopher writer criminal and genius alchemist Saloninus aka Nino former college chum and current court alchemist and brother in law to prince Phocas who rules the respective country; the prince wants to find the secret of transmutation base metals in gold while his ambitious beautiful and vain sister Eudoxia wants the elixir of immortality Saloninus hinted at in one of his famous works while Saloninus wants only to get away or so we are led to believeThings are much complicated and there are layers of meaning and past happenings that are only slowly and exuisitely unraveled but the first lines are just superbIn the morning I discovered the secret of changing base metal into gold In the afternoon I murdered my wifeOf course Saloninus is a self confessed unreliable narratorJust awesome

  7. Dan Dan says:

    Blue and Gold is my first full length I use the term loosely as it is a novella read from KJ Parker or Tom Holt for that matter I have read one his shorts in the anthology Swords Dark Magic and really enjoyed it And like that short this is a clever and imaginative storyThe story is told by an unreliable narrator he tells you he's not to be trust right from the beginning from the first person view Because of this and despite a rather simple premise; a man on the run from the law for killing his wife Blue and Gold is filled with many subtle twists and turns that keeps the reader's interest piued and engaged And though the subject matter is rather weighty murdering one's spouse the story is told with a certain amount of levity and humour which adds a uniueness and enjoyment to the whole affair Due to the length of the material we get to learn just enough of our protagonist to be able to relate but without learning his whole history hopes and dreams as we would in a longer work It's a uick read and just the right size and pace for a story of this kind Not too much depth but a darn fun read overall 3755

  8. Lukasz Lukasz says:

    Parker is a genius His books offer not only a clever intelligent entertainment but also food for thought Blue and Gold is a darkly humorous novella told by an unreliable narrator Saloninus He claims to be the greatest living alchemist who’s just poisoned his wife Eudoxia He finds himself on the run from Paraprosdocia and justice hampered by his lack of resources and a broad array of enemies I won’t call him a good guy but Salonimus has plenty of charm and even when his actions and confessions make you pause you can’t help but like the amoral bastard He teases readers with bits of alchemical theory and his breakthrough works in the field of philosophy The story develops in a linear way but the gradual reveal of Saloninus past crimes motivations and discoveries adds plenty of complexity and nuances Saturated with wry humour and strong if slightly predictable twists it thrilled me I don’t know how Parker does it but he does it much better than most fantasy writers out there It’s as simple as that

  9. Jason Jason says:

    4 Stars I’m Saloninus by the way And I tell lies from time to time Which goes to prove the old rule; never entirely trust a man who talks about himself in the third personBlue and Gold by KJ Parker is the first in the Saloninus series It is a whimsical fantasy about the world's greatest alchemist and probably also liar This is a short and fun read about a likable asshole Saloninus is uite unreliableliterallyI love how the story was told the way in which it unfoldes the way the plot twisted and turned and of course the way it had to be told again as it was full of lies I enjoyed the characters of this book and would like to read about himIt’s a central paradox that love and rape both find expression in the same act For two years I raped science trying to give Phocas and Eudoxia what they wanted gold and youth Couldn’t be done of course Not possible But they both had blind unlimited faith in me; like being in love or believing in God I think I could’ve endured that I might just possibly have been able to keep going trusting that sooner or later the faith would start to crack and break up they’d realise I wasn’t nearly as clever as they thought I was and they’d eventually let me go or kill meThis story and main character reminded me a great deal of Johannes Cabal the Necromancer by Jonathan L Howard They share in their level of despicability and crazy machinations I think that Saloninus would be a brother to JohannesThis is a fun read by an author that I really enjoy

  10. Alina Alina says:

    May the topic not be of the utmost interest for me Parker's writing and the intricate layers sure made it a worth reading

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