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Dragon's Egg [Download] ➾ Dragon's Egg By Sarah L. Thomson – Buyprobolan50.co.uk It is a rare talent and only she can care for the Inn's herd She feeds them gathers their eggs and tends to their injuries But Mella dreams about the dragons of legend even though hardly anyone believ It is a rare talent and only she can care for the Inn's herd She feeds them gathers their eggs and tends to their injuries But Mella dreams about the dragons of legend even though hardly anyone believes they still exist Dragons are small farm animals not huge fire breathing monsters Everyone knows thatUntil one day changes everythingA Knight of the Order of Defenders arrives at the Inn Signs of the mythical dragons have led him there he says Then a simple errand takes Mella through the forest where she stumbles across a Dragon's Egg—and faces the true terrifying dragon guarding it On the spot Mella vows to get the egg safely to the fabled Hatching Grounds She must leave her home for the first time and she finds an unlikely companion in the Defender's suire RogerFor Mella and Roger this one day is the beginning of an adventure Where will it take them.

  • Dragon's Egg
  • Sarah L. Thomson
  • 14 January 2016
  • 9780545142496

10 thoughts on “Dragon's Egg

  1. H H says:

    This was a fun dragon story adventure I liked how responsible and goal oriented Mella was and how loyal and kind Roger was They made a good pair The adventure moved along at a uick pace which is always appreciated and was the kind of thing that was fun to read about I liked their journey and all the setbacks they had and how nothing came easily to them which seemed realistic to me I also liked how Mella got stuck up on a narrow cliff ledge as a show of the dragon's trust; that also seemed realistic I probably would have given this four stars but there were a few really important plot related uestions the author never answered which really bothered me For example what exactly did Coel do? It hints but never says anything outright Also how did he make them? Is that literal or were they already in existence and he found them? Also what dragon laid the Egg in the first place and if the dragons are all in one locale how come it had to be transported? Why wasn't it with the body of the dragons the whole time? Anyway All the uestions I was left with sort of tainted the story for me but all in all I liked it

  2. Maggie Dore Maggie Dore says:

    Hmmmm I can't say that I enjoyed this book but I can't either say that it was horrible eitherThat's why its 2 stars Not not less This book well didn't really hit me The characters were uite bland They had no color in them so I could never relate to their feelings They story itself wasn't uite well thought of Okay This book doesn't only have it's down parts though I liked the title and cover That I liked That's what mainly drew me to the book I liked the fact that the book was about dragons About tending dragons Having dragon eggs Okay that's cool right?Anyways this book did not appeal to me I would have rated this book one star but since SOME parts of the book were okay I had to bump it up to 2 starsNice cover OK book

  3. Cloie Rainilla Cloie Rainilla says:

    It was alright However the majority of the book I found a bitboring PlotMella is known as a keeper it's kinda like a sheperd but for dragons She has a special bond with dragons that is not found in others These dragons are not the big ones you hear from legend they're basically small farm animals She tends for them at her family's inn and does this until she discovers a real dragon and because of certain events promises to deliver its egg to the hatching groundsSounds like my type of book The problem is I needed action Also maybe an older or mature character I know she's only 12 but some of her actions got on my nerves Other than that it wasn't bad and I did enjoy a few moments 25 Stars

  4. Erin Erin says:

    I have such a soft spot for dragon books and this was a warm cozy read It reminded me a lot of Susan Fletcher's dragon trilogy which I read in middle school and adored without being derivative of those stories Of course teenpreteen talks to dragons is a plot with a million variations in fantasy so a lot depends on how and how well an author does it Mella and Roger the main characters are believable pre teens and good foils for each other The plot while somewhat predictable to an older reader is fast moving and exciting I did think the notion of common dragons being raised as domestic animals was a nice touch The story is complete in one volume but I think there's room for a seuel if the author felt like writing one Dragon's Egg is definitely a middle grade book rather than YA but I think it could be enjoyable to an older reader

  5. Angie Angie says:

    Mella is a young dragon keeper at her family's inn Only the dragon's she tends are small in comparison to the giant dragons of old One day she finds a dragon egg and is tasked by a dying real dragon with taking the egg to the hatching grounds She is joined on her uest by Roger the dragon slayers suire Mella is a strong female character in a traditionally male role She succeeds in her mission and helps bring peace between dragons and humans The ending is a little too perfect but since this is for elementary age kids it is fine Thompson definitely leaves you wanting to know about how dragons and humans became enemies and how the fragile peace will play out Hopefully she will continue with this story in future books

  6. Kathy Kathy says:

    This was on Danny's recommended middle school list It's very suitable for that age It's an easy read and the vocabulary is not difficult It should be accessable to better elementary readers as well The main character is a 12yo girl dragon keeper who tends to small tame dragons at an inn and gathers their eggs and there's also a boy the same age who gets involved in a uest of sorts with her Very clean decent plot I'll read the next one with Dan if he brings it home Danny enjoyed this

  7. Christian Christian says:

    This one made an excellent read aloud for my 4th grade class A fantasy flavored story about a young girl who is the keeper of a small flock of dragons at her family's inn who is tasked by a real dragon unlike the smaller donesticated ones she raises to bring an egg to the sacred dragon hatching groundA 2008 DCF nominee the is the only one that will become a regular read aloud in my classes

  8. Betsy Brown Betsy Brown says:

    This book is a terrific book about friendship loyalty and teamwork Two children work together to save a species from extinction It's a great lead in to the Dragons of Perth series or any of the mythological fiction books adults enjoy With a saucy female heroine and the help of an unexpectedly aly respect is gained and growing up to do things because it is right even when there is danger has its own rewards A great read aloud or indpendent read for high level readers

  9. Melanie Au Melanie Au says:

    Simplistic plot and little character development Antagonist seems to come from nowehere and has a weak rationale for attacking the protagonists However the topic of dragons and a uest will be appealing to readers looking for a fantasy adventure Focus is less on the dragons than the journey to return the egg

  10. ✨ Gramy ✨ ✨ Gramy ✨ says:

    This was an exciting tale for pre teen and upward past parenthood It was exceptional for an adult but I liked none the lessThe characters were developed independent and compassionate It did indeed show the reader that doing the right thing even if it is scary should be the goalWould recommend

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