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The Civil Wars in US Labor ➻ [Reading] ➽ The Civil Wars in US Labor By Steve Early ➰ – BETWEEN 2008 AND 2010 the progressive wing of the US labor movement tore itself apart in a series of internecine struggles More than 140 million was expended by all sides on organizing conflicts that BETWEEN AND Wars in PDF/EPUB ✓ the progressive wing of the US labor movement tore itself apart in a series of internecine struggles More than million was expended by all sides on organizing conflicts that tarnished union reputations and undermined the campaign for real health care and labor law reform Campus and community allies along with many rank and file union members were left angered The Civil eBook õ and dismayedIn this incisive new book labor journalist Steve Early draws on scores of interviews and on his own union organizing experience to explain why and how these labor civil wars occurred He examines the bitter disputes about union structure membership rights organizing strategy and contract standards that enveloped SEIU UNITE HERE the California Nurses Association and independent organizations like the Federación de Maestros de Civil Wars in PDF Ê Puerto Rico and the new National Union of Healthcare Workers in California Along the way we meet rank and file activists local union officers national leaders and concerned friends of labor who were drawn into the fray.

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  1. Ro Ro says:

    A nice plump volume on the details of various rounds of infighting among progressive unions in the US mainly focusing on SEIU but also touching on issues and politics within AFSCME UNITE HERE CWA NUHW and CNA There is a LOT of juicy inside baseball details in here about the various shennanigans that SEIU the main character and antagonist of the book pulled in the late 2010s ranging from their attacks on their own locals and members to corruption cases to their political lobbying efforts The foil to SEIU is CWA who the author worked for for many years and NUHW both of whom the author argues are good examples of exercising at least some level of union democracy and rank and file member empowerment The book is packed with information however the overall structure is somewhat bizarre and can be difficult to follow sometimes with a lot of bouncing back and forth in time and jumping between events and campaigns in a somewhat peculiar fashion There are also a lot of details around names and laws and policies that can be a little daunting if one is not already somewhat familiar with unions and labor law This book could be a lot better if it followed of a narrative structure followed campaigns from beginning to end rather than chopping up events and bouncing around so much Nonetheless it was still a very educational and interesting and horrifying book

  2. Dan Petegorsky Dan Petegorsky says:

    I’m generally loathe to delve into either other organizations’ internal business or friends’ messy breakups because you almost always end up learning very unflattering things and thinking less about people you generally respect or admire But the scale and conseuences of the recent labor wars have been so enormous that it’s at least worth seeing if there’s anything to be learned from themOn that score the number one lesson I take away from Early’s book is what an extraordinary waste of money time and human capital this was – and at a time when those resources were so desperately needed on other fronts Early’s strong affinity for one side of the struggle makes this just one of what in a warped way I hope will be a broader analysishistory of these years That said it’s a very well written and well documented account though obviously from a very particular framework the fight for union democracy Because of his strong and passionate partisanship it’s not a book that will shift the way people deeply engaged in these fights see them but for those who were observers than participants it deserves a place in this sordid history

  3. Stas Stas says:

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