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Julie of the Wolves ❴Epub❵ ❧ Julie of the Wolves Author Jean Craighead George – Buyprobolan50.co.uk Miyax like many adolescents is torn But unlike most her choices may determine whether she lives or dies At 13 an orphan and unhappily married Miyax runs away from her husband's parents' home hoping to Miyax like many adolescents is torn But unlike most her choices may determine whether she lives or dies At an orphan and unhappily married Miyax runs away from her husband's parents' home hoping to reach San Francisco and her pen pal But she becomes lost in the vast Alaskan tundra with no food no shelter and no idea which is the way to safety Now than ever she must look hard at Julie of PDF \ who she really is Is she Miyax Eskimo girl of the old ways Or is she Julie her gussak white people name the modernized teenager who must mock the traditional customs And when a pack of wolves begins to accept her into their community Miyax must learn to think like a wolf as well If she trusts her Eskimo instincts will she stand a chance of surviving John Schoenherr's line drawings suggest rather than tell about the compelling experiences of a girl searching for answers in a bleak landscape that at first glance would seem to hold nothing Fans of Jean Craighead George's stunning Newberry Medal winning coming of age story won't want to miss Julie and Julie's Wolf Pack Ages and older Emilie Coulter.

  • Hardcover
  • 170 pages
  • Julie of the Wolves
  • Jean Craighead George
  • English
  • 22 August 2016
  • 9780060219437

10 thoughts on “Julie of the Wolves

  1. Jacqueline Jacqueline says:

    at first I thought Julie's observations of wolf behavior to be overly simplistic It's not just a matter of adopting their vocal cues to one another that will allow you to approach a wild wolf and gain its trust and friendshiphowever after a while I attempted some of the wolf behaviors on my 2 dogs and was surprised that they seemed to work and be understood Imagine pippen's surprise when I bit the top of her nose the first time hehthe grunt whine means come herethe licking of the chin and cheeks means hail to the chiefit actually DOES translateI'm weirded out by this

  2. Julie Julie says:

    Every writer should read this little Newberry winnerWhy?I'm glad you asked and I am so happy to answerEvery writer should read this little Newberry winner to learn that a book with a fast paced narrative that is readable may not only sell well it may also win a prestigious book award A book with horrible dialogue may still be read over and over again in classrooms everywhere so it turns out you don't need to waste any further time on making dialogue authentic Whew What a relief And last but not least write about an Eskimo even a completely unlikableunrelatable Eskimo because multiculturism sells y'allThree stars for naming her Julie

  3. Calista Calista says:

    A reminder of what the world was like to live in Nature and with natureIt took me a while to read this and it had little to do with the story and mostly to do with time I'm so glad I finally read this story I find this story to be uite powerful and the message of living in balance with nature is uite a powerful theme and call Julie has knowledge of how to survive in the wilderness That knowledge is so valuable People should make money by letting people pay to come for a week or two and learn to survive on the land and appreciate the world around themJulie was married off to a family that didn't uite work out for her It was not good So she decides to run away She runs off over the tundra of the Northern world and finds a wolf pack that takes her in Julie is smart and knows how to read wolves She survives on the plains with the wolves The best part of the story is when she is living with the wolves and learning from them Jean is an amazing writer and she obviously knows about survival skills She wrote My side of the Mountain and that was all about surviving in the wilderness as well She can spin a good yarn outdoors for certain Her books are incredible The pace is a little slower than today but I found it very engaging and interesting There is a flashback to Julie living with that family she marries into and that was the place I got stuck for so long That part dragged but the parts she is outside were amazing This is similar to Hatchet in some ways Jean does use the word Eskimo and the book is written in 1972 when that was accepted but I recently learned that they consider that a slur and prefer to be called something else like Inuit That was news to me but apparently now they really hate that word It is used a lot in this story I did enjoy this and it is worth reading in my opinion I love nature but I am not suited to live in nature any longer I can't drag around a library out there I love living close to nature with plumbing and yet I still found this book very powerful and a great read

  4. Catie Catie says:

    35 starsI’m glad that this is getting re released because I think that it deserves to find a new generation of fans This book is very short less than one hundred pages and simply written but I found it very affecting nonetheless The story opens with the Eskimo girl Miyax lost alone and starving in the Alaskan wilderness Her only hope of survival is the nearby wolf pack and the long ago memory of a tale that her lost father told of one hard winter when he appealed to a wolf leader for help and was given aid Desperate Miyax begins to emulate wolf behaviors and communication The wolves slowly begin to accept her presence but she can’t rely on them for all Miyax must unearth a hidden strength and the nearly lost wisdom of her ancestors to surviveAs the story unfolds we learn that Miyax has another name and another life In childhood she left the warmth and tradition of the seal camp and her father to join her aunt in a developed town There she attended school gained a pen pal in San Francisco and became Julie But at age thirteen according to the Eskimo tradition she agrees to marry the son of her father’s close friend All seems well until her husband becomes aggressive Julie decides to flee toward the hope of San Francisco and a new lifeThis is a powerful story of conflict between two identities and two sets of traditions Julie loves the safety of home and people; she wants to have a place in society But when Julie runs into the wilderness her proprieties and her limits are stripped away She loses her fear and uncertainty and she finds Miyax underneath it all And she finds even than that a new family and a new homeBut can Miyax’s new home remain untouched? With the industrialized world expanding ever further into the north her new life is not a stable one The ending is bittersweet but it feels like truthWhat’s most interesting to me is that I felt my own reactions to Miyax’s environment change right along with hers In the beginning I felt frightened for Miyax and a bit disgusted by the lengths that she was forced to go to in order to survive But by the end I was happily eating raw liver and packing my sled with caribou “chips” aka poop for fuel right along with her I rejoiced at the thought of Miyax turning her back on “civilized” life and surviving on her ownPerfect Musical PairingGenesis – White MountainFrom the 1970 album an epic song about harsh reality and adventure through the eyes of a wolf on the white mountain Couldn’t be perfect

  5. Cathy Cathy says:

    This book won the Newbery award in 1973 It is really excellent and uite an amazing story I thoroughly enjoyed it Because my husband LOVES Alaska so much he also read it Well I love Alaska too We would go back there in 2 split seconds if our children weren't here instead of there ALSO this book has been challenged often and can you guess why? Well these are the ones I could findsocialist communist evolutionary and anti family themes; references to family alcoholism abuse and divorce; includes a rape sceneAnd guess what? No matter how repellent and unthinkable alcoholism abuse and divorce are THEY HAPPEN

  6. Lesle Lesle says:

    The author spent a summer watching and studying the behaviors of a wolf pack in Denali She had seen a young woman walking the tundra alone The story is inspiredJulie of the Wolves is a story about Miyak's journey from leaving a frightening situation behind at a very young age to find her way to her pen pal in San Francisco She is lost in Alaska with no food and no way to shelter herself from the tundra During her journey she is torn between a Gussak Julie way of life or is the Eskimo Miyak life a better way? At times it is intense will she survive? She finally finds hope in a pack of wolves and begins to study how they communicate to one another which allows her to interact with them in turn saves her life The story is well written it is believable in the fact that it could possibly happen in the world of Eskimo life Miyax's ingenuity to survive with the pack and sustain herself with some of the lessons she learned from her father is the heart of the story She also is able to save another with the Plover Bird A couple that is out hunting find her and give her hope to reunite with her father and show him what she has learnedThe descriptions are very detailed the real life hits her hard when she realizes her father is modernized which has led to the death of one she admired so much She gives the Plover to her father as a gift shortly after the bird passes Is this a sign? SadThe sketchings are also pretty detailed and give you a true image of her different circumstancesWolves are fascinating creatures the way they build structure in the pack and how they show respect towards the leader

  7. Amanda NEVER MANDY Amanda NEVER MANDY says:

    I decided it best to reacuaint myself with this story since it had been such a long time between my original read and this review and let me just say what a difference time has had with this one My memories were of this little girl who happened to make friends with a pack of wolves while traveling from point A to point B which consisted of some mildly dangerous wilderness WRONGOAdult me looks at this story now and sees sad Buckets of it From beginning to end there is just a whole hell of a lot of wrong happening to this poor little girl and her ability to endure it astounds me Maybe that is why I loved this book so much as a child It wasn’t the animal aspect but the strong central character that drew me in I seem to have a knack for falling for the independent and stubborn leads that take not just one but many life ass kicking’s and still manage to see that sparkle that makes it all worth it shine on through I may display an empty cup mentality but I sure don’t read like it

  8. Evelina | AvalinahsBooks Evelina | AvalinahsBooks says:

    How I read this free trial of ScribdI was absolutely in love with Julie of the Wolves – I finished this story in an evening and I was so sorry it ended so fast This story is not only a celebration of the Inuit Eskimo culture it’s also a lovesong to other non human cultures – I mean animals The story focuses on wolves and how they adopt a girl who has got lost in the tundra because she was running away from a dangerous situation at home The love for nature for the natural even if harsh way of life really resonated with me – I’ll always love stories about how people take up the old ways of life instead of our polished highly artificial lives of the 21st centuryThe descriptions of the social lives of wolves are simply stunning I could have never imagined these animals to have such a rich culture We really don’t see animals in the light we should – that they’re just like us but in their own way It’s magical to look into their world and see both how similar and how different they are from usJulie of the Wolves also reveals the magic of nonverbal speech We humans are so used to expressing ourselves pretty much only verbally that we even think only though speaking – at least surely most of us do But in Julie of the Wolves the main character is forced to learn another kind of language – one comprised pretty much only of movements glances snarls or positions of ears or simply how things make you feel when you see them It’s alien territory for a person of the 21st century which is why it was a treat to read It’s always so interesting to learn about other ways of lifeBut reader I must warn you – I cried Triggers include view spoileranimal death which I absolutely can’t handle hide spoiler

  9. Wanda Wanda says:

    Wanda's Summer Carnival of Children's LiteratureAlthough I know that I read Julie of the Wolves when I was about 11 years old I could not recall a single detail of it just a general impression that it had been an enjoyable book I think I got much out of it reading it as an adult What I can truly appreciate now is the wonderful depiction of the natural world the Arctic environment The author spent some time in Alaska doing biological research and her knowledge of the area just shines through Not just wolves but lemmings skuas foxes and a variety of other birds and animals populate these pages strongly appealing to the naturalist in meAs a child I certainly did not understand the sadness about the changing way of life of the people of the Arctic George was obviously sorry to see the Native people losing their traditional way of life and becoming initiated into regular North American culture The ending is particularly heart wrenching as Julie faces the fact that she must also join in settled life I experienced similar feelings when visiting Bhutan—the young people were all excited about the internet and joining in world culture but as a visitor I saw that their culture risked losing so much of its uniueness as a result Yet who in their right mind would deny them the right to modernize? It’s a balancing act to take the best of other cultures while retaining what is best of your own I think there are echoes in this book of the idea that Native peoples and their cultures would inevitably die out something which so many are still struggling against So many indigenous languages are uickly going extinct being replaced by European languages Hopefully these communities will be able to hold the line against further erosion of their cultures and languages

  10. Emily Emily says:

    The genre was actionfiction When Amaro died it was very sad One of the things that made me sad was when Amaro died was when Julie screamed For a bounty for money the magnificent Amaro is dead I think this might be how some one feels when someone important dies pg 140 At first Amaro did not let Julie in the pack Why do you think he eventually did? Why was Jello a wolf in shame? why did the men kill Amaro and then not take him with them? I think that this was a very good book because I liked how the uite moments and the action tied together to make one

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