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Above All Others [KINDLE] ❥ Above All Others ➛ Karen Ranney – Buyprobolan50.co.uk Author Karen Ranney tells the tale of a woman who was hired to tend to an illegitimate child only to be faced with the baby’s devastating father Talk about a war between the sexes The Earl of Moncri Author Karen Ranney tells the tale of a woman who was hired to tend to an illegitimate child only to be faced with the baby’s devastating father Talk about a war between the sexes The Earl of Moncrief was a rake who had plans for the beautiful Katherine only to discover that she had bested him at every turn First she seduced him Then she stole his children Finally she became his wife and that’s when the fun really began.

  • Kindle Edition
  • 389 pages
  • Above All Others
  • Karen Ranney
  • English
  • 15 October 2014

About the Author: Karen Ranney

I’m a writer who’s been privileged to have attained the New York Times and USA Today Bestseller Lists Although I've primarily written historical romance I've also written contemporary romantic suspense a murder mystery and I'm having a wonderful time writing about a vampire who is being challenged by her new state of being The Montgomery Chronicles The Fertile Vampire and The Reluctant Godd.

10 thoughts on “Above All Others

  1. A (Is For Awkward) A (Is For Awkward) says:

    This book doesn't deserve a proper review but it made me angry enough to write something anywayThe Hero is one of the most unlikeable despicable characters I have come across The love was so completely unbelievable I never got past it Even the sexual relationship came across like hate sex then anything There is literally nothing redeeming about his character The only supposed redeeming traits he has are verbally listed by other people but never seen in the book The ending where the heroine decides she is being unreasonable was infuriating because she was the only reasonable character by that point Some things aren't forgivable What I found was most unreasonable is that she didn't shoot him strangle him or poison him halfway through the bookFrom the very first scene he is an ass He mistreats the servants he sexually assaults the heroine repeatedly he wears her down until she finally agrees to a fake contract to protect herself He attempts to trick her into being his long term mistress He kidnaps her children and forces her to marry him to have any access to them He is a lying manipulative bastard who I wanted to shoot where it hurts from about page 100 on I only finished because I kept hoping beyond hope she would give him back his own but it never happens 5 hours of my life I want back I need to find some way to purge this book from my head now

  2. Jae Jae says:

    Both main characters were douche nuggets with inconsistent motivations Freddie decides his daughter isn't his daughter because all the women in direct descent all share a remarkable family trait The two longest fingers on both hands are webbed and the baby doesn't have that but later in the story the faint webbing between her fingers was still visible Which is it? Webbed or no? Because it's a fairly important plot device I understand why Katherine is so antagonistic towards Freddie later in the book but from the very beginning he behaves like a total ass wagon But everyone thinks he's so great because he's a model of compassion he would never willingly hurt anyone but over and over he's shown to be an arrogant jerk wad with zero actual empathy And Katherine's proposal comes straight out of nowhere She's thinking about how pretty the earl is and boom view spoilershe's offering to become his mistress so she can stay with Julie hide spoiler

  3. Kendra Kendra says:

    Overall story was okay but it was weighed down by the wordiness in the descriptions I got tired of the hh fighting all the time because it seemed mean and tiresome Maybe it was that they didn't make up near soon enough and each was downright mean in acting out hisher anger

  4. NatalyaVqs NatalyaVqs says:

    This one got under my skin when he searched for her so relentlessly I did feel that love was transformative very emotional just the kind of historical romance I enjoy most; I wish she was less of a shrew at the end though she transforms for the worst

  5. Yati Yati says:

    Worth readingEnjoy the storybeautiful outline with loving characterssuperb ending Worth buying and reading Really recommend

  6. Marina P Marina P says:

    35 starsA lovely historical romance in a writing style that uses the English grammar and possibilities of expression to its fullest The story was also very sensual the love between the two main characters unfolding gradually and crediblyI liked the heroine very much Kathrine Sanderson recently orphaned and impecunious accepts a position as a governess to the illegitimate daughter of the hero the Earl of Moncrief What I did not like at all was the hero right from the beginning of the story until it’s very end Everything he did irritated me; above all I cannot stand when such men “use” women sexually without any regardrespect I don’t like detailed stories about rakes and their activities And this hero was also rather cruel to the heroine a behavior that demands a redeeming “groveling scene” at the end of the book for him to deserve a HEA IMO the hero got off disappointingly easy 35 stars only because of the admirable heroine

  7. Jeni Jeni says:

    AmusingI enjoy the period the book is written about And though it seems a bit predictable I liked it and will read of the same author in the future

  8. ksstannard ksstannard says:

    A book to read againWhen a book says remember me? And you choose to reread the storythat is a well told tale Try it you' ll like it

  9. Mimi Mimi says:

    Above All Others is one of Karen Ranney earliest novels and it does not favorably compare to the way she writes now I usually dive into her novels and read them in one or two sittings; not so this novel With two unlikable protagonists and a tangled repetitive plot Above All Others was a chore to slog through I kept putting it aside to read other novels I always look forward to novels by Karen Ranney as she is one of my favorite authors This book is not one of her better ones

  10. Gina Gina says:

    Too many editing errors or it would have been a 4 star

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