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  • 04 March 2016
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10 thoughts on “The Thief

  1. Gary Gary says:

    This is my first experience of the writing of Ruth Rendell and I was uickly taken by her style already planning to read A fast paced novel that reminded me a little of the programme 'Tales of the unexpected' with it's rather uirky plot The lead character Polly is impulsive and struggles to control them When she is angered her impulses take over and she is driven to seek revenge by stealing their possessions and destroying them These impulses threaten to take control of her putting everything she deems important at riskMy one criticism is that I thought the climax could have been a little stronger

  2. Erica Erica says:

    the central character of Polly is amply fleshed out after a problem childhood during which she exacted spiteful revenge on anyone who crossed her she has gradually found happiness and stability until she reverts to her old habits and her world begins to crumble Despite her tendancy to steal precious objects from her perceived enemies she is surprisingly sympathetic and we share her fear and despair when events spiral out of control

  3. Bandit Bandit says:

    I've read Rendell's novella and short stories now thisa novella A story about a young woman who steals as a means of revenge and happens to be a pathological liar Until she meets the right man and wants to give up her lying stealing ways Until she meets the wrong man to steal from This wasn't as dark as some of Rendell's psychological fiction but it certainly has most of familiar traits especially the innate occasionally cripplingly so British politeness It is that precise uality that gets our protagonist into her predicament in the first place her impotent rage over a man's rudeness gives way to nabbing his luggage to spite him leading on a terribly destructive path Some of Polly's actions were definitely straight out of the WTF binwashing of the stolen clothes for instance but then again she isn't meant to be a criminal mastermind just an average person with some particular predilections Interesting in the way of culture clash contrasts can't imagine a cripplingly polite reticent American Entertaining uick read

  4. Selene Selene says:

    This book was a pleasant surprise There was a little suspense a little mystery and the protagonist was a kleptomaniac and compulsive liar The ending was abrupt but this was a great read

  5. Lady Delacour Lady Delacour says:

    Ruth Rendell alwayshas uniue charactersYou will meet oneby the name of Pollyin this short adventureListened with TTSClean with twoFoul Words

  6. Karl Marx S.T. Karl Marx S.T. says:

    Stealing something from people that upsets Polly is something she does uite a lot And what you did in your childhood may come back again to haunt you is the premise of one of Ruth Rendell’s standalone novella Polly avenges on some people like her Aunt Pauline a girl at school and a boyfriend who left her But then one day she met the man of her dreams and promises herself to behave and cut her childhood habit With her husband’s virtues and good intentions and for the things he continuously showers Polly with comes to a decision that her actions and impropriety must come to a stop And there was the man on the planeHumiliated and degraded by a total stranger Polly once again does what she does She steals something to avenge her dignity and never had imagined that her revenge for something would have caused her such terrifying resultsI’ve read a lot of reviews about the novel and the negative ones usually came from Polly’s being afraid to defend herself against the stranger Well she does promise herself to behave accordingly and I guess the inevitable will come into action if she fights back and that’s what she is avoiding I think it is safe to say that some of our childhood habits remain subconsciously in our minds and is just waiting to be performed again and that’s what drives Polly to perform her scene this time promising it’ll be the lastAs part of the uick Reads series to promote and encourage reading to people who do not often read and to discover the joy of books The Thief is an exciting and fast read from a writer I admire for years Even though in just 20000 words Rendell still manages to put her signature story telling and creepy narratives to make you read the novella in just one sitting and it’s not just because it only contains 86 pages One can predict that the conseuences of the protagonist behavior will end in tragedy –for Polly lessons are learned in a hard way to make her realize her actions I am much saddened by Polly’s fate and thus it makes her unforgettable Well one should learn something life changing from their fallacious actions right?A riveting and an entertaining fast read from the master of psychological suspenseOpening Sentence The first time she stole something Polly was eight years oldEnding Sentence She lay there unconscious her arms stretched out and the diamond on her finger winking in the dying light

  7. Akylina Akylina says:

    Many different emotions rushed through me in the short period of time it took me to read this book Curiosity anxiety a sense of suspense frustration pity and disappointment are a few of them While the story started off as gripping and with an interesting premise I couldn't help but feel that I didn't want to keep on reading I knew something unpleasant would happen and even though at the beginning of the book I thought something unpleasant would be than fitting to this self centered and arrogant protagonist called Polly this feeling of anxiety wouldn't go away The moral of the story became pretty evident but this story just wasn't for me I felt like wanting to get inside the book and scream at the stupidity the characters' actions were led by What stayed with me after finishing reading this was that ultimately human nature is impossible to change no matter how much one strives for it

  8. Owen Townend Owen Townend says:

    The first thing I noticed about Rendell's style was it's strong sense of characterI feel we get an honest intrepretation of the protagonist Polly from her vengeful kleptomania to her timidity at being misunderstood Meanwhile the character of Lant is suitably unsettling for plot conflict personified though also a little hammy with it Alex Lucy's partner was inevitably a wet blanket mostly there for Polly to lie to and look uietly hurt by itThe plot itself is very simple a hasty act of retaliation is repented for roughly forty pages Rendell set this up well but I'm afraid she couldn't uite keep up the tension all the way through As for the ending while thematically pertinent it was much to abrupt to be satisfyingI will keep an eye out for by Rendell though going off this book I don't think I'll be in a rush to read it That being said I do hope that her longer works have much going on and so can handle the suspense betterI would recommend this book to those who are fans of Rendell's work and those who want to catch their breath a bit as they travel

  9. Joann Joann says:

    This is a short story and I enjoyed it for the most part I really disliked the ending though and thought it could have been a bit thought out Just an OK mediocre read for me Nothing to get excited about

  10. Libby Cowling Libby Cowling says:

    Not my normal read but good story Let’s just say revenge is sweet but don’t do it to the wrong person

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The Thief❮PDF / Epub❯ ☀ The Thief ✈ Author Ruth Rendell – What you do in childhood may come back to haunt youStealing things from people who had upset her was something Polly did uite a lotThere was her Aunt Pauline; a girl at school; a boyfriend who left he What you do in childhood may come back to haunt youStealing things from people who had upset her was something Polly did uite a lotThere was her Aunt Pauline; a girl at school; a boyfriend who left her And there was the man on the plane Humiliated and scared by a total stranger Polly does what she always does She steals something But she never could have imagined that her desire for revenge would have such terrifying results.

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Barbara VineRuth Barbara Rendell Baroness Rendell of Babergh CBE who also wrote under the pseudonym.