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Wild Cards: Death Draws Five (Wild Cards, Book 17) ❰Read❯ ➪ Wild Cards: Death Draws Five (Wild Cards, Book 17) Author John J. Miller – Buyprobolan50.co.uk An original novel set in the widely popular Wild Cards world created by science fiction scion George RR Martin Edited by Hugo award winning and New York times bestselling author George RR Martin It's An original novel set in the widely popular Death Draws Epub Ü Wild Cards world created by science fiction scion George RR Martin Edited by Hugo award winning and New York times bestselling author George RR Martin It's really Wild Cards: PDF/EPUB or uite simple Mr Nobody wants to do his job The Midnight Angel wants to serve her Lord Billy Ray dying from boredom wants some action John Nighthawk wants to uncover the awful secret behind his mysterious Cards: Death Draws MOBI í power Fortunato wants to rescue his son from the clutches of a cryptic Vatican office John Fortune just wants to catch Siegfried and Ralph's famous Vegas review The problem is that all roads whether they start in Turin Italy Las Vegas Hokkaido Japan Jokertown Snake Hill the Short Cut or Yazoo City Mississippi lead to Leo Barnett's Peaceable Kingdon where the difference between the Apocalypse and Peace on Earth is as thin as a razor's edge and where Death himself awaits the final terrible turn of the card Wild Cards Death Draws Five is an original novel set in this shared world utilizing characters from other Wild Card adventuresJohn J Miller—Splitting his life between the Empire State and The Land of Enchantment John J Miller currently resides in Albuuerue NM with his wife Gail five cats two dogs two goldfish and too many books to count approximately ten of which he's written He's contemplating getting goldfish and probably booksGeorge R R Martin was born in in Bayonne NJ Four time winner of the Hugo Award two time winner of the Nebula and editor of over two dozen novels and anthologies and the writer of numerous short stories His New York Times bestselling novel A Storm of Swords the third volume in his epic fantasy series A Song of Ice and Fire was published in Martin lives in Sante Fe New Mexico.

10 thoughts on “Wild Cards: Death Draws Five (Wild Cards, Book 17)

  1. Shannon Appelcline Shannon Appelcline says:

    Definitely a good Wild Cards novel and a strong bridge to the next generation thanks to its focus on John Fortune a son of two characters from the early booksThe idea that he is the savior or the Anti Christ is all kinds of wacky but Miller makes it work He also does a great job of really emulating the Wild Cards style as a single author So we get lots of threads and lots of different characters and they come together in meaningful ways

  2. Jimyanni Jimyanni says:

    This is an example of a book that tells an exciting entertaining tale with excellent characterization good pacing and a compelling plot that is ridiculously poorly writtenedited Yes it's the editor's job to fix those sloppy errors but it's the writer's job not to put so many of them in the manuscript in the first place Things like someone wearing an Armani suite asking Did you brought having a guilty conscious twice in two sentences Phrases like He swiveled unto his hands and knees There wasn't much too it he had feelings for her which he weren't at all sure were reciprocated smothered the air they were trying to breath the magazine a top the pile The van engine's was idling a human figure talk and bulky the ichor that eaten through her jumpsuit what? Not her jumpsuite? listen to a records she had from when she was young almost over whelmed no time for idle past times gunfire knocked her to her feet paused on the thresh hold I could go on and on These are just FEW of this sort of error that plagues this book A professional author should have been able to deliver a cleaner manuscript than this by middle school And a professional editor should have been able to clean up most of them These aren't obscure technical errors These are glaring sloppinesses that should never make it into a professionally written professionally edited book I understand that people are human and mistakes will slip through Two or three in a book this size and I wouldn't even mention it But this was ridiculous The story and characterizations I give five stars On technical merit it barely rates one

  3. Ch J Loveall Ch J Loveall says:

    Read the world when younger; liked then do not like now

  4. Alasdair King Alasdair King says:

    I love the Wild Card series Although this is unusual for the series as it isn't a mosaic with a number of authors Death Draws Five is able to hold its place on the shelf and is a deserving part of the group There are some cameo roles from a few of our old favorites and it is nice to meet them again It's a an adventure romp with uite a bit of action something to expect when Billy Ray is involved In fact the handling of Billy Ray is done well and to me he develops into a rounded character this is possibly the best I have ever liked him Having read some of the later books I am out of sync because not all are available on the Kindle I knew how some things would pan out but it was still enjoyable to read how it all happenedI am left wanting to find the next one

  5. Gary Coleman Gary Coleman says:

    Excellent continuation of Wild Cards storylineThis was one of the better books in the series maybe partly because it had only one author and wasn't a series of short stories The plot consisted of rescuing the son of Peregrine and Fortunato from those who wanted to cause him harm and in a way from those that wanted to protect him too Main characters consisted of Billy Ray The Angel Nighthawk Jerry Strauss and the welcome return of Fortunato My only disappointment was with the ending which seemed a trifle too abrupt

  6. Shannon Grant Shannon Grant says:

    I enjoyed it a lot than the previous few WC books Necessarily marked down due to ongoing misogyny I’m not surprised any given who writes these but I’m excited to see if this changes in the 2006 books as well as the fact that every attractive female who is introduced in this series has sex with a main character by the end and it’s just a little predictable Felt like the original ones though so that’s coolAlso I’ve never seen so many typos in a published book

  7. Martin Martin says:

    One of the weaker Wild Card books There are a ton of characters and movement between locations but there's not much story These books need footnotes a la Jack Vance when a returning character item or location first comes on stage The footnote should just be a uick power description and history recap You shouldn't need to have Wikipedia open to figure out who is who

  8. Max Max says:

    Jumped back in hereI stopped reading this series with book 12 back when that was new This was a fine re entry point with old characters in New situations alongside fresh faces but without much confusion at all for this lapsed fan I now plan on forging forward to the next book

  9. Wai Kit Wai Kit says:

    Fast paced plot with good characterization Billy Ray who deals a lot of ass kicking Midnight Angel who struggles with her faith original characters like mushroom daddy and the Witness aka The Bigger Asshole

  10. Florian Holzner Florian Holzner says:

    A fast paced story but somewhat cheesy to me at times A good entertaining read; devoured it in two or three reading sessions but I don't think I'll revisit this

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