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The Smiley Snowman [Download] ➺ The Smiley Snowman ➿ M. Christina Butler – Small Fox Little Bear and Fluff Bunny have a great time building a huge smiley snowman out of fresh snow And they have even fun playing with their new snowman friend all afternoon But when they return Small Fox Little Bear and Fluff Bunny have a great time building a huge smiley snowman out of fresh snow And they have even fun playing with their new snowman friend all afternoon But when they return the next morning their snowman looks all shivery and his happy smile is gone The Smiley PDF/EPUB ² What went wrong Beautiful snowscapes from bestselling illustrator Tina Macnaughton bring this heartwarming story of friendship to life The snowman glows with a magical sparkling finish throughout.

  • Paperback
  • 32 pages
  • The Smiley Snowman
  • M. Christina Butler
  • English
  • 26 May 2016
  • 9781561486960

10 thoughts on “The Smiley Snowman

  1. QNPoohBear QNPoohBear says:

    This book is so sweet I just adored the little animals and how they worked hard to make the snowman happy The glitter in the illustrations makes it extra fun I didn't get any feedback on this one from the small fry in the house but I enjoyed it and may get it from the library again next year

  2. Anthony Anthony says:

    Three friends Little Bear Small Fox and Fluff Bunny build a smiling snowman The next day the snowman is frowning and the three friends thinks he's cold so they wrap him in warm clothing and a blanket but he soon begins to melt The repack him but soon discover that his frown is caused by something else

  3. Donna Mork Donna Mork says:

    Cute story about a snowman who is cold on the inside and needs a hug He frowns until his new animal friends give him a hug then he smiles

  4. Laurie Laurie says:

    Horn Book Spring 2011Little Bear Small Fox and Fluff Bunny build a snowman As its smile begins to fade the friends figure out ways to please their snowy pal conveying the message that friendship can be found in the most unexpected of places and amongst the most unlikely of characters Cheerful illustrations outlined with glitter add to the story's cutesiness Kirkus Reviews October 1 2010Announcing its raison d'tre it's A sparkling glitter book on the cover this book proceeds to deliver flimsy characters and a flimsier plot but yes lots and lots of sandpapery embossed sparkles on its titular snowman Little Bear and Small Fox have built a snowman and little Fluff Bunny has drawn on its smile When the three animals visit their creation in the morning they notice that its smile is not so wide They decide it's cold and bundle it up but it begins to melt They remake him but he still looks sad What to do? Fluff has the answer a hug With all the subtlety of a sugar cookie these animals grin and giggle their way through this utterly forgettable tale In the end even sparkles can't save it Picture book 2 5 Publishers Weekly November 1 2010In a snowy forest glen Fluff Bunny Small Fox and Little Bear construct a sparkly snowman thanks to a coat of green glitter on each page on which he appears with a sweet smile and a marshmallowy head Fluff keeps the snowman company telling him stories until dark But in the morning the snowman has a frown and looks sad and shivery so the animals give him a warm hat and blanket which makes him melt The snowman finally smiles again when the three animals give him a big hug Snowman wasn't cold on the outside He was cold on the inside He just needed a hug Children should relate to both the excitement and concern of Macnaughton's cuddly expressive animals as they work together Ages 3 7 Oct c Copyright PWxyz LLC All rights reserved School Library Journal November 1 2010PreS K Little Bear Small Fox and Fluff Bunny want to keep their newly built snowman looking happy He smiles as they entertain him with stories and headstands until it grows dark In the morning when they see the frown on his face they suspect he's sad because of the cold They find clothes to cover him up but that only makes him melt and look sadder Together they discover what their snowman needs than company and clothes to smile again Silvery blue green glitter makes the snowman appear to twinkle And as the lovable animal friends play in the snowy woods they make winter seem cozy and fun This book would be a pleasant read aloud for a winter themed storytime Tanya Boudreau Cold Lake Public Library AB Canada c Copyright 2010 Library Journals LLC a wholly owned subsidiary of Media Source Inc No redistribution permitted

  5. Patricia Patricia says:

    This is a very pretty book with a sweet story In the story Little Bear Small Fox and Fluff Bunny make a snowman Fluff gives the snowman a great big smile When Fox and Bear go to play Fluff stays behind to keep snowman company and to play with snowman who basically just stands there he does not come to life like Frosty At nightfall the three animals go home The next day when they return to where snowman is they notice he is sad They decide that he is cold and so they give him a woolly hat and scarf Fluff brings a blanket to cover snowman and then they all go play without snowman After they play they go visit snowman who is melting They take off all the stuff they put on him and rebuild him but notice he will not smile Fluff Bunny decides to hug snowman and snowman starts to smile They decide that snowman wasn't cold on the outside he was cold on the inside At the end all three animals hug snowman and everyone is left smiling This is an AR 26 level book

  6. Jane Jane says:

    The Smiley Snowman is a cute story about three friends that build a snowman and how he needs hugs to be smiley The illustrations are soft colorful and appealing to all ages My preschool class like this story and ask for it often

  7. Alexandria Alexandria says:

    This book is cute It also has good pictures in it

  8. Tammy Tammy says:

    The illustrations were awesome and the story was just a warm your heart story

  9. Christine Christine says:

    I like the big floppy thing with lumpy bumps cute picture too

  10. Samantha Samantha says:

    This book has beautiful illustrations cute characters and is such a good tale of friendship

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