How Barack Obama is Endangering our National Sovereignty

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  1. Jim Thompson Jim Thompson says:

    I wasn't a fan of John Bolton before reading this bookI'm certainly not of a fan having read thisThis is an Encounter Broadside a series of short concise ultra right books that were born around the time Obama took office The earlier volumes in the series were intensely Obama focused though recently titles have expanded that focus taking broadsides at Liberal and Leftist thought in general favorite targets are college campuses Muslims and anyone identifying as a DemocratThis is Encounter Broadside Number 11 Still in those early Obama fixated daysIn this volume written in 2010 2 years into Obama's first term John Bolton high ranking official from the George W Bush administration now working for Trump argues that Obama is the first post American president and that he and his allies are on a deliberate path to end America's sovereignty and deliver us into the arms of World GovernmentIf that sounds crazy and alarmist to you then you're rightThis book is crazy and alarmistIt's hard to know where to begin a response to this book Point out the flaws of his basic premise? Point out the ways the evidence he cites fails to support his flawed premise? Point out the crazy that's sprinkled all through?Bolton clearly believes that the United States agreeing to international norms the existence of international law is a threat to our security He also clearly believes that The United States is exceptional and superior to all other nations in a very factual scientific way that preference for the US is not something he feels because it's his home but that there is an actual factual argument for our superiority and the logical result there would be that other people of other nations should recognize this superiority and act accordinglyComing from that mindset Bolton is disgusted when he hears Obama say No world order that elevates one nation or group of people over another will succeed This is outrageous to him because it explicitly endorses the idea that all have been created eual an idea that Bolton furiously rejects In Bolton's view the exceptional need not worry about the views of the unexceptional; the unexceptional need to know their place and stay there One nation one vote he says is profoundly undemocratic though he doesn't really explain why To be fair this isn't racism But it is the exact kind of thinking that has given rise over the years to racism and every other kind of bigotry that has plagued us It is unabashed we are better than you and we don't need to consider you thinking Not even glossed over It's okay Bolton says because no other nations out there are as liberty oriented as we areHow he came to that scientific conclusion I'm not sure Bolton argues that by being members of international organizations like the UN and by agreeing to abide by certain international norms we are giving up our right to self defense He does not give any evidence for this He suggests it again and again but nowhere shows how the US would be less able to defend itself from outward aggression He makes references to military actions that have been taken ironically but Democratic presidents and that were frowned upon by the international community but these are not examples of self defense rather examples of aggression in the name of self interest We could debate when preemptive strikes are appropriate when getting caught up in others' wars is or isn't the right thing to do there could be multiple legitimate views but the examples he gives are very clearly NOT self defense issues and so it's hard to see why he believes that the UN is going to prevent us from defending ourselves from aggression Bolton is unhappy with Obama for advocating for nuclear draw downs It's hard to make the case that multilateral reductions in weapons of mass destruction is a bad thing but Bolton goes for it anyway He does it creatively if by creatively we mean shrilly crazily disconnected from reality Bolton sees multilateral cuts in nuclear weapons as a back door way to ban guns in the United States For real I guess it's a safe bet want to rile up the Republican base tell them a Democratic president wants to take their guns away even though no Democratic president has ever taken their guns away including that terrifying Obama who was in office for 6 years after Bolton screamed this stuff onto the pageBolton even sorta kinda calls his own bullshit here by pointing out that Obama did in fact increase forces to Afghanistan He complains though that Obama didn't do it enthusiastically enough that he had an undisguised long to do exactly the opposite Apparently sending troops into harms way isn't good enough; you have to be happy about it you can't wish that it was unnecessary you can't wish their was a better world you have to feel glee in the use of deadly forceThere's It's a short short book but Bolton manages to get a lot of nationalistic bigoted anti intellectual fear mongering garbage into just 45 pagesThis book is terrible A pleasure to read because hey this is the intellectual ammunition of the right and it's nice to see how pathetically hollow and fragile it is This is dog shit and one walks away from it realizing that Bolton is basically a dog shit kind of guy Sadly a dog shit guy in with real power in a dog shit administration

  2. Fredrick Danysh Fredrick Danysh says:

    Former ambassador Bolton makes the case that President Obama and the Democratic Political Party are working for a world governments give up their national sovereignty right of self determination on the pattern of the European Union This is being accomplished through a series of treaties ceding national sovereignty right and through proposed world taxation It is also being domestically by not enforcing our borders and immigration policy All American citizens should read it The thesis is short to the point and in plain language

  3. Lia Lia says:

    Very short brief rant on what Bolton thinks is so outrageously wrong with multilateralism globalism consensus seeking especially regarding use of military force treatment of prisoners of war as opposed to America first American exceptionalism One good way to understand the mentality behind the current posturing

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How Barack Obama is Endangering our National Sovereignty [EPUB] ✼ How Barack Obama is Endangering our National Sovereignty Author John R. Bolton – Today American sovereignty is challenged than ever before not from enemies that threaten us militarily but from “friends” who urge us to share or reduce our sovereignty for larger global objective Today American Obama is PDF ↠ sovereignty is challenged than ever before not from enemies that threaten us militarily but from “friends” who urge us to share or reduce our sovereignty for larger global objectives How Barack Obama is Endangering How Barack PDF or our National Sovereignty reveals what sovereignty means to Americans not as an abstraction but as a vibrant component of self governmentFormer Ambassador to the UN John R Bolton looks at specific threats to US sovereignty from “global Barack Obama is PDF Ç governance” to the White House and recommends what Americans can do to defend their sovereignty and resist encroachments from the wide array of challenges we face internationally and in our own domestic politics.