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  1. Spencer Spencer says:

    i keep thinking MEM is too good but this is elouent and makes senseDiane Arbus is a hard act to follow The standards she set for straightforward portraiture of a certain kind psychological private permanent are so high that photographers who venture into that territory run the risk of having their work found wanting Mary Ellen Mark's Arbus like photographs invite that kind of comparison and they fall short where Arbus showed a wry sense of humor and a belief in the lonely courage of being different or just being alive Ms Mark's photographs here seem voyeuristic even cold wincingly intrusive Some of the images are uncomfortably derivative margarett loke

  2. Kate Kaluzny Kate Kaluzny says:

    This is an amazing collection of photographs spanning Mary Ellen Mark's entire career as a documentary photographer She is one of my very favorite photographers and she is a personal hero of mine as well Her portraits of people from all walks of life and cultures are remarkable and show a woman who truly emotionally connects with her subjects while at the same time creating images with masterful techniue

  3. Margot Note Margot Note says:

    Tiny in Her Halloween Costume 1983 her tightly crossed arms dead veiled eyes frown scar on her chin In her own words she wanted to look like a French whore but she was already a teenage prostitute on Pike Street

  4. Emily Emily says:

    Every one of the 100 images in this book are incredible I loved the text at the end of the book in which Mary Ellen tells the stories of 20 or so of her photographs I can't believe that I haven't been familiar with her work before this

  5. Paula Paula says:

    My favorite photography book this year These photos are absolutely gripping from child prostitutes in India to hydrocephalic twins to homeless families in Kentucky WARNING Not for the fainthearted this is gritty stuff

  6. julie julie says:

    this is a beautifully done book but i have to say that mark's photos disturb me especially the ones featuring twins she brings out something in them that makes it hard for me to sleep at night

  7. Martin Pepe Martin Pepe says:

    A study of the works of my favorite photographer

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Mary Ellen Mark: Exposure [PDF] ❤ Mary Ellen Mark: Exposure By Mary Ellen Mark – Acclaimed American documentary photographer Mary Ellen Mark b 1940 made her first iconic pictures when living in Turkey on a Fulbright Fellowship in the mid 1960s Her photographs of Bombay brothels sh Acclaimed American documentary photographer Mary Ellen Mark b made her first iconic pictures when living in Turkey on a Fulbright Fellowship in the mid s Her photographs of Bombay brothels shot in the late s were published in in Falkland Road a book that became legendary and confirmed her status as one of the most prominent and provocative documentary photographers working today Mark's pictures are a celebration of humanity in its most diverse and eccentric forms Circuses gypsy camps children yearning for adulthood the Mary Ellen PDF or poor and destitute are some of her recurring themes Mark has the uniue ability to capture gestures and expressions that translate the intense emotions of her subjects Compassionate but never literal her pictures can be humorous tragic enigmatic shocking and oftentimes all of these simultaneously This book presents for the first time a selection of the strongest pictures of Mark's forty year career drawing from emblematic series such as Falkland Road Indian Circus and Twins as well as a selection of previously unpublished images interview with Mark that provides context and behind the scene anecdotes Together Mark's images and words provide intimate insights into the lives of others presenting compelling stories of human strength and suffering.