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  • Paperback
  • 224 pages
  • Magical Housekeeping
  • Tess Whitehurst
  • English
  • 06 July 2016
  • 9780738719856

10 thoughts on “Magical Housekeeping

  1. Robert Dulaney Robert Dulaney says:

    I'm not very magical or very spiritual Honestly I felt really weird about even buying this book but for some reason it called to me I really felt like I needed to read it for some reason as I kept finding it in my path Unfortunately my long term relationship had hit a sour note right about the same time that I had found Magical Housekeeping I opened the book and read it from cover to digital to cover with an open mind As I began to employ the techniues within the pages to fix what was left of my home I felt empowered and strong I lit candles encircled in sea salt clapped loudly in the corners of rooms and traced their perimeters with the smoke of burning incense I looked outside of myself and the situation I was in to find helpAnd the help came I may still be slightly skeptical but I know for certain that Tess Whitehurst's book helped me not only fix up my home but also my relationship Thanks

  2. Bark Bark says:

    This book caught my eye in the latest Llewellyn catalog So far it's only reiterated things I already learned in similar books such as Clear Your Clutter with Feng Shui and Scott Cunningham's books but the author has an easy to read style and her methods are much accessible than some of the other magical books out there For newbies looking to make their home a happier place this is a good starting point and I really enjoyed the fact that she included a recipe from one of my favorite vegan authors Whitehurst seems to steer clear of words such as pagan and is going for a feng shui vibe mishmashed with several other traditions but the space clearing and empowerment stuff is similar to things you'll read in many a Llewellyn pagan 101 themed book So if you're familiar with decluttering methods love it need it or lose it space clearing very basic feng shui visualization etc you probably won't learn anything new in at least the first third of this book Still it seems a good jumping off point changing old habits and creating new healthier ones I'm finding myself inspired to do some of these things I've been very much a slacker especially when it comes to performing a space clearing and am going to pick up some sage dust ugh and cleanse my crystals and see if I can change the stale energy in my home I haven't been sleeping well and can't seem to shut off the worry button even when I know it serves no purpose so I'm thinking this book came to my attention as a wake the hell up callI'm going to keep this book for a bit and try out some of the enchantments as they aren't so complicated that I'll never get around to performing them My only complaint with the book was the brevity in which she discusses some of her topics I felt especially that the animal herb and incense section got the short end of the stick There are plenty of other books that go into enormous detail about such things and I'd recommend Scott Cunningham's books over this one But this is a nice overall grouping of magical workings to get you started or going again and it doesn't adhere to one particular belief system for those eclectic minded

  3. Elizabeth Elizabeth says:

    You know how once upon a time it was sufficient to wash your hands with soap and water? Do that and you could trust that your immune system would fend off everything except the worst germs Now if your immune system was impaired in some way you needed to take extra care but for the most part a basic cleaning routine was all that was needed But as we've grown afraid of contagion H1N1 anyone? we've begun adding antibacterial agents to hand soap dish detergent and other products all in the hope of staying healthy We're scared that mere soap can't protect us sufficiently Magical Housekeeping strikes me as the psychic version of this trend You don't just refresh the energies in your home with this book; you purge purify and detoxify them As I read along I started wondering if all this was really necessary or whether it was the New Age euivalent of antibacterial hand soap Is it even possible to purify your home of all negativity? Because Whitehurst never defines what negativity is I began wondering if it includes things like creative tension and passion stuff that can be uncomfortable to live with but is it truly negative? If there's such a thing as an impaired psychic immune system then this level of sterilization might be necessary but I'm hoping most of us don't need to put this much energy into sanitizing the atmosphereOverall this is a book of white light crystal essences and angels The darkest it ever gets is when Whitehurst discusses calling upon Kali There's also a consumerist theme woven into this book These simple charms practical tips are going to involve a lot of shopping for roses essential oils crystals and the occasional mattressbox spring comboYes there were aspects of the book I liked Whitehurst has a very readable conversational writing style and the book moves along uickly She covers many aspects of magical housekeeping although you may need to research some topics yourself for depth Her definition of altar is wonderfully succinct I'm going to have to remember it for future reference But overall much of the material has been covered by other works on feng shui and Paganism and this won't really fill any gaps

  4. Steve Cran Steve Cran says:

    Your outer world is a direct reflection of your inner world As within so without So it makes sense that if your house is a mess then so is the rest of your life If your house is in order Well you knowTess Whitehurst who is a practicing magical worker and feng shui specialist tells you how to get your house in order so you can get the rest of your life back in orderEvery thing in here is really simple to perform No fact wands athames or any else of that nature What Tess represents is very Visualization basedFirst you need to clean all the clutter out of your house That means anything g you know longer use or love needs to go The cleaning is accompanied by rituals Later on she I trucks the reader how to magically clean their inside houseThe book includes rituals for every purpose Perhaps you need to bring in money or clear out some negative vibes There are also rituals and visualization involving angels and different deities z there are also correspondences for herbs colors and essentialOil Book is great for the beginner because it gives you the basics and then puts it all together for you I am a sucker for simplicity She also gives over some Feng Shui basics

  5. Brigitte Brigitte says:

    Honestly where's the 0 star rating? This book was a woo woo fake witchcraft book if you're a real witchpagan I wouldn't bother picking it up If you do yoga and say namaste and have a buddha statue even though you aren't Buddhist go for it It's basically how to appropriate various religions and cultures while giving them no credit to be a slightly better housewife or attract a rich mate The Native American appropriation is just appalling and unworthy of Llewellyn of whom I'm a huge fan Whitehurst never mentions Native Americans but advises smudging and praying to the Great Spirit Get out Tess Get out She also suggests using 40 white roses for spells and imagining your house surrounded by ten thousand angels How excessive Mingling Christianity Hinduism Buddhism Egyptian gods and what ever else you might fancy is what this book is about Go into the corner and say 'Om' 40 times will asking Kali to bring you a husband the book basically reads The author blurb could read I like to take stuff from Indians both types Also I'm an attractive white woman who has been on TV that's 100% of my credentials Wow my review is really mean This book is terrible though and is insensitive to the cultures is pillages from so I'm posting it anyway

  6. Nicki Nicki says:

    Ohhhhh dear Well I picked this book up from the library while looking for other Witchy books and decided to give it a try I skimmed this entire book in one evening because it was not helpful or useful enough to give it time and energy I truly don't think there is anything new or groundbreaking in this book It jumped all over the place in terms of traditions and pantheons from Greek to Hindu to Celtic to faeries to saints to angels? I think it's messy The rituals called for some expensive and obscure items Lots of emphasis on gestures rather than intent If you want to learn about working with energies in your home clearing them bringing them in I guess you might give this book a try There is emphasis on feng shui than a pagan practice or magical living in the homeI'd tell people to skip it though truthfully Wouldn't even recommend it to beginners It only gets 1 star because I liked one or two mist recipes to clear energy

  7. Madge Madge says:

    This bookoh jeez I don't even know where to begin I'll come back maybe and actually do a proper review once I've collected myself and I'm capable of speaking in a elouent manner For now let me just say that if you're considering buying this book you probably shouldn't There are better books out thereWhat I remember from this bookExpensive spell ingredients that are not always easily attainableFeng shuiFeng shuiYour power is being taken away by things that upset you therefore you aren't much of a WitchBob DylanExclusion of male readerspractitionersFeng shuiA bit of cultural appropriationBuy expensive thingsFeng shui

  8. Kathleen Kathleen says:

    I'm not really sure why I read this book I was in the library looking for something else entirely and saw this on the shelf It reminded me of another kooky housekeeping book that I picked up years ago when looking for something else And when I saw this book I thought to myself Another wackadoo housekeeping book? I should read all of them How many could there be? So I ended up getting this book not because I thought I would agree with what was in it but because I saw myself as adding to a collection of curiositiesThere are some ways in which I am sympathetic to the author's objectives with this book I do think that one of the problematic aspects of our culture is the separation of the sacred from everyday life We have compartmentalized divinity and morality such that they are only experienced in special locations on particular days which leaves the vast majority of our experiences without a reverent uality completed in an unthinking way Whitehurst's book invites readers to bring that reverent attitude and sacred awareness to the most mundane of tasks housekeeping And for that reason I feel at least somewhat sympathetic to the bookHowever I just cannot suspend my skepticism enough to agree with what's going on in this book I just cannot believe in supernatural beings of any kind gods goddesses fairies dragons So while I can get down with some of the simpler spells in this book like focusing your intentions before beginning cleaning I cannot imagine what it would be like to invite fairies to my house with some magical herbal concoction What's kind of interesting to me is that I know this about myself and yet I continue to read books that postulate the existence of supernatural beings that I see no evidence of existing I love magical realism in fiction Maybe I'm just looking for that in my nonfiction too

  9. Andrea Andrea says:

    A cute book about housecleaning decluttering and Feng Shui that starts out helpful and dwindles into super fluff midway through I'm a HUGE fan of decluttering cleaning and using metaphysical help to do so aromatherapy crystals even Reiki and visualization But while I appreciated the descriptions of gemstones animal guides and rituals I found a lot of the information about them unnecessary The first half of the book contained some useful mini rituals not actually spells like blessings that I imagine would make the house extra sparkly and nice smelling I think this would have worked better as a downloadable e book at half the length A better recommendation is Clear Your Clutter With Feng Shui or Creating Sacred Space With Feng Shui Learn the Art of Space Clearing and Bring New Energy into Your Life both by Karen Kingston

  10. Jilly Jilly says:

    This book practically glows with the positivity and enthusiasm of the author Excellent practical tips on polishing the aura and energy of any dwelling place

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Magical Housekeeping❰BOOKS❯ ⚣ Magical Housekeeping Author Tess Whitehurst – Let your home nourish your soul and uplift your spirits Swirl magical botanicals into your cleaning supplies call fairies into your garden ask a spider for advice Clear clutter for clarity perform the Let your home nourish your soul and uplift your spirits Swirl magical botanicals into your cleaning supplies call fairies into your garden ask a spider for advice Clear clutter for clarity perform the oatmeal cookie ritual for abundance or make a sweet dreams charm for a good night's sleepIn this delightful book intuitive counselor Tess Whitehurst reveals how your home can be a powerful catalyst for personal transformation and manifestation She offers a variety of simple whimsical ways to create a harmonious home while enhancing your own happiness intuition and magical powerPraise Filled with valuable information and ancient wisdom to activate sparkling energy and create true sacred space in your home I recommend it Denise Linn author of Sacred Space.