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A Wedding in December [PDF / Epub] ★ A Wedding in December ✈ Anita Shreve – Buyprobolan50.co.uk From Publishers WeeklyABig Chill–like group reunites for a 40 something wedding in this melancholy story of missed opportunities lingering regrets and imagined alternatives by Shreve The Last Time T From Publishers WeeklyABig Chill–like group reunites for a something wedding in this melancholy story of missed opportunities lingering regrets and imagined alternatives by Shreve The Last Time They Met Bill and Bridget A Wedding eBook ¶ were sweethearts at Maine's Kidd Academy who rediscovered one another at their th reunion Bridget was already divorced; Bill left his family; the two have now gathered their Kidd coterie to witness their hasty wedding—Bridget has breast cancer—at widow Nora's western Massachusetts inn The death of charismatic schoolmate Stephen at a drunken high school party hovers over the event Stephen's then roommate Harrison now a married literary publisher remains particularly tormented by it especially since he had and still has romantic feelings for Nora who was Stephen's then girlfriend Abrasive Wall Street businessman Jerry now out of the closet pianist Rob single Agnes who teaches at Kidd and has a secret of her own and various children round things out Tensions build as the group gets snowed in and someone gets drunk enough to say what everyone's been thinking Though Shreve's plot characters and dialogue are predictable as are her inevitable rehashes she sure handedly steers everyone through their inward dramas and the actions they take and don't are Hollywood satisfying Oct Copyright © Reed Business Information a division of Reed Elsevier Inc All rights reserved.

  • Paperback
  • 325 pages
  • A Wedding in December
  • Anita Shreve
  • English
  • 08 May 2014
  • 9780316001632

About the Author: Anita Shreve

Anita Shreve was an American writer chiefly known for her novels Shreve's novels have sold millions of copies worldwide She attended Tufts University and began writing while working as a high school teacher A Wedding eBook ¶ One of her first published stories Past the Island Drifting published in was awarded an O Henry Prize in Among other jobs Shreve spent three years working as a journalist.

10 thoughts on “A Wedding in December

  1. Suzanne Suzanne says:

    Another review Another very average audio book Oh well At least my commute isn't empty which is the reason I listen to these I limit myself as I just borrow audio cd's They are freeThis is a story of high school friends re uniting for a marriage of two of them This couple have a chance at love after it was assumed they'd marry first time around They didn't he split up with her and they regretted it their whole lives It seems this theme runs this way for all the characters a lot of what ifs Parallel to this was a story of 911 and a war time disaster told in a fictional novel by one of the characters Weird All these characters simply wished for what they could not have and went about and took it anyway The moral core of most of the characters was lacking This was frustrating Phrases such as 'visceral pain' 'luminous incandescence'Then they all left without saying goodbye which is how I felt about the story Oh well Onto the next Which is a Sandra Brown one hopefully this will give me a shred of satisfaction

  2. Destinee Sutton Destinee Sutton says:

    I've read two Shreve novels now and I think what I've learned from her is this Before agreeing to marry a man one should ask him if he's actually deeply in love with someone else If he's honest he may reveal that he's just marrying you because he thinks it'll never work out with another woman As Shreve illustrates so well in her novels it sucks to find out ten or twenty years into a marriage that you were actually the runner up I'm pretty tired of books about domestic funk Why do I keep reading them? Do I think I'm going to find one that isn't brimming with middle class malaise? I think I stole the phrase middle class malaise from the NYT review of A Wedding Still I'm not gonna lie I liked this book I'll probably read another just like it next week It's like I think if I read enough books about unhappy marriages I'll be able to prevent myself from entering one

  3. Jonathan Ashleigh Jonathan Ashleigh says:

    I feel I was let down in the end when I found out the last details of some dead high school all star shortstop who died twenty seven years ago But I don’t feel I was let down by this book which was entertaining and held my attention In the end I was surprised by parts of some of the outcomes which were not as happy or as Christian as they could have been portrayed At times I was bothered by the baseball parts which felt as though my mother was describing the terminology “Hole between second and third” And at one point the main character Harrison claimed the dead kid would have become the greatest shortstop to ever play Major League Baseball that made me laugh During the Novel characters do some of the writing and those parts don’t do much for me I did like the story within written during the events by a schoolteacher but I didn’t care that much about how that story related to the rest of the book I guess I might be missing something The extra story did mean there were a lot of characters to keep track of A Wedding In December may not be all that memorable compared to most weddings I have been to but I wanted to know what was going to happen next all the way through And that means uite a bit especially when the story included a few possibly unfair stereotypes a gay piano player who won't play wiffle ball for fear of hurting his fingers

  4. Marika Gillis Marika Gillis says:

    This novel brings seven former schoolmates together after than 20 years to attend a wedding at an inn in the Berkshire Mountains The tight bond held by this group of friends was shattered years earlier when one of their own died unexpectedly The blossoming relationships and potential of each of these central characters jackknifed with the death of this friend and the wedding reunion gives the characters an opportunity to seek out a resolution for the paths they did not followThis is the second book I have read recently in which the others who have read it with me have been dissatisfied This book was chosen as our December read for my book club Many if not all of the other book club members were turned off by the unhappy marriages and uestionable moral behavior that plays out in the novel But then again this is a church book club I however was struck by this book While I did not completely understand the motivation of the characters I was moved by their strong inner turmoil and their struggles to overcome weakness and temptationDespite the setting which is very appealing to the imagination the book like the other Anita Shreve novels I have read The Pilot's Wife and The Weight of Water is shrouded in sadness and regret The characters are consumed with unhappiness and a feeling of general unease A member of my book club shared that she felt the characters in this novel were underdeveloped I believe Anita Shreve intentionally writes her characters to be vague Like real people they are complicated and troubled The reader must infer understanding of the characters through their obscure thoughts and behaviorThe most interesting part of this novel for me was the story within a story In the book the character Agnes a lonely classmate pining for a former teacher is writing an historical fiction short story about the Halifax disaster The explosion that occurred in the city of Halifax in Novia Scotia during the winter of 1917 parallels the tragedy of 911 in this book the characters in the novel are reuniting merely two months after 911 The story of Innes and Hazel as written by Agnes in the novel is told during and after the Halifax disaster and their relationship mirrors the others in the novel in it's tempting impossibility set against a recent tragedy Prior to reading this novel I had never heard of the Halifax explosion and I was saddened to learn of the deaths and injuries that occurred during that significant historical eventThis book is not a good one to pick up if you are looking for a lighthearted read While the novel is easy to follow and won't take long to finish a melancholy feeling permeates every word and may linger for awhile after you put the book down

  5. Jacki Jacki says:

    Well I bought this thinking it would be my tie breaker for Anita Shreve I've read two book by her that I enjoyed and two that I flat out hated I won't be reading Anita Shreve anyAfter the first 100 pages or so I started just skimming the 'story within a story' parts of the book For me this made it much much better I didn't really get the point of including this story The other thing that I hated was the whole overall message She should have included one couple who was at least semi happy who hadn't gotten where they are through infidelity I hated how the idea of infidelity was approached with the idea that if you are happier in your affair than your marriage then it's ok As long as you're 'in love' Puh leaseI'm over this book Yuck

  6. Becky Becky says:

    The basic message of this book is that adultery can be justified which I firmly disagree At first I thought this book was ok it has an interesting plot concept reunion of a group of friends from high school after 27 years It also had a story within a story which the transitions were confusing but I started looking forward to reading of the second story and was an easy read But by the end and time I realized the main message I was disappointed that I wasted my time

  7. sarah sarah says:

    Oh my god this book was boring and pretentious for at least the fifty or so pages that I got through and I almost never put down a book in the middle I think I've somehow managed to read almost every book by Anita Shreve and I've only liked about half of them so I believe I give up now

  8. Karen Karen says:

    This book started out with so much possibility A group of old high school friends gathering for a wedding between two of the friends who had found each other again It was very interesting to see where each of their lives had taken them It was interesting to learn of their relationships in high school There was even a wonderful second story taking place because one of the characters was writing a novel and it was being revealed as she wrote it However the book ended UGLY It revealed some really terrible things about most of the people That in itself would have been okay but nothing was resolved or no great break throughs were made In fact several mistakes were made by the characters that seemed to have no meaning or merit Both the real book and the novel being written just stopped There was no ending to either The stories just stopped in really bad situations Worse yet I didn't want to know what happen to the characters I didn't want to know them I was not endeared to them

  9. Beth Beth says:

    As with all of her books the storyline has promise but falls short for many reasons I am not a fan of her abrupterratic writing style she seems to jump from topic to topic with her characters With this book I didn't like how she had so many characters that seemed under developed The book is about seven former classmates but there are a few that just seem to be thrown into the storyline The best part of the book was the mini Halifax story within the story

  10. Beth Beth says:

    The Anita Shreve books that I have read have been historical fiction A WEDDING IN DECEMBER though is what the title sounds like a book about a wedding in this case a wedding weekend This book does however CONTAIN historical fiction a story within a storyThe main story is a bit soap opera ish The story within the story was short on history long on clichéThey were a group of best friends when they were in high school all except one That was the one member of the group who died before they graduated Although the others are now in their 40s the death of the one hangs over their reminisces during that Friday through Sunday they meet for the wedding of two members of their gangEach of the seven members of the former high school gang has issues and these are explored over the weekend This is the main story One of the members of the gang Agnes is now writing about a doctor who was a hero when an explosion occurred in the city of Halifax during World War I Here is our story within the story This might have been great historical fiction if Shreve had stuck with the devastation and the doctor’s efforts And it does begin that way But it turns into cliché with a whining wife a long suffering and selfless husband and an affair on the sideNothing really happens in the main story unless you count the arrival of a daughter from a former marriage or a sexual liaison So you may be disappointed if you expect

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