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  1. Josh Josh says:

    Innocence naivety ignorance – the PI with the body to moonlight as a bikini model and the face to go along with it conforms to all three ‘The nerviest curviest PI in Los Angeles’ is a blonde bombshell following in her murdered father’s footsteps H West was once a well known gumshoe now with Honey West taking over the family business she faces difficulty in re establishing the brand having to overcome male perception and era stereotypesTHIS GIRL FOR HIRE is a fun pulpy murder mystery full of cheesy dialogue and little realism there is a scene where Honey is nearly raped only to then end up playing strip poker with the man and his friends The first installment in the Honey West PI series is to be taken lightly GG Fickling goes to great lengths to embellish the unbelievable the killer once unveiled was someone I didn't imagine – it also makes a mockery of the police involved in the caseThere are plot holes by virtue of real life contrasts simply not being plausible an inability to recognize a murdered person for instance yet this doesn't come off as a bad thing In fact it adds to the pulpy fun feel of Honey West Her charisma and care free attitude is refreshing Her ignorance almost enough to get her out of many tight situations and not just her bathing suit – of which there are many referencesThe case is simple and linear – a Hollywood type hires Honey West fearing for his life Soon he’s found murdered proving his fears correct Shortly thereafter Honey is once again hired by her former clients friend also in the business to track down the killer Suspects drop uicker than shoddy scripts as the conclusion draws near – the mystery certainly kept me guessingDespite its shortcomings THIS GIRL FOR HIRE pub 1956 is very much a guilty pleasure – it doesn't do much for the literary senses but does satisfy the craving for simple pulp entertainment easily consumed and eually enjoyed

  2. Dave Dave says:

    Honey West in the MoviesIn the days before Farrah Fawcett and Jaclyn Smith were toting firearms around Honey West was the sexiest private eye traipsing around the west coast Slightly provocative in a PG way the nine paperbacks in this series are light reading This one takes Ms West inside Tinseltown’s movie industry

  3. Dfordoom Dfordoom says:

    This Girl For Hire published in 1956 was the first of eleven Honey West crime thrillers written by Gloria and Forrest E Fickling under the name G G Fickling The Honey West character is probably better known these days from the 1960s Honey West TV series starring Anne Francis in the title roleThe back cover blurb memorably describes Honey West as the nerviest curviest private eye in LA with the sleuthmanship of Mike Hammer and the measurements of Marilyn Monroe That gives a pretty accurate picture of the kind of book this is it’s trashy pulpy funHoney’s father was a PI who was murdered and Honey then took over the business She’s not uite a female Mike Hammer but she does her best She’s not as violent but she has the attitude and she’s sufficiently adept at judo and street fighting to handle herself pretty well She packs a32 revolver but she uses her feminine wiles often than she uses her gun When she needs to find out if a bunch of guys are heroin users she needs to get a look at their arms so she does the obvious thing she challenges them to a game of strip poker OK that’s not what Mike Hammer would do but he’d probably approve And since she’s a good card cheat she figures they’ll end up losing their clothes before she does It almost works if only she hadn’t drawn that lousy deuce in the last hand And maybe it would have been a better idea if she’d started off wearing than one item of clothing The case she’s working on involves the sleazy world of network TV Former matinee idol turned loser Herb Nelson ekes out a living playing bit roles on TV including the popular Bob Swanson Show Now he’s convinced that Swanson is trying to kill him so he engages Honey West to keep him alive She soon discovers that Herb Nelson is not the only one who thinks someone is trying to kill him and that just about everyone working on the show would like to murder at least one other person involved with the show And apparently these TV people do than just talk about murder Corpses start to accumulate at an alarming rate Honey has landed herself a job on the show as an actress She can’t act but with a figure like hers nobody cares if she can act or not The only trouble is that she might turn out to be the next victimThe plot is outrageously convoluted and as the body count rises it gets convoluted Honey is not your classic fictional detective She doesn’t wait for the evidence to mount up She plays hunches At one stage or another she manages to suspect every single character in the book And she’s not the type of detective to keep her hunches to herself as soon as she suspects someone she comes right out and accuses them While she breaks most of the rules for fictional detectives one can’t help suspecting that maybe real life detectives actually operate like Honey West than Sherlock Holmes And she’s nothing if not dogged and she does get there in the end and gets there before her pal Mark the homicide copThere’s a fair bit of implied and even overt sleaze Honey is definitely attracted to the male of the species The violence is fairly graphic for its time as well This is very much pulp detective fiction Great literature it ain’t but it’s entertainingly trashy

  4. Ralph Ralph says:

    There are some similarities between this book and the short lived television show a single season with 30 episodes in that they both have a private eye named Honey West and she is female Very female In This Girl for Hire first book in the series Honey gets involved with the crazy world of television first hired to protect an actor who is murdered then to find out who tried to poison producer Sam Aces Between the beginning and the end we have nine deaths a narcotics ring and a really interesting game of strip pokerDuring the course of the book Honey often loses her clothing At one point she shucks off her dress she can hardly jump into the swimming pool to save a drowning man fully clothed can she? and she seems to have trouble keeping a swimsuit on gosh ocean waves are really rough but like the characters on Edgar Rice Burroughs' Barsoom Honey is always clothed in her virtue and righteousness and if you think she isn't you might end up flat on you back with a busted jaw or broken nose or both wondering what happenedIt is certainly the sort of book that could not be written today but back in the mid fifties the TV series came out in the mid sixties as a spin off from Burke's Lawit was naughty fun but altogether innocent Forest and Gloria Fickling wrote under the name GG Fickling still a common ploy for fuzzing the gender of a writer with Gloria contributing plot ideas and fashion sense and Forest providing dead bodies and his typing skills They wrote eleven adventures for the blonde bombshell who managed to have a32 at hand no matter what fashion mishap has happenedAs a detective Honey has all the virtues of her sex with very few of the faults plus the added advantage of being able to catch people especially us dumb ole men off guard They always underestimate her much to their later chagrin She was raised by her father a private eye and took over his business when he was shot well before the start of the book so she knows all the tricks of the trade and then some She is relentless in her pursuit of justice never uitting no matter what While Honey was hardly the first female detective in fiction she was one of the first on televisionThis is a great book for escapism for the excitement of the chase for a glimpse into the world of the fiftieswhile it is hardly realistic except for the surprisingly gritty depiction of a drug riddled television culture just as it still is now it is an interesting look into the s of society filtered through fiction It is engaging well plotted and has twists to keep you turning the pages till the surprising end

  5. Carol Dossantos Carol Dossantos says:

    Could not put it downAmazing book Kept me on my toes the whole time I had a very hard time putting this thriller down

  6. Gary Platt Gary Platt says:

    A long time ago in a lifetime far far away from here I was a child less than 10 watching re runs of an interesting tv show about a devastatingly gorgeous secret agent I thought who carried a gun drove a Jag and had a pet ocelot Decades later I was trying to remember the name of the show and the blonde bombshell who starred in it At first I thought I recalled it was Anne Baxter but when I googled her pictures I realized she was NOT the girl in that show the title of which I also forgot in the oh so foggy past Then I thought maybe it was Connie Francis but she also turned out to be the wrong girl Silly me I was half right both times It was Ann Francis and the show was called Honey West She's a private investigator turns out but I was very into James Bond and she seemed like that kind of character so I see why I thought she was a spy It only ran for one season 30 episodes I was going to buy the entire season on DVD but I found out the series was based on a series of books so I thought I'd try the first book before I dove into the show which would be a huge venture into nostalgia for me I was very entertained The book looks like soft core porn with an artists' rendering of the girl in uestion naked but turned sideways so none of the best parts are visible damn and it was obviously a bait and switch marketing ploy as there's no actual sex in the book It reads like Mickey Spillane Not uite as well crafted as Raymond Chandler However given it goes back to 1957 two years before I was born it moved well kept me interested and entertained and that's all I really wanted out of it I guess I'll buy the other 8 books now Oh and the DVD After all Ann Francis really was hot even to my 6 year old eyes

  7. Harley Bennett Harley Bennett says:

    When former child star Herb Nelson is murdered private detective Honey West is hired to find the killer She gets hired for a part in a TV show where everybody is a suspect Everybody is sure someone is out to kill them; and everybody is threatening to kill someone else Then people start dying It's up to Honey to sort things out and unmask the killer before everybody ends up deadGet whodunit with a lot of clues pointing to the killer If you like detective stories you'll like this one

  8. Andrew Macrae Andrew Macrae says:

    This Girl for Hire by GG FicklingReviewed by Andrew MacRaeThe recent passing of actress Anne Francis caused me to pick up a copy of the second Honey West novel written in 1957 by GG Fickling Pen name of husband and wife writing team Forest and Gloria Fickling This is a 2005 release by Overlook TP with an attractive cover suggestive of pulp novels of the fifties but not so lurid you can’t read it at your favorite coffee house without a paper bag over it or being subject to sidelong glancesAlthough this book has reached the half century mark it reads fresh and without jarring anachronisms Indeed Honey is ahead of her time early in the book when she complains of the difficulty of being a woman in a man’s occupation She’s a private eye following in the footsteps of her slain father The book opens with a murder scene the victim – Honey’s latest client The pace is fast and the setting uickly jumps to Catalina Island where most of the action takes place There are suspects beautiful women including Honey who seem to lose their clothes at the drop of a bikini suspects murders a strip poker game suspects and murdersThe humor sprinkled throughout the story counters the high body count and complicated plot resulting in a lightweight hard boiled detective story deftly told and making a good read

  9. Chris Chris says:

    Never knew that this was a great series of novels thought it was just a horrid TV showHoney West is the nerviest curviest PI in Los Angeles or anywhere else for that matter She's a cross between James Bond and The Avengers' Emma Peel a girl detective with the sleuthmanship of Mike Hammer and the measurements of Marilyn Monroe and This Girl for Hire is the first in a series of darkly funny and innuendo laden crime novels originally published in the 1950s and 1960s In this one Honey finds herself playing strip poker with four murder suspectsand a deck that's as stacked as she is Honey has her hands full with the corpse of a washed up Hollywood entertainer a battered beauty and a poisoned pipsueak not to mention the guy who tries to get her to model a transparent bathing suit in his swimming pool shaped like the body of a very large bosomed woman Fortunately with her 38 22 36 measurements taffy colored hair big blue eyes and baby bottom complexion Honey fits right in with the Hollywood types as she searches out the clues aboard a yacht christened Hell's Light Just bring a swimsuit and a toothbrush says Sam Aces the producer but it's a good thing Honey's packed her32 too

  10. Michael McFarland Michael McFarland says:

    I watched Honey West recently on DVD and was curious how the books were Pretty awful is what I found out Incompetently written to the point where you just want it to end Odd tangents throughout In one section Honey wants to find out if three young thugs are heroin users and of course the best way to find this out is to challenge them to a game of strip poker track marks under their long sleeves get it? Despite winning several hands in which they remove their pants before their shirts Honey loses because she's wearing a single piece outfit Further examples like this abound Schizophrenic writing with some really labored metaphors thrown in to further try one's patience Suspension of logic and reality throughout Every character is a suspect until he or she turns up dead at the end of the chapter Authors it's a husband and wife team pretty much admit at the end that they don't know what happened or why in their own book About the only good thing I can say is it's short

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