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Gracie The Lighthouse Cat [PDF] ✎ Gracie The Lighthouse Cat ⚡ Ruth Brown – One stormy night Grace Darling the lighthouse keeper's daughter spots a ship in trouble on the rocks At the same time the lighthouse cat Gracie spots that a kitten from her new litter has strayed Grac One stormy night Grace Darling the lighthouse keeper's daughter spots a ship in trouble on the rocks At the same time the lighthouse cat Gracie spots that a kitten from her new litter has strayed Grace and Gracie both hurry to the rescue braving the rain and storm Grace alerts her father and together they take out the lifeboat; Gracie ventures into the dark night and howling wind looking and listening everywhere for her kitten.

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  1. Abigail Abigail says:

    This adorable picture book not due out here in the United States until January of 2011 is inspired by the story of real life heroine Grace Darling the daughter of the keeper of the Longstone Lighthouse located in the Farne Islands off the coast of Northumberland who in September of 1838 aided her father in the rescue of nine shipwreck survivors becoming a national celebrity in the process Apparently and I confess I had not heard of Grace Darling before picking up this book she was the subject of a poem by William Wordsworth as well as a well known painting by Victorian painter William Bell Scott and has featured in a number of books and folk balladsGracie The Lighthouse Cat however as the name would imply is the story not of Grace Darling herself but of Gracie the cat living with Grace and her family at the time of the great rescue When Gracie's little kitten hears running and shouting one stormy night he goes to investigate finding himself locked out of the lighthouse and almost swept away by an incoming wave Will Gracie get to him in time to save him from drowning?Ruth Brown's narrative instantly involving for any cat lover is clearly meant to parallel the historical tale of Grace seen only through the illustrations as young woman and cat both venture out into the wet and stormy night in order to rescue those in need of aid I can't help but feel that had I already been familiar with the history I would have found this an even meaningful book Still the authorartist provides information in both a brief foreword and afterword filling in some of the blanks And the story itself is immediate and compelling with a very satisfactory happy ending for cat and kitten anyway obviously not all of the people aboard the SS Forfarshire survivedThe illustrations also done by Brown are simply delightful perfectly capturing the mood of each scene whether that be the kitten's playful joy when sitting beside his mama on the window sill or his terror and confusion as he is tumbled head over heel by wind and wave I really liked the dual narrative offered by the artwork as the human and feline tale play out side by side I know that Ruth Brown is a very well regarded picture book creator in Britain and I can certainly see why The best picture books can boast a smooth meeting of word and image as test and illustrations work together to tell the story Judged on this basis Gracie The Lighthouse Cat is a real winner

  2. Bronwyn Marrison Bronwyn Marrison says:

    Such a lovely book to mirror the true story of Grace Darling

  3. John John says:

    I liked the dual stories one in pictures and the other in pictures and text Beautifully illustrated

  4. Susan Susan says:

    I am frustrated with this book and this author If Brown had chosen the story to be 'one or the other' I might have given four or even five stars But instead she chose to try and 'do both' and for me the book failed because of that choiceWhat do I mean? At the start and end of the book without illustrations and with just solid blocks of text that are then easy to just skim or even skip over Brown tells of a real life hero Grace Darling who as a young woman was instrumental in saving passengers from the raging sea when their paddlesteamer was shipwrecked in a storm near her parents' lighthouse During the book glimpses are even shown of these events But the book with the illustrations seems also to really be about the kitten son of Gracie the Lighthouse Cat who goes on an adventure of his own And even though the book mentions the real life female hero and is named for a fictional female cat and view spoilereven though the mother cat does ultimately rescue her son hide spoiler

  5. Karen Karen says:

    I'm scoring this book high for the gorgeous artwork The story is fine but the artwork is spectacular

  6. superawesomekt superawesomekt says:

    35 starsThe illustrations are what really bring this picture book an extra half star The are lovely The story itself is a simple one for very young children

  7. Jenna Mills Jenna Mills says:

    A beautiful book introducing the story of Grace Darling in an interesting and appealing way for younger children

  8. Sue Mosher Sue Mosher says:

    An unusual book as it contains two stories one in the foreground and one in the background

  9. Eva Leger Eva Leger says:

    45 Wow This is just the kind of children's book I like to find A story that actually makes you think and important makes your son or daughter think Julia goes back and forth with a story that's based on real life events Sometimes she's very interested and something she could care less There doesn't seem to be any method to it so maybe it's just a mood thing Not sure yet whatever it is But this she was interested Interested enough that we're going to do some digging into the life of Grace Darling and hopefully Gracie as well The illustrations are outstanding really truly outstanding A slice away from breath taking in every way I honestly can't say enough about this story I'm so happy we ran across it and I almost kept walking by because I thought it was a book we'd read together last year I don't remember much about that book only that this blew that out of the water This shouldn't be missed If you have a son or daughter or if you just enjoy a good picture book take it in and take your time with it

  10. Mauri Mauri says:

    25 stars with a bump because of the art I grabbed this off the library shelf because I thought I recognized the illustrating style sure enough it was by Ruth Brown who did The Christmas Day Kitten one of my childhood favoritesThis book israther short and slightly disappointing The art is realistic and the backgrounds uite detailed The story of a mother cat and her lost kitten is told in text and in the foreground while the true life rescue of shipwrecked passengers off the coast takes place wordlessly in the background There's almost text describing the book and its author on the dust jacket and inside cover than in the book itselfThe lighthouse keeper's daughter apparently was awarded many honors but her newfound fame did not change her She died of TB three years later Oh the 1800s You slay me

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