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Le Malade imaginaire ❮Reading❯ ➶ Le Malade imaginaire Author Molière – Buyprobolan50.co.uk Le Malade imaginaire est la dernière comédie et en même temps la dernière pièce écrite par Molière Il s'agit d'une comédie ballet en trois actesDans la satire outrageante de Molière sur la m Le Malade imaginaire est la dernière comédie et en même temps la dernière pièce écrite par Molière Il s'agit d'une comédie ballet en trois actesDans la satire outrageante de Molière sur la médecine et ses praticiens on peut dire ue le riche Argan “jouit” d'une mauvaise santé Les laxatifs suppositoires saignées et les opinions deuxième et troisième des charlatans éminents sont à l'ordre du jour et l’enfer de Toinette sa servante ui ose lui contredire Sa fille Le Malade MOBI :º Angéliue est amoureuse de Cléante mais Argan veut la marier à Thomas Diafoirus un médecin ui ne vaut rien ui peut assurer à son beau père des soins de santé pour la durée de sa vie Cléante se déguise en professeur de musiue pour pouvoir voir son amour mais Béline la deuxième épouse d’Argan menace de les dénoncer Une Toinette déguisée des sages conseils de son frère Béralde et une scène de mort truuée vont enfin montrer à Argan ui il peut faire confiance.

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  1. Michael Finocchiaro Michael Finocchiaro says:

    This was the last piece from a dying Molière the French Shakespeare for those who don't know who he is and one of his masterpieces of irony It was originally accompanied with music and a choreographed ballet It is highly readable and comic and somewhat less misogynistic than his other works It takes a sarcastic look at uack doctors and hypochondriacs and is well loved deservedly so here in Paris where it is nearly always on stage somewhere

  2. Patrick Peterson Patrick Peterson says:

    2020 05 18 I read this play a week or two before I saw a performance of it at The Oregon Shakespeare Festival a regional repertory theater in Ashland Oregon in 2012 Loved them both Really fun funny wise and wonderful The translations were excellent in terms of conveying the ideas and readinghearing well Considering the play is almost 350 years old that's pretty goodThe play performance however took some liberties their right I guess and put in some ridiculous references to global warming sooooo politically correct Sad But even those foolish parts did not come close to ruining the whole performance since the play had such great wit to it and the actors did such a great job tooThe play and the festival are both highly recommended

  3. Amanda Lila Amanda Lila says:

    I read this like in a hour I laughed a lot Toinette is a very funny character

  4. Alex Alex says:

    They have been knowing the truth about doctors for so many centuries

  5. Keith Moser Keith Moser says:

    Can't remember if I read this back in college in a History of Theatre class or not but I was surprised as I read this for a class now because I thought it'd be about an IMAGINARY Invalid a la Harvey or an Imaginary INVALID a la people who fake a limp to get handicap parking I much prefer the other translated title of Hypochondriac as that's what it's really aboutThe plot feels very classical confused identities lying servants etc I can't imagine how the uick changes Toinette has to do could be done but that's a director's headache to deal with I honestly skipped both interludes especially the final one which is in complete gibberish This piece is composed of a mixture of dog Latin Frenchand is utterly untranslatableArgan seems like he'd be a fun role to try in a few decades and I could see a local theatre CKP doing well with some of the farce here But as a simple project of reading this play I didn't enjoy it It was really hard to follow due to the language which is always harder to read than to watch plus I'm probably out of practice

  6. pax pax says:

    You know how they tell that some books are timeless? Well I had to re check Molière's birth and death years twice just to make sure because of how modern in the best sense of it the book reads Such a fun play

  7. Alan Alan says:

    I should review my Moliere notes from 1969 Malade Imaginaire must include the hilarious proposal by a med student who reads his prospective fiancee his medical thesis This brilliant hilarious play was the summit of Pouelin's achivement since it literally killed him he died but hours after its fourth performance seventy three years after Giordano Bruno but on the same day Feb 17 Surely some horrific fatal irony lies in Moliere's dying at the same age as Shakespeare playing a hypochondriac patient Argan in the play he has just written The play opens with the monolog of Argan played by the genius citing medical symptoms including lavement enema and hâter d'aller hurrying to defecate Immediately following Argan discusses with his maid Toinette his intention of marrying his daughter Angeliue to his Doctor's son finishing a medical degree This will advantage the hypochondriac getting medical advice from his own household Toinette says he'd do as well to send her to a convent At this point Argan's wife Beline has entered and wishing her husband to be religious accepts that a convent might be best for their daughter So she and her husband are both dominated by their respective humors which was in addition to its theatrical application to distinctions in character a medical term at the time rather like hormones now My favorite scene perhaps because I read it in my own doctoral studies features the freshly minted medical student T Diaforus who enters during a silly counterpoint between Argan and his father who informs us how his son was slow but very successful at university pursuing an argument to the last recesses of logic The med grad at first mistakes Argan's daughter for his prospective belle mère and begins to flatter how Heaven has granted the beauty in her status belle mère Argan corrects This isn't my wife but my daughter To which the propective lover asks Well where's your wife? Then the young grad asks his dad what to do to pay his compliments to his prospective wife With great aplomb the new doctor gives an engagement present a copy of his medical thesis; AND he invites her to the dissection of a woman Toinette asks why her young mistress would not feel honored to become attached to the body of the faculty Meanwhile Toinette assesses this as great fun though Angeliue may be constrained to answer her mom impertinently The scene ends with both doctors examining Argan though they disparage Argan's deeply held belief in healthy foods beef boiled not roasted In Act III enter Argan's brother Berald who says A is not sick but very strong since he has survived so much medical treatment As for doctors they know good Latin and Greek names for diseases but nothing about cures Their art consists in pompous galantries Beralde the very opposite of Argan does absolutely nothing when he is ill because presue tous les hommes meurent de leur remèdes et non pas de leur maladies Forty years ago I had great fun translating the med student's proposal via his thesis; I never compared R Wilbur's version I should especially since he died last week at almost twice Moliere's age Wilbur ranks among our greatest translators with an elegant verse and a rare ear for rhyme By comparison my own verse translations abandon pentameter decasyllables for nonosyllabics though I translated T Diaforus's speech way before I discovered the nine syllable half pentameter half tetrameter line Among whom I include my Freshman Humanities prof at Amherst College Rolfe Humphries and another great Amherst graduate like Wilbur Robert Fagles

  8. Brian Brian says:

    “The Hypochondriac” is Richard Bean’s version of Moliere’s “The Imaginary Invalid” as literally translated by Chris Campbell I write that because it is important to understand that this is a modern vernacular revision of the original play And that is not a bad thing I have seen “The Imaginary Invalid” and “The Hypochondriac” in professional performances and I enjoyed the latter over the formerI read “The Hypochondriac” after greatly enjoying a performance at the Stratford Festival I laughed a lot and had a wonderful time at the theatre so I wanted to investigate this version a little closely Mr Bean has taken a lot of s#t because his version is vulgar full of doody jokes and maybe too common for some in the academic community However I feel his version is very true to the original intent of Moliere and the updates are merely imitations of what Moliere would do if he were alive today And that is fine and dandyI read the text in one afternoon and it is funny Laugh out loud funny at times The roles are one dimensional for the most part but in the hands of a good company of actors they are a delight The most enjoyable to read are the hypochondriac of the title Argan his scheming wife Beline and his maid Toinette They have the wittiest dialogue and some of the play’s better moments The character through which the audience hears the truth is in the form of Argan’s brother Beralde and through him the play’s morals and wisdom are passed to the readerWhat can I say “The Hypochondriac” is fun I love this version I would see and read it again Pour a couple of glasses of wine sit in a comfy chair and enjoyWith friends like these who needs enemas?

  9. Angela Angela says:

    Crass laboured play with an unsound premise where the 'harsh criticism of the medical profession' of the time actually completely misses its mark This is ironic because Moliere was apparently extremely ill with pulmonary disease and died a few hours after a performance 'Hypochondria' is itself an unsound and dangerous diagnosis whether made by medics or lay people and this would have been the case at the time Indeed psychogenic explanations for physical diseases were often as they are now a default 'god of the gaps' diagnosis of the time reflecting lack of medical knowledge sadly as they still do Unfortunately this play devoid of this understanding has become something of a darling in modern times likely because the same errors of reasoning prevail in literature entertainment and in medical practice

  10. Shams Alizada Shams Alizada says:

    Past few months I have been busy with translation of this piece for theatreVery interesting and hilarious I'm amused

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