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The Heart of Rome: A Tale of the Lost Water The Heart Of Rome Is A Historical Novel Set In 19th Century Rome The Family Of The Heroine Is Suddenly Impoverished Her Selfish Mother Leaves Her With A Social Climbing Woman Who S Married To Baron Volterra The Man Mainly Responsible For The Fall Of The Conti Family An Architect Malipieri Moves Into The The Conti Palace To Search For Lost Treasure When He Falls In Love With Sabina, The Young Heroine, She Goes With Him To See The Treasure And They Are Trapped By Lost Water She Spends The Night In His Room And Her Reputation Is Ruined.

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    rating clarification 3.75When the Conti family becomes bankrupt, their palace is confiscated and they are forced to move Sabina, the youngest of the family is taken in, ironically, by the banker senator and his wife the very ones responsible for the Conti s losing their home and spends the next few months with them.Meanwhile, there is work being done at the Conti s palace A renowned archaeologist has been hired to sniff out hidden treasures and lost waters deep under the foundations of the palace grounds.This is a romance mystery adventure The romance develops between the archaeologist and the princess Sabina, and when treasure is discovered in hidden vaults underground, he wants Sabina to be the first to see it Unfortunately, there are two other people in Rome aware of what lies beneath the city and these scoundrels think mafia are also aware of how to work the lost waters i.e, how to control the water s fl...

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    Historical novel set in 18thC Rome The family of the heroine is suddenly impoverished her selfish mother leaves her with a social climbing woman who s married to Baron Volterra the man mainly responsible for the fall of the Conti family An architect Malipieri moves into the the Conti palace to search for lost treasure When he falls in love with Sabina, the young heroine, she goes with him to see the treasure and they are tr...

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