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Hourglass ❮PDF❯ ✅ Hourglass Author Jane Davitt – Buyprobolan50.co.uk When Ben Adler gives in and grants his young daughter's wish making a movie out of a TV show he used to produce he knows he's going to have big problems One of the leads from the original is a big sta When Ben Adler gives in and grants his young daughter's wish making a movie out of a TV show he used to produce he knows he's going to have big problems One of the leads from the original is a big star now but the other's vanished into obscurity leading a life far from the glitz and glamour of HollywoodBen can also still remember how the two actors' scorching off screen romance went up in flames Undeterred Ben goes forward with the project recruiting Ash and Lee by dangling very attractive carrots before themThe cameras start to roll but the main action takes place off set It's never easy to work with an old flame or to handle the emotions that are bound to surface but as two men who could never get enough of each other deal with a rekindled attraction they discover that when it comes to love there's always time for a retakeNote This book was previously released by another publisher and has been re edited and revised.

  • ebook
  • 291 pages
  • Hourglass
  • Jane Davitt
  • English
  • 11 August 2014
  • 9781610401333

10 thoughts on “Hourglass

  1. Lily Lily says:

    Ten years after Ash chooses his career over his lover Lee he gets an unexpected second chance at love Is he up to the challenge of convincing the man whose heart he broke all those years ago to forgive him and give them another shot at love Hourglass is a very interesting story with three pretty distinct threads running through it The story starts with Ben a superpower in Hollywood but just a doting Dad when it comes to his daughter Samantha When Samantha sees the videos for an old TV show and becomes hooked on it she convinces her Dad to make a movie based on the show Now the hard part will be to get the original cast including the stars Ash and Lee back together In the years since the show ended Ash has become a well known actor and Lee has disappeared from the businessAs the story unfolds we get glimpses of the show of Ben and Samantha and also Ash and Lee past and present Once the men are convinced to do the movie they see each other for the first in years and despite the pain of their last meeting the deep attraction and love between them flares to life But this time Lee is not willing to hide his orientation for a career he's really not interested in and Ash has to think about what he really wants in his future and what he's willing to do for it Ash and Lee can't deny their love for long and uickly become lovers once Things are going well until a spontaneous kiss seen by the wrong person threatens to bring an end to thingsThe near tragedy brings all the players in the story closer together and finally Ash and Lee's love comes full circle I really liked how their relationship is shown against the backdrop of the show that brought them together Both men are interesting and well drawn characters although Ash was a bit difficult to like at the beginning He came across as someone interested in his career than in love and his ability to easily justify the pain he caused was a bit off putting That said I enjoyed his journey from movie star to loving partner and I was uite happy by the end of the storyAs I said in the beginning this story isn't solely about Ash and Lee There is a good cast of secondary characters and Ben and Samantha especially are well written and fun In fact I'd consider Ben a lead character despite not have a romantic pairing He opens and closes the book and regularly appears throughout and his strong presence works well in the storylineOverall I found Hourglass to be well written and interesting The story deals with the closeted celebrity trope and while it's not a favorite of mine the author did a nice job with it I did find that the action towards the end felt a bit too pat but since it moved the story forward in the end it worked out well The cast of characters is engaging the sex is hot and the emotional intensity between the lovers was nice to read I've enjoyed reading Jane Davitt's books in the past and was uite happy with this one as well Recommended

  2. Chris Chris says:

    Very good mm romance about a Hollywood producer whose 11 year old daughter falls in love with his tv series Hourglass which only lasted two seasons ten years ago Under pressure he agrees to make a follow up movie then has to get the estranged stars to agree to be in it and hope that they'll get over hating each other and recapture some of their previous chemistry

  3. A.B. Gayle A.B. Gayle says:

    Have you ever picked up a book started reading it and gone WTF Hourglass did that for meI bought it purely because I love Jane Davitt's writing possibly the ones she writes by herself than the ones with Alexa I didn't read the blurb first and found Ben the guy whose POV the first chapter is written in frankly obnoxious Then Samantha his daughter arrived on the sceneNow I'm not one to stop reading because of unlikeable characters and have even rated books higher if the author can sell me a story where the main protagonists are less than perfect Bad Company but when I first picked up Hourglass it didn't grab meMaybe I wasn't in the moodI left it in my Mobipocket reader library along with all my other unread stories Over the next few weeks other purchases came and went as I read through them uickly but still Hourglass remained The weird thing was that my reader for some reason uses one cover as a default so out of say thirty books half may have one illustration Every time I opened my reader the multiple images of an hourglass grabbed my attention It was almost as if the book was yelling at me to read the damn thingFinally I succumbed and am bloody glad I didThere are only a couple of writers whose work resonates with me as being original Other readers may not see them that way but something in their books or their characters jumps out as different and enjoyable mainly because of that difference Syd McGinley's Dr Fell and Jay Lygon Chaos Magic books fall firmly into that category Interestingly they are also published by Toruere PressAt this point of writing I'm half way through Hourglass and dreading that Kate Mc's review of Brilliant first half shame about the rest remark is correctSo far so good Now that I have the hang of what is going on I'm enjoying the structure The characters and their romance is one level but the underlying circumstances with the real life parallels to shows like Torchwood and the little digs at the movie industry and the workers in it are worth reading for their own sakeBen is growing on me and even the presence of the daughter is not an eye rolling diversionIn fact seeing the couple from Ben's POV adds another dimension to the story The cynical onlooker A device that Take My Picture could have used see my reviewReading onPart of the problem people have with the book is the amount of telling versus showing there is particularly bits from Ben's POV where we gets lines like this The read through a week earlier had been a disaster Morden and Simons had sat as far apart as was humanly possible at a round table and said their lines to each other with an icy politeness that robbed them of meaning or a bored mumble Sure no one expected a cold reading to be Oscar material but the tension had been palpable The only time they'd behaved like professionals was when the script called for them to talk to someone else For those scenes they'd taken their heads out of their asses and actually given him something resembling a glimmer of hope that this movie would be halfway watchable Now in most mm romances you would get this scene shown but then it would have to be in one of the character's heads so it would have been uneven as neither would ever admit to themselves they were being pig headed So by telling it from Ben's perspective we are able to picture the scene ourselves simply because we already know the characters so well Sure we're not spoon fed with it by seeing it in detail but I can still picture everything that happensPerhaps that's why I'm enjoying the book so much There is freedom for me to fill in the gapsWhich reminds me of one of my current peeves There is a growing fashion in romance writing for everything to be shown and I'm not just talking graphic sex scenes but that's one symptom of it I think it's great if we get a good balance between the two forms of writing Used intelligently in the appropriate place and then read patiently a good tell can be just if not rewardingAnyway reading onBy now Ben's really growing on me Son the writers put a palomino in that scene Ben said with his friendliest scariest smile If you want to be the one to tell them that you couldn't get them what they wanted if you want to be the one to destroy their artistic vision just trample it to the ground then go right ahead They're in that little room beside the men's johnThe broom cupboardIs that what they're calling the writers' room these days Ben inuired innocently Like the green room or somethingNo I think it's actually a Go away Ben said softly with emphasis tiring of the game Pity he's straight I might even be tempted to the dark side of mf reading if it was a short about him and his ex wife MaddyTwo thirds of the way through now Still OK still making sense Logical relationship progression Not too fast not too slowFucking each other once no matter whether the earth moved or not is not going to magically atone for ten years of having their lives fucked up Some criticisms have been levelled at the tired old trope of the big misunderstanding being used but that was only one aspect of their problem They admit themselves that they weren't ready for a relationship at that stage society was less accepting of celebrities being gay and an element of professional jealousy prevailedI think another reason I'm enjoying Hourglass is that the author treats her readers as people with intelligence A rare occurrence Take this bit for example If this was a movie the script would call for him to splash water on his face stare at his reflection in the mirror maybe punch a wall Ash didn't want to do any of those things which just went to show how artificial scripts were He sat on the toilet with the seat down and stared at the floor a spotless white tile subtly patterned with swirls and with an iridescent gleam I can really relate to thatReading on Ooh something unexpected happens This must be the spoiler that Kate deleted Hm not too sure what I think of this development I can see where the author is coming from though making a pretty heavy statement about the right of celebrities to live their lives in peace without papparazi or the public thinking they own them just because they see them regularly on their little rectangular boxes in their living roomsReading onDramatic but hey the whole incident parallels the television series they starred in which almost demanded something of this magnitude In a way their real life resembles a movie script of that laterAlso I may have commented somewhere that reading half a good book and putting it down because the rest is no good is rewarding than reading the whole of one mediocre book Whle this may be true the sentiment doesn't apply in this caseThere's nothing wrong with the last half of Hourglass For starters if you did stop you'd miss the snarky scene between Ash and Ben at the swimming poolLately I've noticed that too many authors just churn out book after book filled with repetitive chunks of their own writing or are derivative of other people's work complete with plots you could fill in after reading the first chapter so it's good to discover that Jane has in a number of instances deliberately skipped the clichéd turn of events eg people recognising someone when the obvious plot move would be not toAnd as for the show vs tell debate the point is that that the author has some great shown scenes in the book But they're kept for the important sectionsAt no stage did I think these two guys were chicks with dicks At no time did their angsting or their dialogue feel anything but right for the character I like it when one hero can say to the other You're just one tangled mess of hang ups and issues you know that and the remark is uttered affectionately naturally The sort of dialogue two men would haveSure Lee's statement above about Ash was a spot on and accurate assessment of his faults But that didn't stop him loving him or as he so succinctly puts it later Let me know when you've stopped emoting and I'll finish the foreplay and get to your favorite bitThere was a word or two here and there I would have tweaked to an alternative that might fit better But hey that's me over refining the text until it's almost too slick to be realAnd the sexDespite what Lee says above the foreplay for the last very satisfying sex scene was the best part of it All shown beautifully dahlingsI loved the laugh out loud bits of dialogue and there are lots of those This is a feel good smiley book if you let it be Lee laughed That was Ash all over If he was issued a halo in heaven he'd probably ask if it made his ears look big You make bed head look good trust me Even the ending of the original television series is sigh worthyNow for the final zinger “Why did the author start and finish the book through the eyes of Ben” My best explanation is that this makes the love story between Ash and Lee feel like just that a story boxed up and presented to the reader by Ben the producer Although we uickly switch into feeling it is their story we get pulled back out often enough to give the impression that we’re watching this love affair unfurl on television complete with interruptions while segments of the TV series magazine articles horoscopes action told from another point of view are slotted in much like television commercialsWhether or not you think as a reader this is a good thing or not remains to be seen At least in this case those “breaks in the viewing” are relevant and act almost like a Greek chorus commenting indirectly on what’s just happened or about to happen Removed but pertinentTo sum up If you’re reading mm romances to get a uick sexual titillation then maybe this isn’t for you The sexromance is there I can point out the page numbers if you like If you’re looking for your standard boy meets boy they have a bit of conflict but get together in the end well that’s also there but that’s not all that’s there If you’re looking for a story about two men in love presented in a way that suits that love then that’s there in spadesIf you’re sick of the same old same old and despair of the standard of mm romances then give “Hourglass” a burl but first lose the expectations lose the preconceptions about how mm romances should be written Love the characters for who they are enjoy watching them connect and discover that there is a relationship beyond the sex Savor the carefully crafted touches that make this book stand out far above the crowdIt could have been written as a straight gay romance but by “wrapping” up a simple love story and presenting it in a box interleaved with sheets of “tissue paper” Jane has given me at least an unforgettable ride of a readOr in this case in the words of Samantha who by now I liked nearly as much as her DadThat was just perfect she declared55 stars rounding down to 5

  4. Erin (PT) Erin (PT) says:

    I'd been really delighted with the previous outing I'd read from Davitt Bound and Determined cowritten with Alexa Snow and I was uite looking forward to Hourglass but instead it was an incredible disappointment and an incredibly difficult read for so short a book I'm a little amazed because Davitt is a talented author and I honestly didn't expect something that read so much like bad fanfic with the serial numbers only lightly filed off I'm not even sure where to startFirst of all the pacing on the book is completely wonky The book opens with a peripheral character and one who I personally found really off putting and unlikeable and it's 22 pages before we even get to meet one of our main characters We're on iirc page 77 before the two prospective lovers are even in the same space For a book that ran only 191 page on my Nook that's far too long to wait to get to meet our characters or to have them occupy the same space and too much time spent on a character that doesn't really matter The premise of the book is that the two protagonists Ash and Lee previously starred on a less than successful genre TV show that is getting a brief second life as a straight to DVD movie Ash Lee previously had a down low relationship that ended badly and the movie will be the first time they've seen each other in over a decade I've read and liked enough fanfic with a similar premise to feel the idea is a solid one rife with possibility but I don't understand the choices Davitt made with the story and how she told itWhich is actually another of my complaints so much of the book is told rather than shown Much of the interaction and conflict that Lee and Ash have is rooted in their mutual and mutually heartbreaking past and is told less in flashback form than a coldly told so and so remembered This is true as well of large portions of the current action and for me it makes it much harder to emotionally connect with the characters or to care much about what happens to them or whether it all works out I think telling stories have their placebut not in romance where above all I want to FEEL things Along with the pacing issues and the telling issues the book's climax really slammed up against my fragile and fading suspension of disbelief view spoilerThe shooting at the press conference reminded me of that old writing advice by Raymond Chandler ”When in doubt have a man come through the door with a gun in his hand” It was such a random piece of circumstance and so unfortunately cliche on top of it that it's hard for me to imagine that's not exactly what happened and it's all the irritating because and I will admit this is personal I much prefer books where the resolution comes from internal struggle and internal decision than a supposed moment of clarity created by the incursion of outside forces I'm not saying that can't be a legitimate writing choice it absolutely is but it's always going to be far less interesting to me to read about a protagonist who suddenly sees his attachment to his love mate clearly because the other's life is in danger It was much less interesting to have the seemingly insurmountable obstacle of Ash's career and ambitions versus Lee's desire to stay out of the Hollywood machine come to an easily resolved head by the danger of the shooting than if they had worked it out between them without an catalyst from outside the relationship hide spoiler

  5. Meraehl Meraehl says:

    After first read through I'm a bit divided on how I feel about this story On the one hand I enjoyed it from beginning to end but on the other I felt a little regret that the two lead characters didn't shine as much as the side characters I really like Jane Davitt's writing voice and this book is no exception Although stories about actorscelebrities and the media are not usually my cup of tea I still bought Hourglass on the strength of loving Jane's previous work I'm glad I took the risk because I ended up enjoying this background than I thought I would because of her sharp and amusing take on the vagaries of cult tv shows and their fans That part was heaps of fun The only thing that didn't totally work for me were the two main protags Lee and Ash It's not that there was anything wrong with them I enjoyed watching them work through the bitterness and resentment of past mistakes and what happens when career clashes with personal relationships I find it a fascinating theme and found it interesting here My main problem was that I felt the side characters Ben Adler and his daughter Samantha significantly overshadowed Lee and Ash in the personality department Although both Ash and Lee were adeuately fleshed out I wish we'd seen of Ash's vanity played out rather than Lee just reflecting on it they just didn't chew the scenery like Ben did Ben's caustic selfish ruthless but sometimes reluctantly soft hearted characterisation was very amusing and unfortunately Lee Ash seemed to pale a bit in comparisonStill I did enjoy this a lot so is on my read again pile

  6. Wren Wren says:

    This is a book to turn to when you're looking for something different Yes it has the actorsmovie making stuff but the set up is uniue and the characters of Ben the producerdirector along with his daughter give the story life and complexity beyond the norm The book is well written the characters are well drawn and a few surprises along the way keep you wanting I also enjoyed the bits of tvmovie script that begin each chapter

  7. Arthur Arthur says:

    A beautiful story about interrupted love When ten years ago Ash and Lee co starred in Hourglass a B list sci fi TV series they became lovers The show directed by the famous Ben Adler ran for 2 seasons At the end of the 2nd season however Ash accepted an offer to star in a movie that took him to Vancouver When Lee asked to go with him Ash refused to take him because he was afraid that people would find out about him being gay It broke Lee's heart completely They were separated and Hourglass was cancelled Fast forward to today Ben Adler's 12 yr old daughter Samantha watched all episodes of Hourglass on his father's video collection they were never released the VHS or the DVD edition to the public She loved them and begged her father to make the show into a movie with original cast Ben couldn't refuse his daughter so he put together everything to make it happened After all the show still had some followers judging from the amount of fanfics he saw on the internet But it's not that easy since Ash has gone on to become an Oscar winner while Lee had uit the showbiz completely 10 years agoWhen Ben finally managed to find and convinced Ash and Lee to be in the movie he held a press conference The two leading actors however had not met each other yet Ben planned a dramatic come back for Lee in that press conference He was not prepared however that Lee would punch Ash's face when the two met Unlike most mm stories about separated lovers here the two MCs do not hit the bed the minute they are reunited Big part of the book is the dynamic of the two in getting together back Even though they still care for each other Ash is not ready to come out and Lee is afraid he'd be broken heart againNow and then we get a glimpse of some scenes from the original TV show It's about a Rob and Steve Rob was 'cursed' to have any of his wishes granted with a price For every granted wish his life is shortened by one dayThis is such a nice story The dynamics and tensions in the relationships between the two MCs are done very nicely In a sense I agree that perhaps the separation has been good for them as it matured them The supporting characters especially Samantha are great It only made me wonder a bit about how an Oscar winner is afraid of coming out today but that's minor

  8. Lasha Lasha says:

    From beginning to end Hourglass is an engrossing read I love 'coming out' stories and this hits that trope perfectly Former lovers and television co stars Ash and Lee struggle toward reconciliation after being apart for ten years because Ash had feared that revealing he was gay would kill his career These men might have been separated for a decade but that doesn’t mean they forgot about one another for one moment Their journey back to each other is filled with epic fights misunderstandings hot make up sex and ultimately forgiveness and love Jane Davitt is able to build complex yet flawed characters that the reader can identify with I especially enjoyed the secondary character of Ben who is the catalyst for bringing Ash and Lee together again and seemed completely believable as a hard nosed slightly alcoholic producer who would stop at nothing to make his little girl’s dream come true – and make a buck in the process While the tone of this novel is uite different from the author’s other stand alone works meaning it did not have the heavy angst of Wild Raspberries I enjoyed it immensely because the characters of Ash and Lee resonated long after I finished the novel I highly recommend Hourglass I have read it twice; once for this review and the second time just because I just wanted to enjoy Lee and Ash all over again Anyone who enjoys a steamy romance characters getting a second chance at love and bickering sexy actors who cannot keep their hands off one another will like this bookRated 4 Delightful Divas by Lasha Dark Divas Reviews

  9. TT TT says:

    Ack trying to write a review on a book I read a couple weeks ago during the peak of a deadline at work and trying to remember what I thought about it aint easy I am becoming a fan of this author one of the friends in my GR circle made a comment I completely agree with wish I could remember who said it that there is nothing better than discovering an author who ‘does it’ for you Just the way they write connects with you and I think this author does Having said that this is not my favorite of hers but I liked it well enough Took me a longer to finish than normal but only because of work and being too tired to read after a LOOONG day not due it being a boring story I liked the premise of it and all told it delivered but I wouldn’t say it was a stand out story I liked Ben with his daughter but I didn’t necessarily like Ben himself And while I enjoyed the romance between Lee and Ash I don’t know that I got really invested in it The two have chemistry; they pick up pretty uickly where they left off But Ash has a very uick turn around and chance of heart for being the one who left Lee in the first place He is uick to want to tell Lee he loves him but it was too soon after being reunited and Lee still having hurt feelings I also thought it the two were very indiscreet for trying to stay in the closet I liked Lee a lot felt he was a down to earth guy love that he punches Ash right as soon as they see one another Ash is a bit too good to be a true for a Hollywood type I would have expected attitude and he might have been fun with it Overall a good story and I’m happy with the ending I absolutely intend to read by this author

  10. Tamela Tamela says:

    Another great read by Jane Davitt I think what I like about this book is that the characters are so real They live their lives make mistakes but keep on going Life goes on but that doesn't mean they don't have regrets This story is about getting a second chance For Ben to make his daughter happy he is willing to make this movie to bring back to life on the screen one of the toughest periods in this lifeFor Ash who walked away to further his own career it's a chance to try and make amends as well as because it will look good to work on a project for charityFor Lee it was a chance to earn money to enable him to complete the restoration on his grandfather's home And deep down to see Ash againThings work out though it's tough going but as often happens once people forgive and are willing to let bygones BE bygones new opportunities open up and moving forward is easier with the support of people you care aboutHighly recommended1st read Jul 28 20122nd read Jun 10 2016

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