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Thug Matrimony [PDF / Epub] ☉ Thug Matrimony By Wahida Clark – Buyprobolan50.co.uk Essencer bestselling author Wahida Clark has got her finger on ghetto pulse In her series on sisters trying to rise above the streets she portrays a raw and true to life world where love can be just a Essencer bestselling author Wahida Clark has got her finger on ghetto pulse In her series on sisters trying to rise above the streets she portrays a raw and true to life world where love can be just as dangerous as the men who cause it Angel Jaz Tasha and Kyra are living proof that hope is than a word The four girlfriends are pulling themselves out of the ghetto and trying to bring their hearts up to higher ground with them But sometimes the past ain't in no mood to let goAngel has met the brother of her dreams after living through a nightmare with Snake Believing that pimp is dead Angel has moved on She's starting her own law practice and a new life with Kaylin a drug dealer who's stepped outta the game to run a recycling business and a hot new record labelBut the past is never far from Kaylin and when an unwanted guest crashes their wedding all the rage and bloodlust from the hood comes bustin' out and Angel's gonna need every prayer in heaven to make it to the altar.

About the Author: Wahida Clark

Wahida Clark was born and raised in Trenton New Jersey She decided to start writing fiction while incarcerated at a women's federal camp in Lexington KY Her style is street raw and she has an imagination that's in overdrive When you read her novels they are so real you are convinced of one of three things that you are inside the book you know the characters or you just have to meet them.

10 thoughts on “Thug Matrimony

  1. Diane Wallace Diane Wallace says:

    Easy read a look into the main characters' relationship issues and problems etcthe story was entertaining from first page to the last paperback

  2. Tasha Tasha says:

    Because I fell in love with Trae and Tasha from 'Every Thug Needs A Lady' I must say that it was hard to love it the same with them not being featured as much but it still captured my heart It was a stepping stone with info and kept the juice going from the other books Definitely gets better as the series continue and 'Thug Matrimony' was made the series oh so HOT

  3. Dominique Dominique says:

    THUG MATRIMONT The book that i have read was called Thug Matrimony byWahida Clarkthe type of book is fiction and the theme is thrive for what is your's In this particular book it is based on fore main couplesthe main character in the book is Angel She falls in love with a guy who ofcourse is running the gameBut thinks that the ne she was nce in love withSnakeis deadWhen really he was poisened and beatenAnel is letf to think other wise and wastes no time moving on with her lifeAs the book moves along she turns out to be a entertainment lawyer and she is in the process of getting married to her prince charmingAngel is pregnant during her careerAll the while angel is doing her one of her betfriends husbands is in the hospital in acoma stateThat also happens to be her husbands best friend The book is very interesting and exciting as wellOne of my favorite scenes in the book is when Angel and her husband Kaylin are argueingThey end up with twin beds in they're bed roomOfcourse Angel wins since she is the decore planner for they're homeIn this case the book was very descriptive visualizing the scene's were uit easyAnd that was because the author made sure to be detailisticto me the character that was the most vivd was AngelThat was only because she was the main characterIn this book i was affected by the lessons' learned by the charactersWhich means the lessons that they learned was advice to meMy favorite character was Angel who is the most important in the bookShe is the one that goes through the mostOk so Angel marries a drug dealerShe ends up big time They have a kidAt the end of the book they live happily ever after with a record deal company owned by the twoAngel is a hard working girl wh deserves a breakunfortunately during the book she kills her sister accidentlyOnly because of her evil exSnakewho brain washed her i would reccomend this book to a friend or family member who is enterested with the young and exciting booksMost likely teenager's and not little kidsThis book could be a good lessonThis book is not a good read aloud for kidsIt fit's of a mature readerbooks that i have read that are similar are Every Thug Needs a Ladyby the same authorIf you likedThugs and The women who Love them you will love this particular bookbecause it is related to the same theme In closing to what i read this book is a good bookWith a great seualWahida not only relates to the real world bt she creates character's through an imagination from the world She brings you through real life situations And she sow's you things to watch out from

  4. Blkjewelz Blkjewelz says:

    If you enjoy Urban Lit Wahida Clark is definitely an author to look out for she is an awesome writer Her characters jump off the page She even has you down for thugs After all thugs need love too

  5. Leisha Leisha says:

    The name that i have just finsihed reading is called Thug Matrimony and the book is by wWahida ClarkThis is a nonfiction bookThe theme of this book is love and hate This book has 5 main characters Angel Trae Snake Kaylin and Tasha these characters go through alot throughout there lifetime Angel was dating Snake for acouple years and then all of a sudden Sanke disspeaprs without telling anybody so Angel waited awhole year for him After that year she came to the conclusion that he was dead it broke her heart but she knew she had to move onShe was real close to her girls and they made the process easy for herOne day while her and her girls were at the club tasha ran into her secret lover trae Trae was one of those players but for some reason he was determined to get Tasha and keep herTasha wasnt tryna give in but eventually she did and they had 3 kids togethor Trae was with his friend Kaylin that nigh and the whole night he kept his eye on Angel as they were leaving the club Kaylin nlurted out im gonna make you my lady redThey exchanged numbers acouple days later and talked ever since Trae and Kaylin eneded up going to mexico for a drug deal and got locked up for it but beat the charge and from then on Kaylin wanted to marry Angel he didnt wanna spend another day without her Trae and Tasha got married tooa few months after all this happened KAngel was preparing for there wedding The day was finally there and Angel got something on her dress wich made here very emotional especially because she was pregnat too so she stopp'd everything and told Kaylin to help her Kaylin sent it to the dry cleaners and post poned the wedding meanwhile downstairs they had unexpected visitors Snake came by with a few other men with weapons lookin for Angel Kaylin found out and call'd off the wedding Trae ened up getting shot about 4 times and was ina coma At the end Kaylin rralizes he mess'd up and tried to fix thing but Angel was hurt and didnt want to give in easyy but eventually they got martied and forgot about the whole thing and kill'd Snake Trae got better and Tasha and him were doing better as always This book was a good book it showed how no matter what happens in life your loved ones is always gonna be there This book was fukll of romance hate and betrayel My favorite scne from the book is when Kaylin and Angel went to do there ultrasound even though they were mad at each other they both went togethor and wentt o here thebaby's first heartbeatA uote from that scene is baby do you hear it? she said yeah i hear my baby's heart pg59 That scene showed how much they really loved each otherThis book honestlyy doesnmt affect me because i never went through any of these situationI think any young teen of my age would enjoy this book becuase these are the type of books we read nowadaysEven some parents although this book doesnt rrlate to me it can probably relate to other readers that live in harsh enviroments To conlclude this book review i think this book was a good book and taught me you should always cherish what you have because you never know what might happen

  6. Kym& Kym& says:

    Thug Matrimony was a realistic juicy read that kept me engaged with the events and characters of the storyIt’s a urban fiction story about a group of friends from the hood who were in the game but turned their ways around but realized very uickly your past don’t always stay in the pastI liked the character Kaylin because even though he was stubborn he had a big heart and caredloved about everybody in his circle As the story goes on Kaylin developed as a character because he sat back and realized his family needed him to be strong and to get over his jealousy issues In the beginning of the book he says “Oh I’m getting ready to kill my insecurities right now” 17 He later said “Come on Ma let’s go ahead and get married” 124 Those two sentences shows that he realized not losing his family was the most important thing to him I really enjoyed reading this lifely styled book that made me feel like I was actually in the story I would recommend this story to people who like reading urban fiction and who can relate to it because everyone probably wouldn’t understand

  7. Symonemcclairn Symonemcclairn says:

    The reason I choose the book Thug matrimony is because it is a story about four girlfriends who are pulling themselves out of the ghetto and trying to bring their lovers up to higher ground with them But sometimes your past will always be in your blood forever The main characters in this book are Angle and her three best friends Jaz Kyra and Tasha These girlfriends have been riding together since they were hustling killing and plotting on how to make stacks of money These four women are trying to better their lives for their selves and their family But staying out the game for better or worse is harder than it looks There is only one thing holding these ladies back from getting to the top and it is their lovers Let’s first start with Angle who is young women who use to be a prostitute and who has suddenly met her match with her pimp and her first love snake Soon later she suddenly learns and realizes that her happiness will soon come to an end when he all of a sudden up and disappear on her She now has to fend for herself and make it on her own Years past and she starts to believe the man once she was in love with is now dead Seven years later she falls in love with a man name Kaylin who is a retired drug dealer who stepped out the game to run a record label company Angel is now currently pregnant and corporate and entertainment attorney She is ready to walk down the aisle with her new lover Kaylin but before they can ever do that they have to face some unwanted guest who has arrived at their wedding and shouldn’t have Angel ex lover snake has showed up and wanted to speak to her and tell her that he is back for good and wants them to try and work things out But Kaylin is not letting that happen so he asks Angel who do she wants and she doesn’t knows So Kaylin makes a decision for her so he cuts off the wedding and moves out of the house and act like nothing never happen between him and Angel Now let’s move to Kyra she is a recovering drug addict who is trying to better herself and for her daughter She is currently in school studying to become a psychologist Kyra is married to her homeboy from back in the day that got her sprung out on drugs and did eight years upstate Soon after he got out of the pin him and Kyra got clean and moved from Jersey to Cali Then there’s Jaz who worked in a meth lab for a year and making tons of stacks of money but living off her man Faheem Jaz and Faheem got married not to long after dating Few months later they had a beautiful baby girl A Month later Jaz got caught up for the meth lab she was running in the ATL and was about to do some long hard time but thanks to her man Faheem he helped his wife her beat the case and not face any time in jail Last there is Tasha who use to be a hoe since the age of thirteen to selling dope to hooking up with every drug dealer to settling down with only one who name is Trae Tasha is a physical therapist and has her own rehab center in Cali These four ladies have been in the game since they were young and are now trying to get out for the best This is the book about drug dealers and how they live their lives with no remorse but their women feel very different about it because they want to better their family for the bestThis book also relates to some of the people I hang with in different parts of the city and it feels like some days my friends are living the characters’ lives

  8. Katonya2010 Katonya2010 says:

    My review on thug matrimony I thought this book was so decent because it was four friends that were real smart and as smart as they were they all ways went for the bad guys In this book the main characters are Kay and Angel In this urban book its a life a young lawyer who chose to date a drug dealer because she haven't found that one guy who could replace snakeAngel Smith is a successful woman who is a lawyer before she was she was snake main girlfriend For those who didn't know who snake was he was a pimp but Angel loved him regardless When he and Kaylin was to get married her first love someone she thought was dead showed up asking to see her Kaylin did not like that at all his girl love coming to see him and even though Angel knew of his past she would marry him anyway because he changed for her and she was in loveWhen snake came back the only thing Kaylin could think about was killing him How dare he come to his wedding uninvited asking to see his bride to be oh hell no something was about to go down and he wouldn't get the last word While all this conflict was happening his bestfriend Trae life was on the line because he was shot three times and no one knew at the time what was about to go down When I tell you its going to blow your mindKaylin went down to snake and before any words could be said fist began to be thrown He was pissed and he believed that Angel wanted snake so his ego was crushed and not only that he would jeopardize the life of his child all because of his ego I wont give you the ending away but I just want to let you get a little taste Have fun and enjoy

  9. Ms.Toni Ms.Toni says:

    My Boyfriend's BackDearly beloved we are gathered here for the uniting of a talented storyteller and her pena match made in heaven Here comes the bride or maybe not When we last gazed upon Angel and her friends she had found the man of her dreams and was on the verge of pledging her life to him BUT another man believes the honor should be his and crashed her wedding setting off a chain of events; event that could mean the difference between life and death As long as Snake is slithering around there is no rest and no one is safe Seuels usually don't pack the punch of it predecessor but that is definitely not the case here Wahida set up another complex drama filled story tied up loose story lines from the previous book and gave us some thug loving It was wild from the start to finish THUG MATRIMONY does not disappoint The only pitfall for me comes in the fact that some of the previous main characters were relegated to supporting roles I wanted from Jaz Tasha and Kyra I guess is to come in the next book Just know this if the author's name is Wahida Clark and the book's title includes the word thug it's gonna be good

  10. Akeirah Jordan Akeirah Jordan says:

    This book is even better than Every Thug Needs A Lady It involves alot of violence so I love it

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